My Friend's Dream

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Year two is flying by and my book is taking forever to type. There are so many things I have missed out while writing it and paragraphing with speech marks is irritating the hell out of me. It’s so…technical.

“Jen!” I call from my room frustrated, plunging my head into the duvet, “How the heck do I write speech marks properly!”

She enters my room, “Huh?”

“Am I doing the speech right? Should there be an indent when a new person talks?” I ask pointing at the screen. “And what if it’s from my point of view, so I describe my actions before a person talks, can that go on the same line?”

Jen sits on the bed and takes the laptop. She reads from the screen and expresses a thoughtful look.

“You know what Kye, I’ve never thought about that before, I’m actually not too sure. There’s definitely a new paragraph line for new speech, but that bit…hmmm…” she reads on. “Let’s ask Brian.”

“Brian!” we both call empowering our voices so that the sound could reach his ears, across the landing. And to our surprise he arrives quicker than expected.

“What’s up?” he asks leaning on the doorframe, in his charming attire, looking smart and as if he has come to the rescue of two distressed ladies.

“We need some help with speech marks,” Jen explains.

He makes his way over and sits on the bed too. I sit up making space so that they can deal with the issue. Brian reads through a paragraph on the page and then starts fixing my mistakes showing us both, but more so showing Jen what he’s doing. He explains it clearly using examples from my written piece, looking at her every now and again while she stares at the screen making sense of it all. I suppose he’s used to helping Jen with literature stuff. I just sit back and take note.

“Understand?” he asks Jen forgetting I’m there.

“Thanks!” I say taking the laptop from him, cheekily interrupting their moment.

“Anytime!” he turns his attention to me and then casually leaves the room.

Jen takes the laptop from me again, she leans back, “This looks great Kye! Let me read some more,” intrigued by the story she innocently reads… and blushes.

* * *

Another drama society session finishes, we did some immersive theatre training today. This is a small part of our end of year musical dance play this year, in which I have another small but decent role of ‘Lana the Choreographer’. Immersive theatre is different, I’d never heard of it before, but I actually enjoyed it. It is more fun being an audience member than the actors in this one and the creepier, the more fun it is. The acting part is difficult though, you really have to play off the audience as you don’t know how they’ll react but you still have to stay fully in role.

I walk with Jake down the hallway towards the exit, we halt when we find photos of the play last year displayed on the corridor wall.

“Kye there’s you!” Jake says pointing at a funny picture of me, my character.

There’s three photos of me in my crazy old woman outfit, three quite good ones actually. My posture is great and my expressions are better than I thought. I take a good look around and let the throwback sink in.

“Man, I need some of these for my portfolio,” says Jake.

“That’s actually a good idea,” I reply to Jake’s comment, thinking about how great they’ll look on my portfolio too.

Jake is on the wall a little bit but Blondie is spread over it like butter on toast. And speaking of her I can hear her shrieking with excitement running towards the wall.

“Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh!” she screeches with her girls running behind her. She stops directly in front of me. “O M G! I am everywhere!” she points out. “Do I look good in that one? Do I look fat?”

“Betty you look gorgeous!” says Ellen.

“Girl, you got it going on the whole wall!” Maya tells her.

“Well, obvs,” Betty responds.

Abbey, the dancer admires her only picture, “Hey look, there’s me-”

“Look at that one over there! I killed that stage,” Betty cuts Abbey off and points in a different direction completely.

“I wonder if they have it recorded, I could do with a video of the dance, ah it was such a good time,” Abbey talks but no one is really paying attention except me and Jake.

“Yeah yeah the dance was good… ahhh look at that one!” Betty rushes a response to Abbey before moving on to some more self-absorbed compliments.

Jake looks at me wide eyed with raised eyebrows as he begins to leave. I feel sorry for Abbey her dance was actually quite intricate and was worth compliments, she choreographed it too.

