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Unforgettable Summer Break

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Guy named Mangello and his family along with a friend traveling to South America. On the way to South America Mangello complains a lot about how it seems to take forever for the next thing they have to do to get here and because of all that complaining the gang decides to send him back to the airport and send him home. The flight is booked so he cant go home until tomorrow. He calls mom and starts arguing with here but she cant take it because she is in a fight with Justin. the next day comes. Only one person of the four will make it to the following day.

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chapter 1 The Details

The details

There was this boy name Mangello. He was getting bored at home one day during the summer and decided to ask his parents a question. Mom, dad I want to ask yall something. I was wondering if we could take a vacation trip to somewhere. “Where did you have in mind son?” said father. I was thinking we go to South America. You know that we will not be able to do or buy really much anything else for the next week, while we buy tickets, hotel and other stuff for the trip. I understand.

May I bring a friend? Why of course you can sweetie. Which friend do you have in mind? I don’t know yet. I will have to think about it. When I know who I want to bring along with me I will let you know. “Okay son you have got one week to decide who to bring along with you,” said mom.

Well know that I’m in my room let me think about who I want to bring along with me. I could bring Angie because she is cute and we have been friends for a long time. I could bring Bryan because he is tough and strong. You never know if

you will need a guy like him. I could bring Justin because he is always funny. He could crack you up with laughter at all the wrong times if he wanted to he is really just like that. I could bring Amy because she would love the outdoors. It is going to be tough to choose who I want to bring, but I know I can do it because I am that kind of person who can do it.

A few minutes after I was done talking to myself I heard mom calling me. Mangello you are needed by the computer. When I got there mom told me something I couldn’t believe.

Sweetie I don’t know why, but I got carried away planning for this vacation. Instead of staying for a week we will end up staying in South America for a whole month. Wow a whole month! That is longer than I expected for us to be there. Why a month mom? “Well we are going to be there in South America for a month because we want to give our special son and the special friend he will bring with him the best possible vacation ever,” said dad. Think you guys. Yall are the best parents any child could ask for.

It took me just about the

whole entire week before I decided to call my friends to see if they could go. I should have done it sooner, but I wasn’t thinking about it. Hey son have you decided who you want to bring along with you on the trip to South America? Yes I think so. I just need to call them and see if they can come or not. Good luck with that son. When you have finally picked the person who you want to bring let us know okay son. I will dad. I will make sure you know who I bring along on this trip before the person gets here.

First on the list to call is

Angie. Hey is Angie there? This is her. I like to ask you something. Sure what is Mangello? I was wondering if it be okay for you to go on vacation with me and my family to South America for a month? I would love to go, but I have something coming up in a few weeks. I want to be here for it. I don’t want to miss it. I wish I could go with you Mangello. That is okay. I will see if there is someone else who can go. Bye Angie. Bye Mangello. Well that is a bum that Angie couldn’t go. It is a shame.

Next on the list to call is

Bryan. Hey is Bryan there? Sure he is Mangello, but why do you need him? Well Ms.Chunks my family and I are taking a vacation to South America for a month. I am allowed to bring a friend with me. So I thought I ask and see if Bryan could come along with me and my family. Mangello I’m sure Bryan would love to come along with you and your family to South America except for the fact that Bryan is in trouble and grounded for awhile. I’m so sorry to hear that. What did he do? You know that he is tough and strong right. Right I know that. Well apparently he forgot

that and just about killed somebody after losing the game. Well if he almost killed someone then why isn’t he in jail? Well he was sent to jail, but I posted bail for him. As we were leaving the police department they told us it would be best if we kept him from the outside world as much as possible until school starts in August. I’m so sorry to hear that. What game was he playing? He was wrestling. Can you just tell me everything that happened? Why yes I can. He was feeling a bit of rage. So he decided to wrestle. When he lost he got carried away and

started hurting him like you wouldn’t believe. If someone didn’t pass by at that exact moment and stop him, he would be facing murder charges. So let’s just thank the lord that someone was there to break it up. The rest you already know. Who was he wrestling with? He was wrestling with strangely. Wow he must have been angry or something. Yes he was when he left that day. I would like to chat some more, but I have to finish getting things together for the trip. Have a good trip Mangello. Bye Ms.Chunks. Bye Mangello.

