My Friend's Dream

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Two Years Later.

It has been two years since we graduated. Everyone has gone their separate ways and are doing great! God Bless. Brian is an editor for a news publishing company. Rio is an automotive engineer for a luxury car company. Lia is now a lawyer at the firm where she did her internship – she’s now doing a sponsored PhD. Deq is a cybersecurity analyst working for the government. Marcus graduated last year and now is a real junior doctor. And Jen, Jennifer Kostigan is an astronaut – a mission specialist! Six months ago, Jen made history as the youngest person ever to go to space! She made it! She’s in the news and all over NASA. And guess where she is right now? Yep, in the International Space Station! The JK6 is still in development and hopefully one day it’ll bring us knowledge from deeper space. My friends are all succeeding in life and I’m over the moon for them. Deq and Lia have tied the knot! I can’t wait for their wedding next summer! We’ve all grown up! I’m going to be a bridesmaid! On the other hand Brian and Jen have split, but they left on good terms, she’s not around much physically so they thought it was best to just keep it friendly. We all try to speak at least once a month but to be honest everyone is so busy that sometimes we can’t all make it on a video call. I mean, I am always available. However, Jen and I are still like crossed fingers. We talk all the time. I have literally seen space though her camera! It’s crazy how far we all are in our lives. I am a proud friend.

I still live here, in apartment 403, on campus. Actually, I moved rooms since the new girl moved in. I moved into Jen’s, 403A, which was originally mine. The new girl is okay and the new people opposite us are nice too but they’re nowhere near as close as we were, in fact they don’t talk to each other much. I don’t talk to them very much. They all have their own, different friendship groups. It’s weird having our front door shut. The hallway is a lot quieter too. I have gotten used to it, but I miss the noise and nuisance so much! I haven’t changed things around in my room, it still is the way Jen decorated it with the addition of my Oscar statue. The room still smells like her and I still find random things of hers lying around now and then.

I completed my master’s last year and now I’m a research student at the university. My effort towards achieving my dream is still strong. I still apply for online auditions but it’s not the same without everyone helping me. Now I just do them myself. I have written lots of work, scripts, novels, short stories, poems and of course I have finished ‘A Dream within the Stars’. I am in multiple casting directors’ books and in inboxes of publishers. Now I’m just waiting for my big break and I think it’s about to happen.

“Jen, will you stop moving the camera around, I’m trying to talk to you! Show me your face!” I yell at my computer screen. We have to use a special software to communicate with the astronauts.

“Sorry!” she swings around in mid-air and holds the camera to her face. “It’s my last day I just want to see it all! Take it in. I have seen it all Kye! I am now at peace,” she exaggerates but she really means it.

“Nice. Nice. Anyway I have some news for you!”

“What? You finally got published?” she eats something by squeezing a long, thin straw-like packet.

I squint my eyes, “Maybe!”

“No way!” she says with surprise.

“Well, almost. I hope. I’ll come back to that later but there’s more…”

“What? What? What?” Jen hovers in excitement.

“I got a call from Angela yesterday!” I say to the camera, with the cheesiest smile.

“Angela?” Jen tries to remember. “The casting director?”

“Yes! Angela Weir! She called and didn’t say that they were auditioning… she said she wants me for a side role in an action movie sequel! I had a screen test yesterday and she called earlier today saying… I’ve got the part!” I burst with happiness. I have been waiting so long to say those words, so long to taste the joy of gaining a movie role! A good one too! She’s even sent me a sample of the entire script to read!

“Oh my God! Kye, that is awesome! I told you good things will happen for you! I told you! Hey, we are dreamers, because our dreams have come true. I’m so proud of you Kye! The first thing I’m going to do when I get back, is travel to you somehow, because, well, I won’t really be able to walk or drive for a while and then we are celebrating! My girl! You did it!” she explodes with joy and summersaults in midair.

“And that’s not all… back to the book. I have a final meeting with the publisher tomorrow! I think they like it but they are going to confirm and tell me tomorrow if they want to publish it!”

“A Dream within the Stars?” she asks impatiently.

I nod holding back tears.

“Kye! I’m so proud of you! I am so happy, words cannot describe. I’ve seen you want these things and now it’s all happening. You were right the whole time. God is there, above me, listening to our prayers and keeping our faith. I knew it would happen one day. We knew it would happen. Though, I still think ‘My Friend’s Dream’ is a better title,” she smirks.

“Hey, I may not get the publishing deal. But I have faith in whatever God does. I just can’t believe this is finally happening for me!”

“I know that feeling! I’m sure you’ll get the deal, Kye. I have a good feeling. This is your time. We have worked so hard to get where we are today and we both know from experience that when good things come to us, they come all at once. My good things have come to me, now it’s your turn. Embrace it! Good luck with both of them. Smash it up Kye! I know you’ll do all of us and your family proud. Ah! I can’t wait to see you on the cinema screens! Can you tell me about the movie? Or is it secret?”

“Thanks!” I say unable to retract my smile. “Hmm, it is a secret, but I’ll tell you when you get back.”

“Yeah you better! Hey, what time is that meeting though? Are you not going to watch me land? It’s broadcasting live tomorrow, remember!” Jen reminds me.

“Oh yes, I know. I should make it back in time. Don’t worry.”

“Cool cool. Alright, I have to go, my break time is over. I have to be prepped for tomorrow’s landing. I’ll speak to you when I get back! Break a leg! Not literally. Do us proud Kye!”

“Haha! Good times, good times. Cool, see you tomorrow!” I wave.

“See ya! Muah!” Jen gestures, blowing kisses to my screen and then ends the call.

It feels so great to tell Jen about my life right now. In fact, my life just feels great right now. I’m relieved. Thanks God, for everything. I hope I get this publishing deal tomorrow and I’m slightly nervous for the movie but I can’t wait to start! This is what I’ve wanted! I told my parents and they are over the moon too. They think I’ve already got the publishing deal, it’s hard to explain things to them and keep them from getting overexcited. Things are finally working out for me. Hard work does pay off. I have faith.

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