Blue Blood

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Chapter 2

"We'll split. Ed, Rania and Tora." "Opal and Penny, plus me." "Eugene Nick and Grad." Earl said putting his mask on and grabbing the girls hands. "Stay safe and meet at Tolem Wed, Santiago." Grad announced to the group disappearing with Eugene and Nick. "Us." Tora said looking at Rania and Edwin. "Let's go. And remember, our destination is Austria." "Yes. Us." Rania huffed and started on her way Tora and Ed following her.

"We need water. It's a necessity." Rania said slumping in a corner and biting off a chunk of deer meat Tora had caught. "Yes. Water. Yes us need water." Tora agreed biting his nails and laying back. "I can try to find a lake? But at least one of you guys have to come with me." Ed said standing up and looking back at the two. "I will come with." Ed said getting up. "Hm okay. Rania you stay back here." "Good with me." Rania responded chewing the meat. The two boys left leaving Rania in the cave.

The two found a lake quickly but they needed a way to bring it back so they went back to the cave and brought Rania to the lake where the three all drank from the lake. "Refreshing." Tora said sighing. "Yeah but we should go to Austria tomorrow morning asap." Rania said looking around. "Yes. Rani is right." Tora said. The three went back to the cave and got as comfy as possible going to sleep quickly as they were pretty worn out.

It quickly became day and the two all woke early. The two got some things needed for the trip like water in a cup Ed had and some meat Tora had hunted for. There were also some leaves for making leaf beds. They started on their trip to Austria to assassinate David Paul II, he was a Ruler in Austria. They surely didn't have all of the stuff needed but they could handle some tough weather and a anti-soft bed.

"Tora thanks for all the hunting!" Ed said finally ditching the 'big bro'. "Yes. Welcome welcome Ed." Ed had been keeping track of when Tora would have his panic attacks and he would have 2 that day, 1 in around 5 minutes and another one in the evening. He had to get his meds, he didn't get them last time so that was inconvenient and he didn't have meds on him so what? Ed decided he would but meds from some place but there was a low chance he'd find some place. "Hey Rani sis let's talk." Oh the sis is back. "Yeah. What?" "Come over here. Hey uhm Tora stay here." "Mkay." The two walked away.

"Tora's gonna have a panic attack in about 3 minutes so uh get ready." Ed explained. "Yep okay." "Plus 1 this evening so uh get ready." "Yep okay." The two went back to Tora and he was staring at the sky his breathing shaking up. A minute or 2 more...

The panic attack again. Ed wrapped his hand around Tora's shoulder and pulled him back to the cave. He hugged Tora and sat him down. He started using some things he thought to be calming. He hummed a lullaby, he played rock paper scissors with Tora and Tora had calmed down. Tora was embarrassed and his face went red, he apologized and ran back to Rania. "Sorry Rani, sorry Rani! Tora mess up!" "Yeah uh no worries. Let's keep going." Ed caught up with the 2 and they started on their journey to Austri

He sat Tora down as well as himself. Ed pulled Tora into a hug and put his fingers through Tora's golden blonde hair.

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