I think I should at least compliment the poor girl, “Abb-”

“Hey beautiful!” Nick James, cuts me off. He walks toward Betty in his cool guy apparel, tall and broad. He looks at me for a while as he walks towards us, before finally turning his attention to Betty. Before I get left with the group of haters, I follow Jake out and head back to the apartment.

I hear the boys laughing and discussing something in Brian’s and Marcus’ apartment as I make my way up the last flight of stairs.

I hear Deq saying, “Weak man! Why are you so scared?”

I drop my bag in their hallway and walk towards the living room.

“I don’t know man, I just…KYE!” Brian exclaims out of the blue as I enter the living room. “Hey, how… how you doing? What…what…what brings you here?” he asks nervously hiding their conversation.

I stare at him confused and then walk towards the kitchen for some water, “What is the matter with you?” I ask. “Can I not be here, you guys are always hogging our living room.”

“Haha, you’re funny!” he continues acting weird.

“Jeez! It’s only Kye, Brian,” Marcus says indicating to carry the conversation on.

Brian gives him a rushed look saying ‘shut up’.

“Yeah, it’s just me Brian,” I say smirking.

“Yeah, it’s just Kye, she’s one of the guys,” Rio says smirking even more than me.

My smirk fades and I pull a face at Rio to combat the insult, “Excuse me?” I say, not taking it too seriously as I make my way over to the sofa where Deq and Rio slouch.

“You know, I mean you’re cool,” Rio explains himself.

Brian makes faces and gestures at the boys to indicate them to stop talking.

“So…Brian…” I say as I drop in between Deq and Rio on the sofa. “Why don’t you just ask her out?” I cunningly smile at the boys who all look shocked, especially Brian.

There’s a short silence as they all look at each other and then Brian tries to play dumb. He laughs a sigh, “Who? I mean…what are you talking about?”

“Oh come on! I think she knows,” Deq yells.

“Yeah, it’s quite obvious,” I say.

“Really?” Brian asks turning serious.

I nod, “Look, you just need to do it man, it’ll be fine,”

“It will?” he asks, “What does she say about me?”

“Oh no no, I can’t tell you that,” I say sipping from the glass.

“What! Kye!” Rio shouts in my ear.

“Why not?” Brian asks as he kneels behind the table directly in front of me – looking cute.

“Because, I can’t.”

“What kinda fool-?” Marcus says to himself annoyed that I won’t tell them any gossip.

“Come on Kye!?” Deq urges.

Brian tries, “Kye, how will I know what to do or say if you don’t tell me stuff… like what you guys say…about me.”

I shake my head.

“Kye!” they all exclaim.

“No! Because, she’s my girl, you know, we can’t tell you our inside…stuff.”

“But we’re your boys,” Rio says.

I look at him dully.

“Nice try,” Deq quietly compliments Rio.

“Thanks man,” he whispers back.

Marcus cunningly asks a question, “Okay answer this; should he do it?”

“Yes,” I say.

“But how, like what should I do? Hints Kye, hints. You can give me some advice.”

“What would you want, you know, as a girl?” Rio questions.

“Me?” I put the glass on the table. They all come closer, take seats and actually listen in like I’m about to tell a story. I begin, “I would like to meet someone unexpectedly, for example on a long boat trip or something, but we go to the same college or school. In our first meeting at school we notice each other but don’t really give it much interest. Then we actually get introduced and we have a little friction between us, you know, like we don’t get along that well or something, like you and Jen.” I pause and nod at Brian. “Anyway, then something happens, I don’t know, say the waves get extremely rough, night begins to fall and rain forms a thunderous storm. The boat capsizes and I get hurt or something. He swims forward to help me and then we see an island in the distance and head towards it in the storm. We hold on to each other tight so that we don’t slip away in the monstrous waves. In the rough of the storm, that hate turns to something else. We finally make it to the island, his wet shirt sticks to his body revealing a heavenly physique but then I notice he’s hurt. He tears off the sleeve of his wet shirt to reveal a deep cut running from his shoulder to his triceps. I immediately attend to it and tightly wrap the torn sleeve around it. Then we find a cave, were we…” Eyes widen around me. The boys are intrigued and totally engulfed in my fairytale as I now stand and walk around the room providing actions to my fairytale. “… Where we… TALK and wait the storm out. We share stories of our childhood, our families, our first impressions, our dreams. The storm finally dies down and we spend the next afternoon finding wood to light a large fire to help the rescue team to find us. Meanwhile we sit and wait by the now calm waves and the warm fire under the romantic sunset where we realize our bond and then finally realize where fate has led us. He holds my hand and then asks… for my hand in marriage.”

