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"My name is AMINA. This story is about my life, with all my ups and downs. Am not going to say much but I promise you that you will enjoy this story. Thank you for reading. Enjoy. 🥰😊

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Twelve years after I was born. My life was going perfectly even though we were not rich but my father could afford my school fees. With the help of my uncle (moms brother). And could cater for the family even though we don't eat three times daily but who cares, as long a u eat ur okay.

But something tragic happened that shook my family with great force, after I turned 5 years ,two months later my uncle had A TERRIBLE CAR ACCIDENT on his way to work. Which got him into coma. Immediately we heard the tragic incident we immediately rushed to the hospital. My mom cried heavily as she saw her brother in that painful situation. He was our pillar which held us together, which left me no choice but to cry too. After 2 weeks my one and only uncle kicked the bucket (died). When we recieved the news out of nowhere I saw my mom on d ground, dad immediately rushed her to the hospital.

They called all manner of diseases and things that were bothering her, which the prescribed some very expensive drugs but my dad couldn't help it buh just pay. 2 weeks later my mom's sickness worsened. I had to drop out of school because he couldn't afford it anymore after all the drugs he has been buying for my mom.

One faithful morning my mom woke up and out of nowhere I heard her screaming and crying. I quickly ran to her room just to find her pointing at the wardrobe. As I looked closer I noticed that.
Thanks for reading please stay tuned I will keep u guys updated thanks
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