Avatar: Macai's Journey

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Chapter 7


Rosh follows Ty Lee and asks: “What are we looking for?”

Ty Lee: “It’s a surprise. You said you like those. So, at least you have something to look forward to.”

Rosh chuckles, “Yeah, good point.”

Ty Lee enters the kitchen and grabs a sack of apples. Rosh: “You’re hungry?”

Ty Lee: “You’ll see, it’s a surprise remember?”

Rosh: “Oh yeah, I love surprises.”

Ty Lee: “You surprised me with the way you challenged Azula. You are brave. You stood up for me, thanks.” Ty Lee hugs him.

Rosh blushes and says: “Of course, no worries. That’s who I am.”

Ty Lee: “Be careful. She can be feisty.”

Rosh: “I’m not worried about her.”

Ty Lee: “Ok.”

Rosh chuckles, but Ty Lee does not find the moment amusing. Rosh thinks, wow Azula really has a lot of people under some sort of spell. She’s just a girl, how tough can she be? Ty Lee and Rosh re-enter the garden.

Rosh: “Macai and Azula are still gone?”

Mai: “What do you think, genius?”

Rosh: “Ouch.”

Mai yawns. “Sorry I hurt your feelings.”

Ty Lee: “Don’t mind Mai, she is just like that.”

Rosh sighs and murmurs, “I hate that excuse.”

Spengi: “What’s in the bag?”

Ty Lee: “Apples.”

Spengi: “Apples?”

Rosh grins, “It’s a surprise, buddy.”

Ty Lee smiles, “That’s right, we are going to play a game.”

Mai sarcastically says, “Oh great.”

Spengi: “What are the rules?”

Ty Lee thinks, making up the rules as she goes along. Ty Lee: “Ok, so before we play the game, first we will have a juggling contest. Let’s see how many apples each person can juggle.”

Spengi: “Um”

Ty Lee: “Think fast!” Ty Lee swiftly tosses an apple to Mai. Mai catches it and tosses the apple into a tree trunk. It breaks into several pieces.

Mai: “I don’t juggle. But I’ll watch and throw them if you want.”

Ty Lee: “Rosh!” She tosses an apple to Rosh, who barely catches it and starts to flip it around. Ty Lee: “Spengi!” She passes another apple to Spengi who starts juggling it. Then she tosses another at Rosh, who suddenly drops one of his apples and stumbles into the dirt. Ty Lee tosses a second apple to Spengi who catches it and continues to juggle.

Spengi laughs, “Ha ha ha, I am kinda good at this.” Ty Lee chuckles and tosses a third apple at Spengi. The third apple hits him in the face and he falls over.

Mai laughs heavily and says: “You know what? I like this game.”

Ty Lee: “My turn!” Ty Lee takes five apples and juggles them all at once with ease. Suddenly Azula and Macai return. Then Ty Lee shouts: “Macai!” She suddenly tosses an apple at him (while still juggling four apples) and Macai ducks and it flies over his head. Ty Lee: “You’re out.”

Azula: “What?”

Ty Lee: “Azula! Your turn.” Ty Lee tosses an apple to Azula (while still juggling three) and Azula immediately extends her right hand and fires a precise orange burst of fire through two of her fingers, frying the apple. Black fragments of it fall into the grass. Rosh and Spengi look in shock with their eyes wide.

Azula: “That’s some game, Ty Lee.”

Ty Lee: “Yeah, I won. What did you guys do?”

Azula: “We played a game.”

Ty Lee: “What game?”

Azula: “It doesn’t matter.”

Macai suddenly asks: “Do you think your mom will be upset if she sees us here? I remember what she said about boys and girls at our age playing together. Especially if it is people she is not very familiar with.”

Azula: “Don’t sweat it. She won’t do anything.”

Spengi looks at Macai and says: “The real question is what will Eyre think? He wants to know about all the things you are doing. I am not sure what he would think about this.”

