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Ch 10: The Mine Shaft

"Ugh", Jamal's eyes peak open. Our hero is barely Conscious. The wolves have disappeared leaving coins in their place. As Jamal slips back into unconsciousness, something large starts crashing through the trees. It moves closer and closer, pushing aside the trees. The blurry figure looks down at Jamal as the warrior falls asleep.

The creature picks up Jamal and carries him through the forest. The giant beast shakes the ground with each step of its many legs. It's hands reach out to push whole trees over as it makes its way to a hole in the ground. The creature carries Jamal's limp body into the hole and lets out a loud roar.

[Some sort of intro]

30 minutes later, Jamal opens his eyes to see a wall of sticky threads surrounding him. Jamal is trapped in a cocoon of silky, sticky threads. Jamal scratches at the cocoon wall, but the threads are too strong to tear. Jamal screams for help, but there is no answer. Jamal screams louder, "Hello! Is anybody out there? Help!"

Jamal hears someone nearby say, "Shut up! Do you want that thing to come back here?"

Jamal asks "Who's there? What's going on? How did I end up in this thing?"

Several voices around Jamal say, "Shhhh!"

One voice continues to say, "If you keep making all that noise then that monster that put all of us in here will come back! So do us all a favor and keep your voice down."

Jamal apologizes and asks, "what monster? I was asleep when all of this happened."

The voice explains that everyone next to Jamal was dragged away by a giant high level beast with spider legs. The beast attacked their group while they were camping in the woods and wrapped them all in these sticky web cocoons. Every now and then the beast returns to the nest to either add another captured person or eat one of them. "So be quiet before the beast comes back! None of us are strong enough to get out of these cocoons or fight that beast."

Jamal thinks for a second about all the past battles and how he just activated his ground breaker ability. Jamal checks his stats and notices the newly gained experience from killing all the wolves. Jamal closes his eyes and focuses on the feelings he experienced when fighting the wolves and from when he saw Brago crushed before his very eyes. Jamal sweats as images flash in his mind of the traumatic events. As Jamal's anxiety increases, a spark appears in front of Jamal. Jamal's body tenses up and the red sparks surround Jamal's body once again.

The strain on his body is very intense, but Jamal focuses on a single word in his mind. "Strength, Strength, Strength, I need Strength! I want to be strong enough to prevent this from ever happening to anyone else ever again! Please, please, please give me strength!"

The sparks around Jamal's body begin to disappear, so Jamal checks his stats. Success! Jamal was able to activate his ability to move his experience points from all the other categories and into his strength category. A notification message appears in front of Jamal. "There is an error in your code. You have successfully gained a unique skill. Power Move: A very rare ability to move your experience points into any other category."

Jamal looks at thenotification and thinks, "Now that I figured out how it's done, it looks like this has become an ability I can activate now! Let's try it." Jamal calms out "Power Move" and all the electricity appears around his body. A new notification screen appears asking which category Jamal would like to move all of his stats to and Jamal smiles.

"Guys!" Jamal screams and everyone around him once again says, "Shhhh!" Jamal explains that he thinks he has a way out of the cocoons and the group yells, "What!?"

Jamal takes all of his current experience points and places them in strength along with his pending experience points. Jamal's muscles swell with power and Jamal grabs the cocoon with both hands. He begins to pull as hard as he can, which starts to rip at the cocoon. It rips more and more until Jamal can finally see the outside of his prison.

After opening the cocoon fully, Jamal sits up and looks around for the beasts that brought them here. Jamal sees a large web with 7 other cocoons just like his. The web is in what looks like an abandoned mine shaft because Jamal can see tracks and a hand trolly.

The voices from the cocoons call out to Jamal, "Did you make it? Get us out of here!" Jamal walks over to the closest cocoon, with his feet getting stuck on the web with every step. Suddenly, Jamal here's a loud growl echo through the mine shaft. Jamal gets scared as the voice in the cocoon he is standing next to says, "Hide! The beast is coming back and you're our last chance at rescue!"

Jamal runs over to the cocoon he broke out of and pulls it off the web. He then wears the cocoon on his back like a jacket and lays face down on the web. The cocoon on his back appears like it was never opened. Jamal here's loud footsteps approaching the web along with a foul stink. Jamal peaks out to see what beast trapped them all here. Jama glances up to see a giant beast with legs of a spider and the torso of a giant ape! Above the creature appears the words, "Spider-Monkey Lvl 25".

Jamal quickly freezes so the spider monkey cannot tell that the cocoon has been ruptured. The Spider monkey tosses an opened cocoon over to a pile of other opened cocoons near Jamal. Jamal looks at the empty cocoons and sees many skeletons falling out of them. This is obviously a pile of people that already became the spider monkey's meal. The spider monkey yawns and climbs the web. The beast finds a spot high on the ceiling to crouch into and it closes its eyes to rest.

After a few minutes, the spider monkey begins to snore so Jamal peaks out from under the fake cocoon. There is no time to free everyone while the beast sits right above them so Jamal looks around. Jamal spots a large hand trolley nearby and gets an idea. Quietly, Jamal walks over to a cocoon nearby. Jamal takes out his axes and begins to cut at the strings holding the cocoon to the web. This is much easier to do than breaking open the cocoon and the cocoon easily becomes detached.

