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Jamal is a regular high schooler with a job washing dishes. The only escape from his boring, ordinary life comes from a video game Jamal orders called "Hero's Destiny". Many players find fame and fortune playing the game. However, Jamal finds himself as one of the unlucky few who seems even more ordinary in the game than he does in reality. Follow Jamal as his adventure takes a huge turn after discovering a dangerous side to the game. Watch as he adjusts to life as a celebrity after a mysterious power grants Jamal new abilities and the attention of the whole world. Can Jamal change his destiny and work with some of the greatest gamers in the world to stop an evil organization from destroying virtual reality?

Adventure / Action
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Game Start

The year is 30xx. The world is covered in technology that has changed the world. Humans have competed against each other since the beginning of mankind. Soccer, Basketball, Football, these sports once ruled the airwaves as listeners tuned in from around the world. Now, a new activity has taken the front stage with its own group of celebrity players. "Destiny Hero" is now the hope to everyone's dreams of becoming stars! What secrets may lay in its digital code.

[Intro Video]

"Tri City is one of the most updated metropolitan cities in the world. Everyone travels from around the country for a chance at a better life in the big city. That's why I moved here from a small town in the countryside. I've always had big dreams of being somebody. My destiny is to be something great! One day, everyone will know my name!"

A door opens and a large man with many zits yells, "Hey Kid! Stop daydreaming and get back to work!"

A small young man stumbles from shock, knocking over a stack of dirty dishes off a sink. The Kid is Jamal Harris, a freshman at Tri County High School and a dishwasher for the local café. He stands up to dust himself off, "I'm sorry Mr. Grotto! It won't happen again I promise." The teenager scrambles to clean up the mess he made.

Mr. Grotto turns to leave the room and says, "You need to get your head out of the clouds kid. I hired a dishwasher. So get to work and wash my dishes!"

The old man wobbles out of the kitchen while Jamal stares sadly at the pile of broken dishes like broken dreams in front of him.

Fast-forward to later that evening. Jamal is walking home from work alone. He passes many neon signs for one product or another, but one makes Jamal stop. The largest signs in the city all are advertising the most popular game in the world right now. "HERO'S DESTINY!" Flashes in bold letters over Jamal's head.

Jamal hears, "Hero's Destiny", from a TV showing commercials in a display window. Jamal walks up to listen to the commercial.

"It's been 6 years since the first version of the record-breaking game released. Last month 6 Figure Gaming Corporation released the 4th update to this amazing series! Tune in for the latest adventures and knowledge of the vast artificial reality on your local streaming channel."

Jamal turns around and continues his walk home.

[Flash to a visual explanation]

Hero's Destiny, the latest trending game that has skyrocketed in popularity around the world. A virtual reality game where the player enters a world of warriors, monsters, and adventure. This world has become the stage for the most popular streaming network in the world.

Most people enjoy this game from the comfort of their own homes. For many of them, Hero's Destiny is an opportunity to escape from the day-to-day life. However, for some it is a chance to achieve fame and fortune.

[Flash back to Jamal reaching his house]

Jamal sees a box delivered in his mail. He grins with excitement as he grabs the box and runs inside his apartment. Jamal locks the front door and dumps all his coworkers clothes on the floor. He gets into his comfortable jogging pants that he wears every night and his favorite shirt. Pulling out a bag of potato chips and a Red Bull, Jamal puts the box in front of his computer. He uses a pen from his desk to stab enough holes in the tape to open the box.

"Oh my god, it's finally here!", Jamal says as he pulls out the latest copy of Hero's Destiny. The excited teenager can't wait to play the game. "With all the bills I had to take care of, it took me so long to save up for a copy. Let's set it up and see what we got."

Jamal opens the game box and finds a bracelet and a device that looked almost like sunglasses. Puzzled how this was all supposed to connect to the computer, Jamal picks up the instructions.

Jamal says, "According to the paper in the box, this should be all the equipment I need to play the game right?" He continues to read, "6 figure gaming corporation has partnered with national databases to help create a full body experience in Hero's Destiny. Height, weight, cctv, dmv, dental and hospital records, humans log data about themselves every day since the day they are born. Hero's Destiny uses all of this data along with state-of-the-art technology to create the most realistic copy of the user as possible and allows the user to customize their avatar with any changes they see fit. Be the best version of yourself as you battle goblins, save damsels, and defend kingdoms in this action packed adventure game!"

The instructions tell Jamal how to turn on his headset and connect it to a computer. He placed the bracelet on his wrist and the headset on his forehead. The instruction tell Jamal that the game is actual designed to give each user a unique personal experience. Each user will get a mission for their character based on their data and their destiny.

