My Friend's Dream

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“Alright, I’m ready,” says Lia posing in her outfit in my room.

“Damn girl! You look hot!” I say, looking at her through my mirror whilst trying to find some earrings and running slightly behind schedule.

Today is Kye’s play in the big auditorium. It is the opening night and Kye has been there all day for a final dress rehearsal. The play starts at seven prompt, and it is half six already! So I was trying to hurry the heck up and hurry the boys too. I storm across the hall into Brian and Marcus’ apartment putting on an earring. I find all the guys there, almost ready but not quite. Rio sits on the sofa completely indulged into a video game dressed dashingly enough for the time we have left, whilst the other three boys search frantically for something.

“Damn it!” shouts Brian, “Kye is going to kill us!” he searches the sofa working around Rio who ignores the shouting. Marcus searches in the bedrooms and Deq rushes out into his apartment looking for something.

“Have you found them?” Deq yells from across the hall.

“No!” Marcus and Brian yell back.

Brian runs past Lia and I towards our apartment finally noticing us, “Woah! Aren’t you guys a little overdressed?”

“Well, Kye said people from Hollywood might be there, you know casting directors, actors…” I get lost in the compliment for a moment.

“Maybe Zac Efron or Chris Hemsworth…maybe.” Lia finishes the sentence cheekily, taking some lip gloss out of her bag and applying it.

“Yeahhh…oh…kay,” he says thinking we’re stupid. He continues into our apartment and starts shuffling around.

I snap out of it, “Guys what the heck is going on? What are you looking for?” I ask frantically. “We need to leave like right now!”

“Wait wait! We err…lost our tickets. Quickly help us!” says Deq.

“What!” Lia screams at Deq. “You lost your tickets?”

I try to calm my anger, “You know what, you lost them, so you find them. Come on Lia, let’s go.” I walk towards the stairs in my heels. Lia nods and leads the way.

Marcus speaks running into Brian in the hallway, “Guys, Kye will be pissed off if we’re not there, please help us, it’ll be quicker! Plus, you’re going to need support walking down in those heels anyway.”

Lia lets out a sigh of frustration and we know Marcus is making a good point, so we start searching.

“Guys! This room is a mess! You sure would lose shit in here!” I say looking in their kitchen.

“I don’t get it, we’ve looked everywhere.” Marcus is confused, but still relatively calm.

I look at my watch – six forty three p.m. – I let out a restless scream.

They all start searching faster except Rio who smiles in excitement at the TV, he moves the pad in all directions quickly just wanting to win, unware of his surroundings.

“Rio! Brian shouts, “Get of your ass and help us!”

“Shh!” Rio hushes him, glances at the clock and then presses a combination of buttons, “YES! Oh my fricking days! Did you see that?” he roars in excitement as his opponent dies on the screen. Deq is the only one who appreciates Rio’s disgusting behavior at this time.

Rio turns off the TV, stands up and then says, “Let’s go!”

“The tickets!” Marcus reminds him of the frustration we’re going through.

“I’ve got them, let’s go!” Rio cheekily heads for the stairs; “Come on or we’re going to be late. Its six forty five, it’ll take us ten minutes.”

We all take a second of pure silence and utter disgrace as we watch him go down the first few steps casually. My anger has boiled and now it is time to pop.

“THAT IS IT!” I shriek, running after Rio.

Brian runs after me, holding my arm, “Okay, okay, now is not the time. Calm down. ”

Deq and Lia follow us followed by Marcus who locks up.

* * *

We make it to the auditorium just in time. Perfectly on time actually. My perfectly, not Kye’s, but still can’t believe the audacity of Rio. We are about half an hour into the play and Kye still hasn’t been on stage. Betty Blondie on the other hand has not left the stage for more than a minute and that was for a dress change.

“Err is Kye even in the play?” whispers Marcus.

“Maybe she’s a prop? You know, like that tree.” Deq points to a large cardboard tree.

“Shut up! She had a speaking role dumbass,” I say.

“Guys, I don’t know where Kye is, but that blonde girl… the main one… with hair like yours Jen, she is hot!” Rio says with excitement looking at the boys between me and Lia.

“Man, you read my mind!” replies Brian, fist bumping Rio across me.

Hot? Is my initial reaction, but then honestly she is noticeably pretty and does have nice hair.

Lia shakes her head, “Not hot, she’s just about room temperature.”

“Hmm, maybe a little higher, I’d say body temperature,” I join the judging.

“What?” Deq says extremely confused by mine and Lia’s comments. “She’s just hot,” he sets things straight and then winks at the boys.

Lia pinches him. The boys make faces at each other.

“Girl talk,” says Brian.

“Excuse me? Girl Talk?” I say louder.

“Guys, we’re in a play, and the steward is looking at us, so shut up,” Marcus tells us off. He is the mature one. “She is hot by the way,” he says quickly. “Kye should be coming on soon,” he changes the subject and finishes.

I’m about to make my point again but Lia nudges me to shush, the steward is looking at us. We all hush, waiting for Kye to appear. Just a few moments later, there’s loud sound effects and then…the curtains close. The six of us sit there still for a few seconds, very confused.

“Is that the interval?” asks Marcus as the audience applaud, some people start to leave, and others stay seated chatting to each other. “Don’t tell me that’s the end!”

“Oh please tell me it’s the end!” Deq cries. “This is so boring!”

“Mate, would you look at Blondey! She’ fire!” Rio says.

We are really half way through now, and Kye still has not been on stage. It’s a bad impression on the guys, we are trying to get their support in our dream swap, but this is going the wrong way. I feel bad for Kye, I mean what if there are casting directors here, Betty is right in their eyes, and Kye is not even in the show yet! She worked so hard for this.

About fifteen minutes later, people return to their seats and the curtains open once again. We all pray for Kye to come on soon. The play starts and Blondie is center stage again. Lia is the only one actually interested in the play, I’m just waiting for Kye, Deq is on his phone, Rio is watching (but I doubt he’s listening), and Marcus and Brian are dozing off. Kye’s God, please bring Kye on. I say in my heart to Kye’s so called friend – God. And to my surprise, Betty exits the stage, the lights dim down and to our right spotlights light the stairs of the auditorium. From the back of the theatre, an old, wrinkly woman with a hunch back and grey beehive hair stomps down the stairs. Her buttocks stuck out from her red long skirt which matched an apron and a blouse. She speaks in a loud, old voice with a strong southern accent. Lia and the boys sit upright in their seats, we watch as this character makes her way scarily down the stairs, with big movements and loud dialogue. She catches everyone’s attention. All eyes in the audience follow her steps and move with her. As she awkwardly scrambles onto the stage representing her old age and making the audience laugh to stitches, we catch her face in the light. It is an old version of Kye! It is Kye! We are all in complete astonishment!

Kye looks completely different, old yet strong and southern! Her actions are incredible, her body shape, the way she walks with her hand on her back swinging her hips; her every move is hilarious! The audience clap and laugh as she brilliantly delivers a long monologue. I could watch her forever. She literally changes the feel of the play. She wakes everyone up! She even spots us and continues acting without even a smirk back at us as we laugh and clap and wink and wave at her. She has so much to remember and is confident, she fits right in on that stage, in fact, no, she is standing out! She is a different person completely! And she has proved our point to the guys, this is wicked!

Kyara Averoni can act!

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