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Macai's Journey is an Avatar Fan Fiction that starts one year before the First Book of the Avatar: The Last Airbender series and it continues up to 5 years after book 3. Macai is a legendary fire bender commander who dated Princess Azula and son of General Eyre of the Fire Nation. This story will have several notable original characters in addition to some guest appearances of essential characters from Avatar: The Last Airbender. The ending of this story will expand on Azula's life after the Avatar Smoke and Shadow graphic novel. Experience the legendary adventure. Witness the full might of a deadly army. Macai's Journey has epic battles, incredible dialogue, humor, romance, and so much more. You will never be the same after reading this story.

Adventure / Action
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Chapter 1

Long ago, there were four nations. Each nation represented each element of the Earth and was populated with benders who could control these elements. These nations included the Fire Nation, Water Tribes, Earth Kingdom, and the Air Nomads. A spiritual warrior named the Avatar once maintained peace between the nations. The Avatar could control every element and a new one would rise during every generation.

One day, the Fire Nation attacked and slaughtered the Air Nomads. Killing all but, the one they sought the most. That was Aang, the new Avatar. A twelve-year-old boy who disappeared during the attack. Nearly a hundred years have passed since then and the Fire Nation expanded into an Empire as it constantly conquered territories that once belonged to the Earth Kingdom and Water Tribes.

Within the Fire Nation Empire, there was a young boy named Macai. Son of the renowned Fire Nation General Eyre. He had golden-brown skin, dark brown slanted eyes that turned hazel in the sunlight, short wavy hair, a long nose, a glowing smile, and slightly pointy ears. Macai’s mother, Yosari, told him that he was destined for greatness but told him she had a vision that his path would be unorthodox. Nine years before the emergence of the Avatar Aang, a six-year-old Macai’s adventure began...

Fire Nation Capital

Macai wakes up, in his room. It is a small room with vague walls and dark brown drawers. The room also has a work desk for academic study and a light grey lamp on it. It is 6 am and his regular wake up time. Macai pushes his fuzzy black blanket aside and makes his bed with great precision and speed. Macai immediately turns left, facing his Fire Nation poster.

He kneels before it with great awe and respect then recites the national anthem. He must do this every day. Macai then rises and walks forward. Suddenly stopping as he passes his bed and looks right at his poster of Firelord Azulon. Macai kneels again in respect, as he was trained.

Macai then looks up in the eyes of Azulon’s picture and proclaims, “Today is a new great day that I have been blessed with. I will use this day, to honor my family, nation, and self. I will never forget the blessings that I have been born with, living in such a splendid nation. I will accept nothing less than excellence, as I live with a purpose to advance the will of my nation.”

Then Macai rises again from his knees, believing every word he said. Macai enters his bathroom, brushes and flosses his teeth, bathes himself, and combs his hair. Macai puts on his uniform and sprints out of the bathroom to his door. The boy quickly closes his door and hikes down the stairs. Macai turns left and sees his mother, Yosari. She has long rich dark brown hair, slanted dark brown eyes, a small nose, golden brown skin, and a petite body. She only stands at five feet and one inch tall. Yosari says: “Hi Macai, your breakfast is ready. I made your favorite, wheat noodles.”

Macai faintly smiles ,but restrains his excitement. Remembering what his father taught him. Macai’s mother hugs him before he gets his breakfast, this is not a tradition every Fire Nation family follows, but she does not care. Even Eyre would not dare challenge her when it comes to this, it is not a battle that he sees worth fighting. Macai quickly takes his plate and a cup of water as he approaches the kitchen table. The kitchen has light grey walls, light brown cabinets, and a light brown table set with teal highlights.

Macai quickly sits down and notices his father sit on the opposite side of the table across from him. Eyre has short curly hair, golden brown skin, brown less slanted eyes than Macai and Yosari, and a long nose. Eyre is tall, standing at six feet and three inches. Eyre glances at Macai in silence, for a brief moment. Every morning is like this.

Macai waits, wondering what his father’s orders will be today. Eyre exhales and says: “I see you have been meeting your wake up routine time limits well recently. That is good, you are coming along. It was the same when I was a boy and Rylock taught me. Today is an important day, Veteran’s Day.”