Jamal smiles "I wonder what kind of mission I'll be assigned. The missions are everything in this game. The amount of viewers who will tune in to watch you depends on the level of the mission your character is assigned."

[Flash to a visual explanation with Jamal narrating]

Some people receive missions to save a town from monsters like goblins or werewolves. Some people get quests to discover something lost and others get huge quests to save entire kingdoms! These are the people who get a lot of views for their adventures. It's like watching a hero develop from the very beginning!

Of course there are mini quests that heroes can do to gain strength, money, items, or fame. These can be found by exploring and talking to the NPCs (Non Player Characters). However, the main quest that every player starts with will never change and defines their player experience.

Some unfortunate players buy the game expecting great adventures and fame. However, as soon as they arrive in the game, they are given a meaningless mission like saving a drowning man or saving a kitten from a tree. These players do not have any viewers because there is no chance that their story will ever be interesting. Their missions are so simple, that it is completed very quickly. Because they won't have much of an adventure, they can only play the mini quests that anyone can participate in to get stronger.

Some of the luckiest players are granted the greatest missions in the game to save the entire world! These heroes are streamed worldwide and receive millions of viewers every day! These heroes receive money for the viewers, streaming services, commercial deals, and product placement. Your first mission can skyrocket you into fame or despair based on your destiny.

[Flash to Jamal reading the instructions at his computer]

Jamal closes the instructions with a determined look on his face. "It's almost like playing the lottery. If I'm lucky, I can get a mission to save a kingdom and get lots of viewers! The money would come pouring in!", Jamal says as dollar signs form on his eyes. "Or maybe I'll get lucky and get a "save the damsel in distress" mission! It's not unheard of for people to meet their future lovers on this game! HooHoo! Hehe!" Jamal's eyes turn into hearts and steam comes out of his collar as he blushes.

Jamal shakes his head to regain his composure. "Only one way to find out." Jamal slides the headset over his eyes and leans back in his chair.

From Jamal's perspective, everything is black. He waits a minute, then he hears a beep. A green light flashes in front of him. Vooom! Jamal begins zooming through the darkness at super speed. "Waaaaaaaaaaa!" Jamal screams as multicolor rings begin to swirl around him. The beeping increases faster and faster as the lights swirl blindingly around Jamal. He closes his eyes to avoid any danger, but suddenly all the noise stops. Jamal peaks his eyes open and sees he is no longer in a black empty space. He is standing in a white room on a pedestal.

All of a sudden a loud voice says, "Good evening new player! Welcome to Hero's Destiny!"
Jamal looks around but does not see anyone he can talk to.

"Please enter your username.", the loud voice bellies down at Jamal. A keyboard appears in front of Jamal, and he types in his username, "BluJ24".

"Thank you!" The voice echoes in the white room "Select your class of character!"

The keyboard turns into a screen with different characters rotating in a circle. "Mage, thief, archer, no, no, no." Jamal scrolls through looking for the character he always dreamed of being. "Ah Ha! Found it!" Jamal smiles as he clicks on the warrior class.

The loud voice says, "Thank you! Select your weapon type."

The screen changes from characters to weapons and Jamal selects battle-axes. "I can't wait! I'm going to be so badass on posters with two battle-axes fighting demons and slaying dragons!"
"Thank you!", the loud voice says as the screen in front of Jamal disappears.

A bright light flashes and the white room is replaced with an open green field. Jamal looks around at a beautiful open valley with huge mountains in the background. Everything seems so real to Jamal as he feels the grass and wind on his skin.

Jamal looks down and sees he is dressed in traveler clothes such as plain pants and a white shirt. His feet wore leather boots and two plain axes hung at Jamal's side.

"Ha Ha!", Jamal says as he takes both axes in his hands for a better look. Jamal is disappointed at how plain the axes seem, but he is excited to find new fancy weapons on his journey. "According to the instructions, all the data the game has pulled will determine my stats in the game. Status!", Jamal says as he holds out his hand. A screen showing all of Jamal's abilities appears in front of the warrior.
Jamal's face turns to a frown as he looks at his level 1 stats in every category.

Strength level 1, Speed level 1, Accuracy Level 1. All 7 categories in Jamal's' status read level 1.

"Oh well. I should be able to upgrade these later. Let's check out my mission! I can't wait to see what kind of monsters I'll be fighting and grand adventures I'll have!"

Jamal puts out his hand and says, "Mission!" The status screen changes to a mission screen with big bold letters. Jamal's face changes from excitement slowly to disappointment, sadness, then the ultimate depression as he reads the truth in big white letters.
" Mission: Find the baker boy's pet."
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