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Ch 8: A Gift From the Wepia Dynasty

"What the heck is happening to me?" Jamal asks while scrolling through his personal account information. "Everything still seems to be registered under my account, so these are definitely my stats. First the Mission changes to saving the world and now all my experience points are stuck in my strength."

Jamal looks closer at his stats. "Hey! Why do I have 15 points from Nini's favor and right on target stacked on my strength ability?" Question after question fills Jamal's head, but he decides there's nothing he can do while standing in a forest full of beasts.

Jamal closes his screen and walks over to the item drops from the battle. Inside a small brown bag are a few thousand coins. Next to the bag is a small smooth stone. Jamal picks up the stone and a description screen appears. "Refinement material: This ore may be used to craft metal objects." Jamal places both the ore and sack of money in his inventory.

Jamal begins to calm down from the shock of everything that just happened. He checks the map and begins to walk back towards town when all of a sudden a spark of electricity buzzes in front of his face. One spark is followed by two more while steam seems to flow out of Jamal's body. Jamal screams as the electricity and steam pour out around him. Feeling no pain, but extremely freaked out, Jamal starts running towards town. The steam stops and Jamal's speed increases so quickly he runs into a tree. Jamal falls on the ground holding his nose from the impact.

[Some sort of Intro]

Back in the Vridia Kingdom, the King has called for the Guardians to come to the palace and report on the status of the battlefield. The large front gates open as the top 5 best heroes in the game ride their horses through the arch. Their armor and weapons shine brightly as if their suites were made of diamonds and swords carved from dragon's teeth. Each wore equipment that could easily pay for 2 or 3 kingdoms.

Soldiers and servants gossip as the 5 noble warriors slowly trot past them. One soldier tells a handmaiden, "Those are the 5 heroes of legend! They say one Guardian is enough to take down a whole army by themselves. Look at that hardware! If I could just get one glove I would be able to feed my family for years!"

"Well you know they deserve it don't they?" The handmaiden scoots closer so no one can hear them. "They protect us from the monsters and wolves that roam around the north. It's said that each of their missions is to protect the kingdom. Not everyone can handle such a demanding mission."

Behind the 5 Guardians, a chest roles on the cobblestone. The chest is attached to a rope that is pulled by the last guardian's horse. The handmaiden and soldier stare intensely at the box, hoping to see what treasures lay inside. The box hits a crooked piece of stone and turns over with a loud thud. It violently bounces around, but no one dares speak in front of the powerful Guardians. The sound of the box smashing and bouncing can be heard as the Guardians ride straight to the King's chambers.

Inside, the King welcomes the brave warriors back home. Each is served food and drink to help recover from the long journey. A Guardian named James with blonde hair and a shiny red armour thanks the King for his generosity. The other Guardians, Faith, Luke, Anthony, and Marcus, all cheers to the King and the kingdom.

"Thank you my Guardians! Your loyalty and strength have saved the kingdom from those northern mutts and the kingdom owes you a great debt. How goes the battle front? Have the Wepians given you much trouble?" The King sips his wine while James walks to the platform below the stair in front of the King.

"No sire. On the contrary, the Wepia Dynasty have given us a gift that we would like to share with you." James motions to the chest that is now being wheeled next to the Guardian. The King and all his court leans forward as James unlocks the box. James kicks the chest over and out falls a beaten and bruised Wepian warrior.

The King yells, "Guards", and instantly the Wepian Werewolf is surrounded by spears. The Wepian sits up off the floor using his chin because his hands and legs are bound behind his back. "What is the meaning of this?" The King asks as everyone stares at the barely concious Wepian.

James motions for the warriors to relax, then kicks the Wepian warrior over. "This is a Wepian scout that tried to sneak around our barracks a couple weeks ago. We have been getting to know each other really well on the trip here. We can find out exactly what the Wepia Dynasty has planned as long as we have this guy."

"Wonderful!" The King says while clapping his hands. "I'm surprised you are even able to communicate with these dogs."

James grabs the Wepians hair and pulls his head up to face the king. "Oh he will learn to talk really well with a little bit of persuasion." All the Guardians start to laugh and the King joins in half-heartedly to be polite. The Wepian bites his teeth at James' hand, but James quickly jumps back and kicks the Wepian again. "Watch out though, they sure can bite." James continues to chuckle at his own jokes.