Jamal picks up the cocoon and the person inside calls out, "what are you doing? Get me out of here!" Jamal says, "Shhhh" and carries the cocoon over to the hand trolley. He sets the cocoon on the trolley and goes back to the web for the next cocoon. Jamal slices off each cocoon from the web and sets them on the hand trolley.

Once all the cocoons are on the trolley, Jamal gets on himself. "These tracks have got to lead to the exit somehow", Jamal says as he grips the hand pump. As the trolley begins to move the old rusted wheels make a loud screeching sound that echoes through the entire mine. The sound wakes up the spider monkey. The beast looks around and notices the cocoons missing from the web. Jamal uses all his strength to crank the hand pump as fast as he can. The trolley shoots off down the tracks as the spider monkey roars in anger at his missing meal.

Voices from the cocoon scream, "Aaaaah! Get us out of here!" Jamal pumps harder and harder as the trolley zooms up, down and around a complicated set of tracks. Jamal goes a long way, but doesn't see the spider monkey behind them. Jamal smiles thinking the group is all clear, but Jamal sees some debris fall from the ceiling. The spider monkey has been following them from the ceiling the entire time! Jama screams as the spider monkey crashes down to the floor chasing after the trolley.

The spider monkey reaches out to grab Jamal, but Jamal swings his axe at the beast's hand. The Spider monkey pulls back his hand to look at a little paper cut on his finger from Jamal's weapon. The beast roars with anger and starts running faster at the cart. Over hills, under rock, no matter where the trolley goes the spider monkey chases after them. To Jamal, the trolley almost feels like the most dangerous roller coaster in the world.

As Jamal looks down the tracks, he sees a light. "That must be the exit!" Jamal pumps harder and harder as he climbs a giant hill with the trolley. As he peaks over the hill, Jamal can get a better look at what is between him and the exit to the mine. A large bottomless pit with one line of tracks crossing over it is between the trolley and the light to outside. With the spider monkey following close by, Jamal gives it all he's got to pump harder while the trolley speeds downhill towards the bottomless pit. The trolley hits the tracks over the pit and Jamal looks down. Jamal cannot see anything but pitch darkness and he knows if their trolley falls down then everyone will be killed.

The Spider Monkey hesitates at first because it is too big to stand on the tracks without breaking them. The spider monkey jumps to the ceiling and swings on the stalactites like vines in a forest. The beast screams out of hunger as it prepares to pounce at its meal. The spider monkey jumps at the trolley, for one last attempt to grab its dinner with its own hands. Jamal activates Nini's favor, which gives him an immediate boost. This is just enough for the spider monkey's hand to miss Jamal and the trolley. The spider monkey falls down into the bottomless pit.

Jamal sighs with relief as the trolley cruises towards the exit. However, the entire track begins to shake and a loud roar comes from below. Jamal looks down to see the spider monkey hanging onto the flimsy tracks. As it climbs back up, the tracks begin to tear apart. The structure cannot support the weight of the giant beast. Pieces of track begin to fall into the black abyss below as Jamal frantically pumps the trolley faster and faster. As the track behind Jamal collapses, the spider monkey falls into the bottomless pit. The spider monkey fades off into the distance as it's roar disappears into the darkness.

The track continues to collapse right behind Jamal as he nears closer and closer to the exit. Just before the track below the trolley collapses, the trolley hits land and flips over. Jamal and all the cocoons are tossed out of the mine shaft and roll on the ground outside.

Jamal laughs hysterically because he can't believe he survived. The cocoon shakes as the voices yell, "Get us out of here! What's going on!?"

Jamal walks up to one of the cocoons and grabs it with both hands. Jamal tears open the cocoon to free its captor. The victim's head finally pokes out to take a breath. Jamal looks at the person trapped in the cocoon and notices their long ears. The captive is an Amules warrior! The two stare at each other and jump back in shock.

"A human!? A human saved us?" The Amule warrior yells in shock. All the other cocoons he'll, "What!?"

Jamal stands in the middle of the cocoons confused. Who are these people? Why are their ears so long and what is the problem with a human saving them?


Jamal's Stats

Level 8

HP: 650/650
MP: 80/80

Nini's Favor: (+10% speed to the user whenever in danger)

Right on Target: (+5% accuracy to the user when wearing this item on the right hand)

Painfully Aware: (A bracelet that detects any aggression towards you. The range of this device depends on the user's level.)

Up Up and Away Boots: (The user of these boots is given the ability to jump a second time mid-air.)

Double Bit Axe: (+5% attack; Special ability: Ground breaker. Send a shockwave of attack energy through the ground and into any opponent in your way. Not effective on flying opponents. The attack strength of this ability depends on the MP of the player.)

Strength: 534 (Nini's Favor +10%) (Right on Target +5%)
Speed: 0
Accuracy: 0
Intelligence: 0
Wisdom: 0
Agility: 0
Charisma: 0

EXP: 0
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