Macai nods his head in respect. Eyre continues: “Today you will do the same thing you did last year, but if you finish early, I will allow a trip to the park.” Macai smiles in excitement because he rarely gets to get out outside of Saturdays. Most days, he finds himself doing chores, schoolwork, combat training and learning about the history of the Fire Nation. This was a nice chance to do something new and fresh.

Yosari sits down beside her husband and smiles at her family. Eyre: “So, you know what is expected of you. Make sure you rake the leaves, clean the shed, feed the chickens, attend the Boys’ Veterans’ Remembrance Festival, and then you may go to the park. But after you return to the park, we will have our sunset exercise routine.”

Macai gulps, thinking about the arduous conditioning that he must go through every sunset. Macai replies, “Yes sir.”

Eyre callously says, “But first, you must complete your morning warm-up exercise. Lest you forgot.”

Macai quickly retorts, “No father, I never forget.”

Eyre calmly says, “So eat your breakfast, we have little time to waste. The day is short and must be maximized.”

Macai devours his breakfast while his father slowly sips tea. Yosari locks eyes with her son and smiles. Macai smiles back and Yosari warmly comments: “I see you are enjoying your meal. I used scallions this time.” Macai grins and continues to enjoy his meal. Once Macai finishes, he quickly puts his plate and cup in the kitchen sink and waits for his father to finish his tea.

Once Eyre is ready, the two depart outside, but not before Macai cordially says goodbye to his mother. Of course, she returns the favor. The rest of the day is filled with chore after chore and routine after routine until Macai has finally completed his last chore. Now it is time, he can go to the Royal Hyjun Park. Eyre sends the home-servant, Zyger to look after Macai.

Macai wishes he could see his best friend, Rosh. Unfortunately, he heard a day ago that Rosh has a dentist appointment, today of all days. Zyger is fun for an old man, so he will make the best of it. If not, Rosh can always do his own exploring as long as Zyger can keep a decent eye on him. Zyger was never strict like his father, so he knew he could catch a break under his watch.

Zyger is in his mid-forties, with long black hair that has hints of grey in it. He also has brown slanted eyes, a large forehead, a short beard, pale skin, wide lips, a stubby nose, a beer belly (round extended stomach), and thick eyebrows. Zyger has a nasal voice and is wearing a striped brown and vague shirt. Zyger is friendly and likes to tell bad jokes.

Zyger and Macai are walking through the local town streets to reach the nearby park. The light blue sky is beaming with few clouds obstructing it. Many people of all shapes and sizes stroll through the town. The town consists of several beige buildings that range from one to five stories, each of them with a red roof to resemble the Fire Nation.

Occasionally a fire nation soldier can be seen standing guard in the crowd or on a rooftop. Zyger looks at Macai as they are nearing the park and says: “Macai that is a nice shirt that you are wearing.”

Macai responds: “Nice, it’s the same dark red uniform that I always wear.”

Zyger smirks and responds: “I know. Still looks particularly nice on you today.” Macai and Zyger finally enter the park. There are many trees and different things to see. Zyger then notices a heavyset man with glasses, black straight hair, dark brown eyes, and broad shoulders. Zyger cheerily exclaims: “Rokel! I have not seen you in so long!”

Rokel chuckles and warns, “Settle down Zyger or you’ll worry the troops.”

Zyger gleefully asks, “What have you been up to?”

Rokel responds, “Researching, this time I have a project on the old spiritual visitations that have been occurring in several ancient cities. Particularly, those located on hills or mountains.”

Zyger and Rokel get in an in-depth conversation that Macai has zero interest in hearing. Macai ventures off further into the park for a sense of fun and adventure. The boy runs past several lush trees and chases butterflies. After about three minutes, he has become extremely bored. He looks back in the distance at Zyger and Rokel and notices they are still in a detailed conversation. They are currently paying no attention to him, just as he hoped.

Macai runs deeper into the park past several trees. Telling himself he would return in their sight in three minutes. While this is happening, he suddenly comes to a screeching stop as he sees a girl about 5 feet across from him. Macai takes a deep breath then takes a good look at her. She has dark brown hair with two bangs, gold eyes, fair skin, a moderately thin frame, and a small nose.

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