The King and his court begin to chuckle and laugh at the Wepian. Suddenly, the King hears a voice. "Cowards."

"Who said that?" the King asks.

"Cowards!", the Wepian scout screams. "You all sit here in your giant castles drinking and eating your cares away. You send your armies to burn down our villages! You kill women. You kill children, all for what purpose?" The Queen and Princess sitting next to the King are frightened by the Wepian's sharp, but cracked teeth. The Wepian scout looks right at the King and then the princess. "My people will ravage your lands. We will rip out every throat with our sharp teeth and crunch your kingdom under our paws! The Wepia Dynasty will never stop hunting you!"

James rears back and kicks the Wepian in the face which sends him flying back with teeth falling on the floor. "Bloody Wepians always bark too much."

"Take him away to the torture chamber", the King orders his guards. "We will hear exactly what the Wepia Dynasty has to bark about."

Guards grab the Wepian scout by the shoulders and drag him out of the kings' court. As he's dragged, the young wolf screams out, "Princess! Princess! Princeeeeeeeesssss!" Everyone in the room looks right at the King's daughter as the doors shut close.

Back at the entrance to the town, Jamal finally stumbles out of the forest. He grabs some food and drink from a local restaurant before taking his ore to the town blacksmith. The NPC welcomes Jamal to his forge, where he can custom make any armor or weapons needed by players. Jamal shows the ore that dropped from the battle with the monster in the forest to the blacksmith.

The blacksmith's eyes light up as he holds the ore up to the light. "Oh my God! It's artemis stone! This is some high quality material you got here! Not every day I get my hands on genuine artemis stone. There also seems to be a touch of earth element imbued within it. What would you like me to do with such great materials?"

"I lost one of my axes in the forest fighting beasts. Could you make a pair of axes with this?" Jamal holds up his remaining axe given to him by the squad commander.

"Hmm", the blacksmith says while scratching his beard. "I'm afraid there just isn't enough ore to make two axes. If I split this ore in half then not only will I not have enough metal for both blades, but the power would also be cut in half. I recommend only making one axe with this ore. The problem is this kind of work won't be cheap." Jamal sets the back of coins on the counter and dollar signs appear on the blacksmith's eyes. "Thank you for your business! It will take me 24 hours to refine a new axe for you."

Jamal pays the blacksmith and leaves. As Jamal walks towards the hotel, he sees an old beggar on the side of the road that Jamal doesn't recognize. The beggar's clothes are torn and very dirty. His hair covers his eyes and beard puffs out like an afro. The beggar holds out a cup begging each passer by to please spare some change for a starving old man. Jamal offers 5 coins to the beggar and continues walking to the hotel. The beggar looks down at his cup and smiles.

Jamal enters his hotel room and shuts the door. On his bed, Jamal opens his stats to figure out why his strength is so high. When the stats bar appears, Jamal sits up in surprise. All of his stats are back to normal, each category increased slightly from leveling up. The item boosts were also applied back to their original categories. Jamal looks confused, but notices the 40 experience points that have yet to be assigned a category.

Thinking back to the fight with the beast and how Jamal's attacks did nothing to stop Brago from being crushed, Jamal puts all 40 points in his strength category. "Great. I'll go home and google why my stats change and what's with all that electricity around me earlier. Also gotta see if I can find out more about that shadowy figure and these beasts. Maybe there is a thread that I can read about it. Tomorrow I'll log back in to get my new axe."

Jamal lays down on the bed and closes his eyes to log out for the night.


Jamal's Stats

Level 3

HP: 100/100

Nini's Favor: (+10% speed to the user whenever in danger)

Right on Target: (+5% accuracy to the user when wearing this item on the right hand)

Painfully Aware: (A bracelet that detects any aggression towards you. The range of this device depends on the user's level.)

Up Up and Away Boots: (The user of these boots is given the ability to jump a second time mid-air.)

Strength: 100
Speed: 41 (Nini's Favor +10%)
Accuracy: 22 (Right on Target +5%)
Intelligence: 3
Wisdom: 3
Agility: 66
Charisma: 3

EXP: 0
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