Little Billionaire

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Arina Blaise was your average good girl but she comes in plus size package. She was always insecure about her size so the bullying from the kids at school and not being accepted at home didn't help . Find out how she deals with her demons in LITTLE BILLIONAIRE😎

Adventure / Humor
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Chapter 1 : Maybe I should leave

I was walking through the halways but kids were giving me disgusted looks when someone tripped me and l fell face flat on the ground . Everyone burst out laughing while I was strugling to find my glasses and my books . Some kids were looking at me with disgusted looks while others were looking at me pity but most were looking at me in amusement. "Watch it you pig"the queen bee of my school Jemma said . Her two clonies burst out laughing and everyone joined them.

I rushed out of school while angry tears threatened to fall. This always happens actually the bullying is usually mental accept when the highschool kids come thats when it gets physical and today they came and gave me what they called a makeover today was the worst one and it hurts alot so that stunt in the halway was the cherry on top. When I got home 30 min later my parents and brother were not home so I went to the tinny closet I call a room and got fresh clothes to take a bath . After my bath I started to clean my wounds and bruises. When I was done went down stairs only to find that my whole family is home.

I have an older brother called Damien his older than me by three years cause am 13 and his 16. Mom is called Andrea and she has light green eyes and blonde hair. My dad is called Earl he has jet black hair and light blue eyes. My brother has my moms blonde hair and my dads eyes while I have my dads hair with my moms eyes . My family is extremly fit they look like they walked out of a vogue magazine while I look like I belong in a pig sty. Yes am that fat that its obesity.

When I got down the stairs they all stopped at something Damien said and they looked at me . " Oh hey brat go clean the house make dinner and do your brothers homework " my mom said "oh and Damien yes you can go to your friends party tonight not to much alcohol its a school night." "Thanks mom" Damien said and stood up to go change. " Move it pig " he said to me. "S-so-rr-y-y" I forced a stutter. My family thinks that I stutter but I don't so I just go with it. I started working on the house but didn't clean my brothers room cause he was in there. Then started on the food but whem it was almost done my mom called me . I went up the stairs and her out of my brothers room with her hands on her hips. "Why didn't you clean your brothers room?" She screamed at me "He was in their dressing up " I whisphered " Answer me " she screamed again . My father came out of his office and asked "What's all the screaming about " "This little brat didn't clean her brothers room " she answered "And why not " he asked raising a brow at me ."Cause he was in there and his room has three different layers of dirt " I answered bravely. I regreted that the next second cause next thing I know am being slapped by my moms slim hands with extremly long nails." Don't dare talk to your father like that " and my dad punched in the face so hard that I fell dowb the stairs ." You ungrateful brat dont even help it up leave it " That hurt alot espically since the high school kids beat me up today. But why do I torture myself with leaving here maybe I should leave scratch that I am leaving.

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