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Ch 6: Mission Start

"Cheers!" Jamal and his teammates hold beers up high to congratulate the successful mission. After killing the beast, the 4 players went to the town bar to celebrate.

Brago pats Jamal on the back. "I gotta admit I didn't think much of you when I first laid eyes on you, but you got guys little man!"

The two brothers, Jack and Mack, stand up behind Brago with mugs in their hands. Mack says, "When we heard that giant monster scream we were sure you were a goner." Jack says, "No way! When the cave started crashing we thought you were done for!"

"But you made it out of the cave and slayed the evil beast with one swing of your mighty axe, saving our damsel in distress!" Brago re-enacts the fight with his blade swinging around while Jamal and the two brothers laugh.

The bartender chuckles before noticing Janet quietly sitting with a frustrated look on her face. The bartender slides a drink to her and asks what's on her mind.

"Nothing's wrong with me! Congratulations to the great and powerful Jamal!" Janet takes a big gulp of the virtual drink. "I don't want to sound ungrateful or anything, but this isn't what I wanted at all. In the normal world, I'm a librarian for a school. I watch over many stories of heroes battling monsters and saving damsels in distress.

I spent a long time trying to save up for a chance to play this game. When I got it I promised that I would be the hero of my own story and I'd never be the damsel in distress. We all log in for the same thing, but I guess only some of us are blessed to be the heroes" Janet covers her face with her arms to hide her tears.

The bartender consoles Janet while the rest celebrate the victory. Meanwhile, the squad commander meets with other high rank military leadership in a strategy meeting.

"We all know why we are here." The chief of command at the head of the table instantly grabs everyone's attention. "The state of the war has not changed for years and there doesn't seem to be any hope if something doesn't change."

[Flash to a visual explanation with The Chief of command narrating]

There are three countries that have been at war with each other for years. Our human country is the Vridia kingdom which lies in the southeast. We have a barrier built by General Harrison, and General Marks' garrisons poster to the west. The guardians are the 5 greatest warriors in our kingdom. They report directly to the king and command 10,000 soldiers each. They have taken the rest of our army to support the main battleground to the North against the Wepia Dynasty.

To our west lies the Amules Empire. Amules are similar to elves 🧝‍♀️ 🧝‍♂️ with pointy ears and amazing agility. Their numbers are unknown, but a squad of 100 human soldiers wouldn't stand a chance against 30 veteran Amules soldiers. Their skill with a bow and sword, as well as their mysterious elvin magic make them powerful opponents for all enemies. Their influence would destroy Vridia if not for the Wepia Empire.

The Wepia Empire is a savage land full of monsters. The people of Wepia are werewolves 🐺 with sharp fangs and claws. These monsters to the north have waged war on Vridians and the Amules non-stop for years.

The Wepia Empire covers the entire north and is easily double the size of Vridia and Amules. Vridia and Amules are by no means allies. However, they both understand mutually assured destruction. So, In order to stop Wepia from annihilating the other two countries, Vridia and Amules push Wepia back in the North.

The king has ordered that the land of the Vridia Kingdom be expanded in order to claim more resources for the war.

[Flash back to the meeting of all the military leadership]

The chief of command yells, "Squad Commander Alexandria!"

Jamal's Squad Commander raises from her chair, "Sir!"

"At ease soldier." The Chief of Command and Squad Commander both sit back down. "You will be in charge of the exploration squad that presses towards Vridia's eastern borders. This is uncharted territory and full of incredibly strong beasts. This mission has been a failure every time we try it so I hope you've properly trained your troops to handle any beasts they may come across."

"Yes Chief",The Squad commander announces.

All of the leadership continue to discuss strategy while Jamal and his new friends continue to celebrate the day. Jamal walks to the bartender for another drink when Janet approaches Jamal. The bartender takes this chance to go check the back for more ice.

"Hey, thanks for saving me and all that." Janet blushes from embarrassment.

Jamal chuckles and offers a cheers 🍻 to his teammate. "You know, when I first got this game I wanted to be a hero so badly. I thought I was looking for fame and views, but I guess I was really just looking for this. A good time with good people on an adventure of a lifetime!"

Janet smiles at Jamal's words and takes a sip of her drink to cover her blushing.

"I almost thought my chances of having an adventure would be over for me after I completed my mission." Janet chokes after hearing Jamal say his mission was already complete at level 2. Jamal continues, "I was going to quit playing if the mini mission didn't work out, but I'm having a lot of fun with you guys right now. So maybe it's worth one more chance." Jamal smiles as he sips his drink.

Janet finishes her drink and slams the cup on the counter. She then looks at Jamal, who's wondering what Janet is going to do with this frustrated look on her face. Janet reaches into her inventory and pulls out the boots she took from Jamal earlier. She slides the boots over to Jamal, pays the bartender and marches out the door.

Jamal sits there puzzled at what just happened. He looks down at the boots to analyze Janet's gift. "Up Up and Away Boots: The user of these boots is given the ability to jump a second time mid-air." Jamal sits back in his chair and continues to celebrate with his teammates the rest of the night.

The next day, all the players log in and line up in the courtyard. Each soldier is issued standard military armor and equipment. Squad commander Alexandria walks in front of the troops and informs them of the details of the mission.

