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Shadow's life: her childhood

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Shadow is a child again, she looks like the girl on the right of the cover. This will tell you how she became the girl on the left of the cover.

Adventure / Fantasy
Queen Shadow
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Chapter 1

"Mom! Dad!" I yelled as I tried to run to my parents but he grabbed my arm. "Why are you doing this?!" I screamed almost crying. "Your parents betrayed me! This is what they deserve..." he replied as he turned back to my parents. I tried to pull away but I couldn't escape his grip.

One month earlier

I walked into the kitchen half asleep and I saw my family around the table smiling. "Happy Birthday Shadow!" they said excitedly. I smiled and hugged each of them. I sat at the table infront of my birthday cake as they sang happy birthday to me. I blew out my candles and smiled. "Are you ready for your presents?" My brother Rex asked me joking. "Yes!" I said excitedly. Rex took my hand and we went to the thrown room. I opened all my presents and hugged my family. "There's one more present from me and your mother." My father said taking my hand and leading me to my room. When we got to my room there was a huge present that my parents put there when Rex lead me to the thrown room. "Open it." My mother said smiling. I opened it and inside was a wolf, demon hybrid. "Hello princess." He said bowing. "This is Damien, he will be your protector until you are of age to learn how to fight." My father said proudly.

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