Avatar: Macai's Journey

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Chapter 2

Macai stumbles two feet back as he sees her. The girl glances in his direction, but Macai swiftly dives behind a tree to avoid detection. The girl smirks, noticing the occurrence but pretends that she sees nothing. She continues to look around in every direction, even at trees. Then she sits down and looks at the sky.

Macai slowly sneaks up behind her. Then the girl jumps to her feet and commands,“Stop right there!” Macai halts and smiles. The girl says: “State your purpose.”

Macai giggles and says, “I just wanted to introduce myself.” The girl breaks her battle stance and briefly grins then immediately transitions to a serious face.

She looks Macai up and down then asks, “Why did you not introduce yourself when you first saw me?”

Macai blushes thinking, oh wow, she saw me. Well that’s just great. Gotta think of something good to say. Macai then smiles and the girl stares at him intensely.

She quickly remarks, “Well, spit it out!”

Macai smiles again and says, “I just hesitated for a moment. I wanted to make sure I approached you the right way.”

The girl says, “That sounds like something a WEAK person would say.”

Macai briefly drops his head then raises it and confidently says: “Perhaps, but a weak person would never be confident enough to admit his flaws.” Then Macai confidently locks eyes with her. The girl is taken by surprise since few people challenge her, especially people her age.

She then intensely stares at him back and responds, “Very well, what is your name?”

Macai steps two feet forward and triumphantly says, “I am Macai, son of General Eyre of the Fire Nation. One day, I will be a great warrior and leader like my father.” The girl then chuckles, Macai glances at her and exclaims, “What is so funny?”

The girl responds, “You want to be exactly like your father? Why not better? Or create your own legacy?”

Macai is briefly caught off guard but, quickly rebounds and comments, “Who said I want to be EXACTLY like my father? He is a good starting point, I’ll figure out it once I make it there.”

Girl: “Pathetic. You should have it ALL figured out already.”

Macai sharply says, “Ohhhh because you already have everything figured out right?!”

The girl smirks and confidently says, “Yes, I do actually. I will one day be Fire Lord and I will be the most feared Fire Lord who has ever lived. My enemies will tremble upon the mentioning of my name and I will efficiently suppress and destroy whatever resistance groups defy me. Unifying the planet with my order and wisdom.”

Macai heavily laughs and stumbles. Then Macai rises back on his feet and asks: “By the way, what is your name?”

The girl boldly says: “I am Azula of the Fire Nation. Daughter of Ozai and future Fire Lord.”

Macai freezes at the revelation, his mouth wide open. Thinking, wow I thought I was a big shot. But she is Ozai’s daughter. My goodness, those must be big shoes to fill. Azula arrogantly smiles at Macai and Macai responds: “Well, that is cool. Must be stressful, being the Firelord’s Son’s daughter.”

Azula says, “Stressful? Stressful is a term that weak people use who cannot handle the trials of life. Take that out of your vocabulary. It is captivating because I know I have big shoes to fill and I know that I WILL fill those shoes.” Macai nods.

Azula: “But, you seem to have a lot to live up to as well. Perhaps, we could talk some other time. You know where I live, but finding me will be more difficult than going to the crowded Fire Nation palace.”

Macai scratches his head and says, “Ok, well I still stop by when I can. Are you free Saturdays and Sundays?”

Azula responds, “Definitely not Saturdays, our family often goes on trips during those days. On Sundays, I may be free for a brief time, but you would have to show up at the right time. Perhaps Tuesdays or Thursdays will be a bit better if you come in the midday.”

Macai: “Perhaps, I can make that work, but that is far from easy. I live on Walin Ave. in Royal Caldera City, my dad has the huge gold house.”

Azula: “I do not have time to visit you. You must visit me. I know you are busy as well, but you will have to find a way to--“. Azula’s statement is cut short as her mother runs through the trees behind her.

Fire Nation Duchess Ursa quickly lectures her daughter, “Azula, what are you doing? Running off again.”

Azula groans and says, “You were just playing with Zuko, every time I tried to get involved you kept yelling at me.”

Ursa (pointing her finger at Azula), “That’s because you need to learn how to properly play with your brother. You were just being mean to him, pushing him, throwing things at him, that’s not how you communicate.” Azula’s older brother Zuko slowly moves in beside Ursa and looks straight at Macai. Zuko has a dark brown pony tail, fair skin, a long nose, and a long face.

Then Zuko interrupts and says, “Uh Hem.” Ursa looks up in confusion and sees Macai.

Ursa: “Oh, hello. I didn’t see you there little boy.” Macai was taken aback by the interaction. From his perspective, Ursa was treating Azula unfairly. Macai stepped two feet back after hearing the response. Ursa: “Don’t be shy, I won’t harm you. Where are your parents or chaperons?”

Zyger quickly runs through the woods from behind Macai with Rokel beside him. Zyger asserts, “Oh, thank goodness I was looking everywhere for you Macai.” Zyger looks up and notices Ursa. Both Zyger and Rokel kneel in respect before Ursa.

Zyger then taps Macai on his shoulder and says, “Macai, that’s the duchess. Kneel for respect.”

Ursa cautions, “That will not be necessary. I think he just got lost and ran into my daughter.” Zyger gulps wondering if that is an issue. Ursa responds: “They seem to have an interest in each other. Perhaps they will be friends one day. But for now, boys are not permitted to get too friendly with girls outside of their families. I will keep his name in mind when the time is more appropriate.”

Zyger blushes and says, “Yes, your highness. Of course, I will take note of this. I am just his watchman, I will notify his father.”

Ursa continues, “I appreciated this thoughtful conversation, but we must go. We are on a bit of a schedule.”

Zyger nervously says, “Oh, aren’t we all. Macai has sunset training that must not be abandoned. Otherwise, his father will be furious.”

Ursa remarks: “A furious Fire Nation father is never a beautiful sight. It was nice meeting you, Mr...”

Zyger: “Zyger, call me Zyger. I am sure you heard of General Eyre.”

Ursa: “Yes, of course. I have seen him at a couple of formal events. I know my husband has worked with him.” Ursa takes Azula and Zuko quickly departing. Zyger takes Macai and says goodbye to his friend Rokel. Agreeing to return to their discussion at a later time. Zyger and Macai jog back home while the run is beginning to set. Barely making it on time.

They notice Eyre outside with his arms crossed. Eyre: “You both are not early, but it’s just early enough for me to give the two of you a pass. How did your excursion go?”

Zyger decides to not mention Azula, not knowing what reaction it might cause. Especially since Macai met her after running off. Instead, he says: “We had a very good time. I saw my old friend Rokel and he showed Macai a new game that he really loved.” Zyger knew Eyre did not care much for games and this would not get much of a reaction out of him.

Eyre responded: “Oh, yes of course. Well, thank you Zyger. You did a good job as always. Macai, back to business as usual. Let’s see what you have learned since our last session.”

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