Well that was very interesting and sad. I think I will write this in my journal before I make the next phone call. Dear journal, today has been a strange day. I found out that Bryan almost killed a guy while wrestling. He found out that he was losing and started punching strangely harder than you can imagine. Then all of a sudden someone happened to be coming by and stopped the fight. His mother posted bail. As they were leaving they were told to try and limit contact with the outside world until school starts in august. What is also strange about this day is the fact that I

learned about this on the day we are leaving for South America.

I still haven’t found someone to go with me to South America yet. I have two friends left to try. Next to try is Amy. Hey is Amy there? Yes she is Mangello, but why are you calling? Well Amy sister, my name is Julie not Amy sister! How many times do I have to tell you that?! You get on my nerves when you say that! Just call me Julie! Okay Julie I’m sorry I called you Amy sister for like the trillionth time. So why do you need my sister Amy? Well

my family and I are going on vacation to South America and I was wondering if she could go with us. Why are you asking her instead of me! Well she popped in my head; I mean would you like to go? I would say yes except you are a jerk and you are very rude, but I will see if my sister can go a long. Hey Amy it’s Mangello on the phone. He is wondering if you would like to go to South America with him and his family for awhile. Sure I love it. Now where is the phone so I can get all the details? It’s in the kitchen by the microwave. Hey Mangello it’s me Amy. So I hear that you and your family

are going on vacation to South America. Yes we are going to South America. We leave at three thirty. So you have got five and a half hours to get everything together before we leave. How long are we going to be gone? We are going to be there a month. I know it’s a very long time. My mom got crazy when she was planning the trip. So I guess I will see you at my house at three thirty so we can leave for the trip. Wait a minute Mangello. I would love to go ahead and get ready for the trip Mangello except for the fact that I don’t want to be gone for a month. If it was for two or three

weeks I would go, but for a month I don’t really want to. Why don’t you want to be gone for a month? Well I don’t want to part my sister and family for too long. I’m sorry Mangello. I really need to go, but I will see you when you get back from your trip. Bye Mangello. Bye Amy.

Well time to call the last person on my list, Justin. I hope Justin can go. If he can’t go then I may not be able to go. Hey Justin it’s me Mangello, the guy who sits behind you in class. Oh hey Mangello. What can I do for you today on this beautiful wonderful day? Are you in your

right mind Justin? I’m not in a laughing mood today; I’m in a happy mood today. So what do you want? Well I was wondering if you would like to come with me and my family to South America for a whole month. Boy would I love to go! Let me just ask my mom if I can go. Hey mom may I go with Mangello and his family to South America for a month? Sure you can, but you need to have them come pick you up. Hey I’m back. She said yes, but yall need to pick me up or I can’t go with yall. Okay we will do that. See you at three thirty. See you then. Bye Mangello. Bye Justin.

Mom, dad I have finally found someone that can go with me on the trip. Who is that sweetie? Well I found out that Angie couldn’t go because she has something coming up in a few weeks and wants to be here for it. Bryan couldn’t go because he is grounded. He is grounded because the police told them that it would be best to limit contact with the outside world so that he doesn’t almost kill somebody again. Why did he almost kill somebody? Well he was wrestling with strangely. They were only using fist. He realized that he was losing and grabbed an object and started

hitting strangely with it. Luckily a guy came by to break it up or else he be facing murder charges. His mom came and posted bail. He is not allowed to be with the outside world until it is time to start school in august. Why was he wrestling? Well he had a bit of rage and decided to wrestle someone who wanted to wrestle. Wow that kid is lucky. Well who is coming with you? Then I called Amy. She wanted to go except that when I told her that it would be a month long she was like no. She said no because a month was too long for her. She would go if it was two or three weeks, not for a

month. Then I got a hold of Justin. He was my last hope to see if I could get a friend to come with us. His mom said he could come if we go pick him up. Why of course it would be okay for us to pick him up for the ride to the airport.

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