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Ch 4: Training Camp

The next day, after school and work, Jamal logs into Hero's Destiny. He is transported back to the room he rented at the Inn. "Wow so you really do have to make shelter before logging off."

In Hero's Destiny, each character is treated like a real person. It's based on similar technology to the little electronic games children used to play where they raised an animal. They have to make sure the animal is fed and has a place to sleep.

Same concept with players in Destiny Hero. Your hero needs a place to be sheltered before logging off. If left out in the environment, the body of the character is exposed to the elements. The characters won't die from cold, heat, or hunger. However, their health bar will decrease. There have been cases where the characters wake up with changes to their statuses like poison from insect bites or bleeding.
"Having enough money for a healthy character is important." Jamal says as he equips his starter clothes and axes. "I have enough coins to rent this room for a few more nights, but I need to make more money. Maybe I'll check that quest board in town that the bartender mentioned. If I can find an easy mini quest, I can earn some money and get some experience." Jamal walks out the inn and heads towards the middle of town.

[Some sort of Intro]

Jamal arrives at an opening in the middle of town. In the middle of the clearing was a pole with a board nailed to it. The board had many pieces of paper stuck to it one way or another and on each piece of paper was a different mini quest.

As Jamal approaches the pole, a screen appeared in front of him. A search bar appears with a keyboard in front of Jamal. Jamal searches for quests with low difficulty and high reward. Only one job appears and comes with bonus gear. Jamal checks the pay and it's much more than any of the other jobs.

Jamal reads the job description. It's a posting for a mercenary scout in the local kingdom's army. The scout will lead the exploration squad as the main army follows behind. This job would pay hourly and provide training for any recruits.

Jamal registers for the quest and starts walking towards the military base. At the front of the base, a soldier sits signing in a long line of players registering for the soldier quest. Jamal lines up with the rest of the players and waits for his turn to register. "Soldier quest accepted, go to squad B. Soldier quest accepted, move to squad C. Special Medical quest received, head to medical squad A." The little soldier guarding the military base entrance stamped paper after paper as each player is sent to their assigned locations.

In the line, Jamal can hear other players speak of their dreams to fight a large army for the views, fame, and possible military awards.

[Fade to a visual explanation with Jamal Narrating]

Doing a quest that gives you a position in the army can give you many advantages in the game. Any newbies will get direct training from famous players on combat and how to get more viewers in the battlefield. Any experience a player earns during their missions, the player is allowed to keep. The quests soldiers go on usually get a lot of viewers watching the battlefield. If you can stand out in the battle, then more viewers will focus on your adventure. Many soldiers see battle as a chance to show viewers what they've got.

All drops for soldiers are piled together through the system, but there's a special exception for scouts. A scout's quest allows a player to automatically collect any drops left by creatures the player kills.

[Fade to a Jamal at the front of the line]

Jamal signs in with the small soldier at registration. "Scout position, report to exploration squad A." All the soldiers that were talking to each other stopped to look at Jamal.

Jamal asks the NPC soldier, "why are they all staring at me?"

"Well", the little soldier says from his chair, "you're the first scout that's registered in a long time. Most people don't sign up for that position because it doesn't get much views. Normally, the position is to scout out an enemy's location on a battlefield. This is backed up by a lot of research and information before the army sends its scouts into enemy territory.

However, you signed up for the higher paying scout position so you are quite special!" The soldier grins from ear to ear revealing a gold tooth. Jamal stands listening in anticipation and the soldiers behind him lean out of line to hear better. "Since you are being assigned to the exploration squad, you will be going into unknown territory that is inhabited by beasts and creatures of all kinds. No one knows what lies beyond the western borders of our kingdom."

[Flash to a visual example with the little soldier narrating]

There are three Kingdoms from three different races all fighting since ancient times. The human kingdom of Vridia in the south east, the Amules Empire in the southwest, and the huge Wepia Dynasty that rules over the north. Throughout these lands you can find monsters and creatures of all kinds. These three kingdoms have been fighting each other in a stalemate. Vridia and Amules are not on good terms, but they understand mutual destruction if they allow the north to gain any ground.

That's exactly why our king declared that we shall expand our territory to the unexplored areas of the west to gather new supplies and populate new areas. By expanding the kingdom we will conquer the Amules or work with them to conquer Wepia.

