My Friend's Dream

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“And the Oscar for Best Actress goes to… Kyara Averoni for My Friend’s Dream!” The presenter calls out in her strong voice from the grand stage as the venue is uplifted with applause and cheers.

I stand up from my seat in my blue glittery dress and my glammed hair and makeup. I turn to my husband who embraces me and helps me out of the row and into the aisle. I walk to the stage being congratulated along the way.

“Kyara actually wrote the book and the script! Can you believe that, John? She’s a tremendous actress. This is her first Oscar. Here she comes!”

I climb up the stairs carefully and greet the presenters. They hand me my first golden man, smooth as ever with some weight to it. I hold it with both hands looking at the accomplishment. They gesture at the stand with the microphone in front of me. I place the award on the stand but continue to hold onto it with one hand. I look out to the audience far, far away, the hundreds of people waiting for me to speak. I take in the moment. This is more than what I ever wanted. God has given me so much more, I am lucky to have been able to fulfil more than just one of my dreams. I am grateful. I’m nervous but I’m ready.

I lean into the microphone, “Hi.” I take a breath. “I would like to thank… God first of all, for keeping my faith. I want to thank my parents, my family and my husband for their ongoing support. I want to thank the academy, my agent, the director, the producers and my coworkers for teaching and guiding me through this project. Also, thank you Angela for casting me in my first movie because you gave me my big break. Of course I would also like to thank the fans and the audience, for without you, our job would not exist. And I would like to thank my friends, you know who you are, for getting me through tough times and for staying sane during the time we tried to insanely chase our dreams. But this award, this golden man, I would like to dedicate to someone special, a friend of mine, a friend who most of you know by name as a woman who made history. But I knew her a little differently, to me she was a dreamer, a girl who had courage, motivation and determination. A girl who was a little crazy but the opposite of her stereotype. She taught me to follow my heart, she taught me that life is about dreaming and believing and achieving, and that if you put your heart to it, you can do anything. Have faith she said. Faith gives us hope and hope keeps us going. You all know her as Astronaut Jennifer Kostigan. I knew her as Jen. This, is for you Jen.”

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