Avatar: Macai's Journey

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Chapter 9

Eyre steps outside of the front door and locks eyes with Macai. Training goes on as usual, but something seems different. They train for over an hour with no break and it is nightfall again. They continue to train and two hours have passed. Eyre keeps going on, but any training past two hours is very unusual.

Macai starts slowing down as his body gets tired. Eyre: “Stay the pace, you are not done yet. Let’s practice your defensive maneuvers. Prepare to dodge my attacks.” Macai looks in surprise as this is a rare thing to do towards the end of training while he is tired.

Eyre gets in his battle stance and Macai knows that he has no choice but to adapt. Eyre thrusts his body forward and fires a 12-inch wide blast of fire out of his hands. Macai leaps right, but it takes extra energy out of him in his fatigued state. The flame blasts a massive crater beside him, sending chunks of dirt flying.

The boy scrambles to his feet and Eyre pumps a swift 5-inch wide flame out of his right fist. Macai blocks the attack and a second flame is shot from Eyre’s left fist. Macai turns and blocks that attack. Eyre then picks up his pace and fires two rapid volleys of fire at his son. Macai rolls left and thrusts both of his hands forward, firing his own 12-inch wide power blast at Eyre.

This is the first time Macai has ever fired a power blast and it is a rare feat at such a young age. Eyre smirks then leaps right in an instant. Moving so fast, that his body is a blur. Eyre raises his right arm then slams it down, launching an 8-inch wide wave of fire at his son. Macai looks in terror, but powerfully extends both of his hands extinguishing the attack.

Eyre claps, “Well done, you have learned new powerful moves. I am very impressed.” Macai smiles and kneels before his father. Eyre then says, “I wasn’t intending on doing these last maneuvers and increasing your training length until I found out what you did. But this stellar performance has given you some redemption.”

Macai: “What did I do?”

Eyre points at Macai and shouts: “You know EXACTLY what you did! You thought you could hide your whereabouts from me, I TOLD you to tell me everything!”

Macai: “Father… ”

Eyre: “SILENCE! You saw that girl without my permission. You thought you could sneak around and embarrass me?”

Macai: “Dad.”

Eyre: “NO! I did not give you permission to speak. You thought you could hide from me. But now you have learned one vital lesson, that you cannot escape my reach. I told you that you can’t outsmart me nor can you outmatch me. Even now, I hold back my power. If I were to unleash just a third of it upon you, you would be dust.”

Eyre then takes a deep breath and says, “But that is not my way. I simply say these things to ensure that you are one with reality. We will discuss this later tonight, but first, you have extra training. As punishment for your disobedience.”

Eyre forces Macai to run back and forth across the yard at night for about twenty laps. Eyre then forces Macai to do several push-ups. Macai collapses after doing his forty-third push up. Eyre shouts, “Unacceptable, get back up and finish.” Macai barely makes it to fifty push-ups then collapses a second time.

Eyre: “Up, up! It’s time for jumping jacks!” Eyre forces Macai to do one hundred jumping jacks. Then Eyre makes Macai do eighty sit-ups. Then Eyre makes Macai do thirty up-downs. Then Eyre makes his son perform mountain climbers. Macai is ordered to do them for five minutes. However, Macai feels his legs get heavy after he is about two and a half minutes in.

The boy suddenly passes out on the grass about two minutes and forty seconds into the exercise. Eyre has a strange and twisted smile during the occurrence thinking: Well THAT will show him not to test my patience again. Eyre touches Macai’s pulse to make sure he is still alive and he is. Eyre then orders Zyger to come outside and Zyger notices Macai is unconscious.

Zyger winces in fear. Eyre: “Don’t worry, he’ll be fine. What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger. With the right mindset anyway.”

Zyger holds back his frustration and asks: “What do you want me to do with him?”

Eyre: “Take him to my back room. His mother is asleep, she has been very busy today. I don’t want her to find out what happened. If she does, it will end very badly for you. So don’t be a hero, remember that I will have Macai no matter what. Not that you would, I don’t think we will have this incident again.”

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