"Listen up troops", the Squad a Commander yells. "Today we will be exploring uncharted territory in order to gather resources for the kingdom. Our squad will advance East to explore the surrounding area. Our scout will advance first and report back to our main squad if they spot any danger from beasts or enemy soldiers." The squad commander turns to look at Jamal and an email from the squad commander appears privately in front of Jamal. The commander tells the squad that they must protect Jamal because he is their only eyes when in the mission.

The troops solute and the squad commander lets them prepare for the mission. Jamal checks his email from the squad commander. There is a message that says, "Be careful out there." Jamal notices an attachment to the email. He opens the attachment and two brand new military battle axes appear in front of Jamal. Jamal equips the battle axes and joins the rest of his team.

[One hour later]

Jamal is running and jumping through the forest. He leads the trail while the rest of the exploitation squad trails him by a couple kilometers. Jamal comes across many large and scary beasts without being noticed. He leaves a marker for the army to find letting them know which ways to avoid.

The mission seems to be going very smoothly, but Jamal sees a rustling through some trees. Jamal hides himself and peaks out to see what creature to avoid this time. As he peaks out from behind a tree, he sees another rat pulsing with red electricity! This rat is the same size as the one that destroyed the cave yesterday.

The rat turns with a snarl, but Jamal hides behind the tree before he is seen by the beast. The rat turns around and starts to run away. Jamal uses his specialty in speed and agility with his new Up Up and Away boots to chase the rat to a new cave. The rat scurries into the cave and Jamal is left outside.

"Caves , it just had to be a cave. I hate going in the hole, but I can't just let this thing attack the squad behind me. I need to know where it is and report back to the group. Janet, Brago, Jack and Mack will know what kind of damage this thing can do." Confident he can outrun a rat after leveling up, Jamal follows the rat further into the cave.

Unlike the last cave, this one had many twists, turns, and rooms. Jamal walks past several small rooms filled with old broken bones. The dark tunnels seem to go on forever. Jamal begins to think he should go back to warn the army, but Jamal sees the tail of the rat duck down a cave hallway. Jamal follows the sound of the rat down the long dark hallway.

Jamal sees an opening to another room at the end of the hallway. He runs to the opening and the sound of rats grows more as he gets closer. He pokes his head out carefully, which allows Jamal to avoid a 15 foot fall into a large room filled with many mutated rats! Some are tiny like the one Jamal first encountered. However, most of the rats grew to the size of large dogs or even the monster that Jamal faces in the last cave. The rats surge with red electricity as they scurry around the floor.

Jamal is very afraid of all these rats getting out of the cave. He has to warn the army of these beasts next to the kingdom! Jamal turns to leave the cave when a rat screams in his face! The rat pushes Jamal down into the room where all the rats are running around.

Jamal uses his new boots to jump out of the way from the swarm of rats. Jamal turns to face the rats, fully expecting to be ripped to shreds by the giant monsters. Jamal pulls out his new axes ready to go down fighting, but all the rats just stare at him with their little red eyes. Every rat's head follows Jamal as he moves around the room, but none of them attack.

This completely freaks Jamal out as he looks for a way out of the cave. All of a sudden, Jamal hears a low voice call out, "Who are you?"

Jamal looks around, shaking from fear. He takes slowly backs away from the rats, but the rats rush towards Jamal. They surround Jamal like a wave of rats crashing down on him. Jamal is held down by two rats pushing his arms on the floor. With his back to the floor,

Jamal looks up as a shadowy figure surrounded by red electricity steps out from the middle of the rats. " Who are you?", the shadow figure asks while moving closer.

"I'm Jamal" the scared teenager squeals as the rats push down harder.

"Jamaaaaaal", the low voice rumbles.

"Who are you? What are you?" Jamal asks while he squirms to free himself.

"I am the end. I am hunger and desire. I am a never ending thirst." The low voice holds up his hand and the rats all move together to hold up Jamal in from of the shadow.

Jamal asks, "What do you mean you are the end? What do you want?"

"I want everything! I want the insects. I want the animals. I want the people. I want every creature in this world. Jamaaaaaal, I want you!" The shadow figure explodes with red electricity that fills the entire room. The smaller rats surge with red electricity and begin to grow. Bumps and spikes poke out of their skin as they mutate to giant monsters that Jamal faced before.

Jamal screams as the electricity swirls around him. The shadow figure laughs evilly as the electricity flows into Jamal's body. Light's swirls as Jamal floats in the air screaming. Jamal's eyes turn a deep red before everything in Jamal's headset turns off.

Jamal sits up in his bedroom and takes the headset off. "What the hell was that?" Jamal decided he must have been killed by the shadow figure so he places his headset on his desk and goes to bed. "I'll have to start over in the middle of town. I can't believe I lost all the equipment I just got."

Jamal goes to sleep very late at night. As Jamal sleeps, his headset begins to pulse with a red glow.


Jamals Stats

Level 2

HP: 50/50

Nini's Favor: (+10% speed to the user whenever in danger)
Right on Target: (+5% accuracy to the user when wearing this item on the right hand)
Painfully Aware: (A bracelet that detects any aggression towards you. The range of this device depends on the user's level.)
Up Up and Away Boots: (The user of these boots is given the ability to jump a second time mid-air.)

Strength: 40
Speed: 21 (+10%)
Accuracy: 2 (+5%)
Intelligence: 2
Wisdom: 2
Agility: 46
Charisma: 2

EXP: 20
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