Azula: “Macai is his own, man. He is strong, he doesn’t need his father’s approval to see me.”

Rosh chuckles, “Well, ok. Funny how you never met the man, but you know EXACTLY what Macai should do. I can’t wait to see how this plays out.”

Azula points at Rosh, “I did not ask for your comment.”

Rosh: “Look your highness, I am not a peasant that you can boss around.”

Azula: “You really are running on thin ice that I am going to melt.”

Rosh smiles, “You really practiced that one didn’t you. Do I look worried?”

Azula: “A fool doesn’t know when he should be worried. That’s your problem, not mine.”

Ty Lee attempts to break the tension, “Oh Azula, PLEASE tell us what you and Macai were doing. We are all DYING to know.”

Azula: “Well, since you desperately ask… We went to the weapons room.”

Spengi: “You have access to that room?”

Mai: “No, it’s off limits. As if that EVER stops Azula.”

Azula: “She is right. One thing you will learn about me, is that I have no limits.”

Rosh: “Sounds like an accident waiting to happen. Everyone has limits.”

Azula gets red with frustration and clinches both of her fists. Azula: “Ok, that’s it. Lets go!”

Macai pats Azula on the back and says: “Azula please, not now. I have sunset training soon. We should be heading back soon.”

Azula responds, “Ok, Macai. Allow us one more moment alone. Just for a few minutes.”

Mai: “Oh, here we go again.” Spengi laughs.

Rosh looks at Ty Lee and says: “Well maybe that isn’t so bad.”

Macai and Azula step aside in a nearby hallway. Macai looks at Azula and says: “I had a good time, you are so full of surprises.”

Azula: “Thanks, Macai. You are too. I love how daring you are. Never backing down from an adventure. Unlike your friend…”

Macai: “Oh Rosh, he’s a good guy. He just needs to warm up to you.”

Azula: “I think he’s jealous. He fears I am taking his place.” Macai does not know what to say. Azula puts her right hand on Macai’s left shoulder. Azula: “But, I had a great time. We need to do it again next week.”

Macai smiles and says: “Well, you know I’m down. I would do it every day if I could. You are the smartest and most charismatic girl I’ve ever seen. Heck, the smartest kid I’ve ever seen, other than me of course.”

Azula: “You were right up to the part that you said ‘other than me’“. Azula leans in as she says this.

Macai: “That’s debatable.” Macai looks Azula in her eyes.

Azula: “No, it’s not.” Azula and Macai briefly kiss then Azula backs off and looks behind Macai with a bit of fear. Macai immediately wonders, Is her mom here? Then Macai turns around and notices a man with long black hair, golden eyes, a long nose, a goatee, and a sharp face.

Macai feels a heavy chill on his back as he locks eyes with the man. However, the man does not frown or yell instead, he smiles. The man has a powerful voice and says: “Well, what do we have here? A couple of children up to something they have no business doing.”

Macai steps one foot backward but tries his best to conceal any fear within him. The man says: “Don’t worry, I don’t bite. But I do burn.” Then he chuckles.

Azula: “Dad, I didn’t know you were going to be here this early.”

Ozai: “You never know when I’ll be around.” Ozai then locks eyes with Macai, “Boy, come to me.” Macai slowly walks towards Ozai. Ozai: “Do you know who I am?”

Macai: “Yes, you are Ozai. The second heir to the throne, after Iroh.”

Ozai: “I am MUCH MORE than that. But I like you, many boys would have run in my presence. You have some fight in you I can tell. I hope you had a good time at the palace. I was once young and rebellious myself. How can I despise your behavior? I would just consider what your father may think about such a situation. That is, if he catches you.”

Macai: “Perhaps, you could tell him it’s ok.”

Ozai: “Oh no, I don’t do that. I don’t interfere with family rules. Whatever a father says is bond. But you would face his wrath, not mine, that is assuming he has an issue with this. But you are a good boy Macai, from what I’ve heard.”

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