[Flash back to the NPC soldier speaking to Jamal]

"That's where you come in. You'll be scouting out the area that has not been explored. The danger could be incredible, but with great risk comes great reward. You'll receive double the normal pay of a scout hourly. You can still keep all your experience and trust me you'll earn some experience with all the monsters you're gonna see. Besides, you'll have a squad of trained soldiers to back you up if anything comes after you that you can't handle. Maybe you'll get some views killing a monster, but from the looks of you it might be lucky if your character shows up in the background of a soldier." The NPC soldier shrugs his head while the players behind him laugh.

"Come on. Move it!" The players begin to yell. Jamal quickly tries to get away, but two NPC guards grab Jamal and carry him into the military base.

Soon Jamal is lined up shoulder to shoulder with all the other recruits standing in attention. A soldier with many medals walks in front of the line of men analyzing each of their traits. "I am the squad commander in charge of the exploration squad. I will be in charge of anyone that thinks they want to be on this squad. You are all mercenaries so I didn't force you to be here, but understand where you are."

The squad commander takes his blade and puts the sheath in the sand. He begins to walk from one end of the soldiers down the line and ends at the other side of the line. All the soldiers stare at the line drawn in the sand in front of them.

"Understand this! My squad will venture into unknown territory. This is not the first time our king has sent out squads to expand the kingdom, but none have ever completed the mission. All previous attempts have ended in the death of the squad and complete failure."

Jamal and the rest of the recruits get scared of what the squad commander is saying. "Don't worry", the commander says. "Once you die you will revive in the middle of town with all the stats you had before accepting this mission. However, all the items and gear you were carrying with your corpse will remain where you died. There is a risk with equipping your beat gear on this one, but we will train you to handle anything you encounter in the wilderness. Do you accept the mission?"

Suddenly, a screen pops up in front of each of the players in the recruiting line. "Do you accept? Yes, No."

Jamal sees players accept the mission and step across the line very quickly. A few players decline to go in favor of just signing up as a normal soldier. Jamal looks at his screen and thinks. "All I have equipped are this map and Nini's favor. If my character dies then I'll just buy another map. +10 speed is no big deal." Jamal presses the yes button and steps across the line.

All of the recruits that accepted the mission walked to the barracks to change into practice uniforms. All the recruits gathered back in line and waited for instruction. "All right!" The squad commander yells. "It's time to train you in the basics. We can't send any of you out there with your current levels. We need to get you ready for the wilderness." The recruits are separated into smaller groups and led through stations for training.

Jamal walks by each station to get a glimpse of what to expect. Each station hosted a different mini game for training stats. Archery for accuracy, strength tests, pop quizzes for intelligence, rope courses for agility, and 40 yard dashes for speed. Most of the stations are dominated by the bigger, stronger players. Jamal attempts each station, but it is embarrassing how badly he performs. All the soldiers laugh as he fails every single station.

The last station Jamal walks to is the 40 yard dash. At this point, none of the soldiers are paying Jamal any attention. Jamal lines up next to three other soldiers for the mini game. The starting pistol is raised and fired. Jamal takes off along with the other three soldiers. The four racers sprint as hard as they can towards the finish line and the first to cross is Jamal!

The soldiers are outraged. They argue that Jamal's opponents must have been the slowest in their whole squad. Three more soldiers get set next to Jamal at the starting line. The starting pistol is shot and Jamal wins again.

"Well well well", a large soldier walks over from the strength test. "It looks like our scout is pretty fast. He'll need to be running from all of those monsters. Just like a little scaredy cat, hahahaha!" All the soldiers around Jamal begin to laugh and make fun of him.

"I'm not scared!" Jamal yells at the large soldier towering over him.

"Oh yeah? And what are you gonna do when you come face to face with one of these oogie boogie scary monsters?" The soldier chuckles as Jamal winces. "See? I knew when the time came you'd shrivel up."

All the soldiers walk towards the other training gear. Jamal stares at his feet, feeling defeated and embarrassed.

Jamal Stats

Level 1

HP: 25/25

Attack: 1
Defense: 1

Nini's Favor (Increase speed by +10% when in danger)

Strength: 1
Speed: 11(+10%)
Accuracy: 1
Intelligence: 1
Wisdom: 1
Agility: 1
Charisma: 1
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