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Blue Blood

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Rania is a former Noble and Tora is a messed up Spy. Working together makes messes.

Adventure / Mystery
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Chapter 1

"Are you sure you wanna do this? You're special, you're a Noble. Not a peasant." "Are you questioning my decision?" "No. But...yes Lady Rania." "That's what I thought." Rania turned and in the blink of an eye she disappeared. "So stubborn..." Charles sighed and sat down resting his eyes.

"What!?" "Lady Rania left?" Weni gasped. "Oh no!" He cried out being overly dramatic as it happened most days and something'd be wrong if not. "I'm sorry Weni sweetheart, she was too fast." Charles reported kissing Weni to calm him down. "Ah-...love you too." Cute couple.

"Hope Wen's doing okay, he's sometimes...extra." Rania thought rushing through the damp woods, removing her crown as she would never come back. "Seems went through it. "It seems." "Go Rania." "Mhm." The two lept tree to tree and came to a stop at an old tall Tower. Seemingly no way to get in. The two just slid right through, like ghosts. "Back." Tora announced. "Welcome back big bro Tora, and big sis Rani!" Ed greeted hugging the two. "Ugh. Back off peasant." Rania said in a fierce annoyed tone. "Y-yes Ma'am..." Ed slowly backed off and disappeared in the crowd. "Ugly poor man..." Rania mumbled "Follow M'lady." Tora said grabbing Rania's hand and pulled her into a empty cold hallway. "What?" "Your room." "Oh yeah, show me."

"This is peasant like. Change it now." "Get used it." Tora used very few words to describe things, most people could understand him but it could be hard taking in how messed up Tora was. "No you cunt." "Say again?" "I said no you cunt." Tora wanted to describe his anger but couldn't so he just backed down and left the room. "Ugh idiot." Rania thought closing her eyes.

"Wake. Wake Rani." "What?" Rania asked shooting up and looking at Tora who had a small smile on his face. It was warm but full of emotions. His gray eyes full of mystery. "Rani? Wake wake Rani." "Are you blind? I'm awake." "Mission time Rani mission." Tora said his smiling leaving his face and he started trembling. "Let's go Tora." Rania took Tora's hand and took him to the main hall. "Good morning peasants somebody fix Tora The Idiot." "G'morning big sis Rani I'll help big bro Tora." "He's having a panic attack again...Sorry big sis Rani. Breakfast is on the table we'll be right back.
"O-oh..." now Rania felt bad.

"Breath big bro Tora." "Ah-...hah...hah...aah.." Tora tried breathing but just ended up choking on the air. Ed sighed, he was used to the panic attacks. Ed smacked Tora's back and tried jokes. "S-sorry Ed. I burden..." Tora huffed sinking into Ed's shirt and wetting it with his tears. "..." "It's okay cry big bro..." Wholesome moment. After Tora calmed down he started apologized "I sorry Ed! Forgive Tora!" "Don't sweat it big bro Tora!" "It was like therapy!" "Yes. Yes maybe." The two left the storage room and went back to the main hall.

Rania was halfway done with her Pu-erh tea and bacon. Tora walked up to Rania "Mission time Rani sis." "Go Rania." "Yeah let's go, who's coming?" "Ed, Opal, Eugene, Penny, Nick, Grad, Earl. Rania sis, Tora." "Hm okay. Let's go." "Let's." The two got the team together, they were called The Blue Bloods. Cheesy name but it was decided and they were on their way.
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