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Heir to the Throne

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Aline Perceil is the last living descendant of the Greek God Poseidon. Every three years the living descendants of the different Gods and Goddesses fight for power over the others. After a car crash during the last fight, Aline lost her memory, three years after the crash her half-sister seeks her out. Over time Aline's memory starts to come back. As more memories return, more questions are asked, but only so many of her questions have answers.

Adventure / Fantasy
Sadie Wolf
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An arrow shot past the window, a whistling noise heard as it passed. I looked behind me to see who shot the arrow, I saw long black hair through the back window of the car, the hair whipped around a retreating figure. I looked back at the road and slammed on the brakes, but it was too late. The front of my car slammed into the passing car. My head hit the steering wheel, my vision dimming, I felt glass scratch my face, felt the car landing on the ground, jerking me around. I didn't feel the pain though, my vision was black at the edge and my breathing was ragged. I heard sirens, but they seemed far away, I lifted my head slightly and saw multiple pairs of feet running towards me before I blacked out.

I sat up straight in bed in a cold sweat. "Just a dream, just a dream... more like a nightmare..." I muttered to myself, pushing the blanket off me and standing.

I didn't know why, but I kept having that same dream. The arrow, the figure with the long black hair, and then the crash. I looked at the time, the digital clock on the table by my bed read 4:30 AM. I sighed and walked to my closet, changing out of my sports shorts and tank top, putting on leggings and a baggy t-shirt. The sun still hadn't risen, so it was still dark outside. I grabbed my phone and my earphone. I turned on music on put my earphones in, walking outside. I put my hair up in a ponytail and began jogging. Jogging had become a normal for me, it helped clear my mind from the dream.

I stared ahead, not really listening to the music, keeping a steady pace. I jogged around the corner and jumped back as a dog started barking and pulling against its leash. The owner, a wrinkled old man, gave me an apologetic look. I gave him a small smile and walked around the dog and its owner, beginning to jog again. The dog continued to bark, but I didn't mind. The dog had been a young German Shepherd, not yet it's full size. I heard a car honk from somewhere as people began their early drive for work. I looked at the time on my phone.

The digital numbers read 5:43. I turned around and began quickly jogging back to my house, hoping I wouldn't be late for work. I saw an old woman trying to hold back a dog, the dog was almost as big as her. I bit my lip and checked the time, sighing and walked over to her.

"Do you need any help?" I asked the old woman, who was white-haired and feeble.

"No, thank you." The old woman replied.

I began jogging back to my house with a nod. My dark grey sketchers pounded against the ground, almost in rhythm with my heartbeat. The sun peeked over the horizon, casting a glow across the ground. The dark blue of the night faded into the bright colors of the sun. Even though everything was the same as always, something felt off to me. I jogged up to my house, my neighbor, a kind young woman, waved to me as she got in her car. Her blonde hair up in a tight bun and her dark blue dress flapped around her knees in the wind.

I waved to her as I climbed the steps to my door, I watched as she drived off to go to work before kneeling down and pulling out my key from under a pot. Something flashed in the corner of my eye, and I squinted, trying to see what it was. It appeared to be something long and metal. I moved closer, trying to see what it was. The sunlight glinted off of it and blinded me momentarily. I decided to leave it and check it later. Retreating from the bushes where I had seen the metal, I unlocked my door and walked in after placing the key back under the pot. I checked the time and put my phone down, taking my earphones out. I took a hurried shower and brushed my wet hair. I quickly got into my work clothes and grabbed my keys and phone of the table by the door. I snatched my purse off the hook it hung on and hurried out to my car.

I flung open the car door and practically jumped into the seat, throwing my purse in the passenger seat. I fumbled with the keys, pulling them out of my purse. They dropped into the floorboard in a pile. I bit my cheek and leaned over, snatching them up and putting them in the ignition, turning the car on. I put on my seatbelt and drove onto the road to join the morning work traffic. I resisted the urge to honk at the people in front of me and tapped my finger on the steering wheel. I eventually made it to museum where I work, however, I was five minutes late.

I hurriedly brushed my hair again and got out, grabbing my purse out on the passenger seat. I locked the door, shoving my keys into my black purse. I pulled my hair into a tight ponytail as I hurried up the steps the the museum. Not many people came to our museum except on school field trips. The museum was large with intricate designs along the walls and ceiling. It was a museum about the Greek Gods and Goddesses, the statues of them stood spaced out along the main hallway. The stone eyes seemed to constantly watch me.

I passed the statue of Athena, Goddess of war, across from her stood the statue of Ares, the God of courage and war. They both wore armor and held a large, circular shield. Multiple other Gods and Goddesses lined the hallway, the large wood doors at the end were heavy and thick. I hurried to a desk at the end of the hall, a statue of Zeuz stood in the middle of the room, the ceiling reaching up higher here than the rest of the museum. The desk sat at the bottom of the statue, the last two statues in the hall were Hades, God of the underworld, and Poseidon, God of basically water in general, earthquakes, and horses.

Zeus, God of the sky and thunder, basically king of everyone else. I sat down at the desk to wait for what I knew would be a long, boring day. No one came the first half of the day, of course. When lunch break came I stood and stretched, walking around the desk and down the hall towards the glass doors at the entrance. I very rarely used the wooden doors because they were heavy and locked half the time. The multiple different Gods and Goddesses lining the hall seemed to watch me. Moving my purse from my shoulder to my hand, I pushed the doors of the museum open with my shoulder. I walked out and squinted, sunlight bouncing off cars and into my eyes. I put a hand above my eyes to shield my eyes from the sun. I walked to my car and pulled out my keys, unlocking the car and getting in. Just as I closed the door close I heard a smooth, female voice come from the passenger seat.

"Nice to meet you finally, Aline Perceil." I froze at my name and the voice, the voice had a hardness to it that made a shiver run down my spine. I slowly turned my head.
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