“Marriage! And then what? You live happily ever after,” Rio breaks my story. “Jeeze Kye, Brian wants to ask Jen out on a first date not her fricking hand in marriage!”

“Is that the ‘stuff’ you girls talk about?” Marcus asks genuinely.

“Damn! No wonder you write books,” Deq thinks out loud.

“Okay, that’s very nice Kye but Jen?” Brian rushes.

I sigh at their attempt to hide their actual interest in the story. I then begin again, “But Jen, Jen’s different. She wants something a little simpler…”

“A little?” Brian asks worried.

I smile and walk to their smaller balcony as the sun begins to set, “Jen loves the stars, so she would definitely want something outdoor. Not a fancy date in an expensive restaurant, no. Just a view of the stars, with nature, some food, peace and-”

“Cheap! So you don’t need to take your wallet with you,” Rio laughs.

“Ha, I like that,” Marcus adds.

“Yeah me too, though it’s very weather dependent,” Deq mentions.

Brian is lost in thought and doesn’t really take much notice of their stupid comments.

“There’s no winning with you guys is there? You have an excuse for everything,” I say disgusted.

Brian flashes out of his thoughts, “Carry on,” he gestures to me, waiting eagerly to know more.

* * *

“Yo! Guys!” Brian calls walking into our living room, where all of us sit around trying to catch up on work, letting in the breeze of the clear evening from the balcony. He looks casual but I can tell he’s up to something.

“Hey, where have you been?” Jen asks.

“Oh, just, you know, in my room. Yeah. Why?” Brian responds awkwardly, he’s not a good actor.

“Hm, nothing. Man, this essay is driving me crazy! I mean it has a two thousand word limit and I’ve written three thousand with two more questions yet to answer. Plus, we have that class test in physics to study for,” she says a little frustrated but more amused.

“Oh, when are these due in?” Marcus asks.

“Both next week, there’s so much going on!” she says.

Marcus nods and then winks at Brian.

“Yeah there is a lot going, but don’t worry we’ll get through it,” I say, also looking at Brian then looking outside, giving him the heads up – he has definitely chosen the right day. He looks nervous, bless him, he really does like her.

“So anyone want to eat… something?” he finally builds the courage.

Rio is quick to respond, “Yeah man, I’m-”

“No! You don’t,” Deq quickly raises his voice and slaps Rio a few times on his back laughing loud until Rio the dumbass gets the point – which he does quite quickly, chuckling , so that makes me wonder whether he was just playing around in the first place.

“No thanks, we’re… I mean I’m not hungry,” I say casually, eyeing Rio.

“I’m good thanks,” Lia adds, getting the point too.

“I’m hungry, are we going to order?” Jen asks completely fooled.

“Err, sure, I…err,” Brian is stuck.

I help him, “Jen, don’t you need to like take a break?”

“Yeah, that’s why you’ve over-written. You need some fresh air,” Marcus says.

“You too Brian, haven’t you been working on that essay of yours? Just go and get a takeaway,” Rio finally helps out.

“Yes, I have been working all day. Come on.” Brian man’s up and before any of us needed to say anymore Jen is already on her feet.

“Alright, let’s go, anyone want anything?” she asks grabbing her purse and jacket.

We all say no and then they finally leave to go on an unplanned but planned date. The night grows darker and the stars begin to shine brighter. We all cheekily smirk and raise our eyebrows at each other praying for the weather to stay like this.

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