Trailer life

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This story is about a redneck who lives in a trailer, and gets slowly but surely introduced into wealthy livings. How is it? Where will it lead? Read to find out.

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Chapter one

I woke up on a sunny day, in lake city Florida, and got out of bed. "Ugh, the sun is brighter than a silly boy's aditude." I groaned. I closed the curtains, and ran my hands through my short messy hair. I got up and over to my wooden bin saying "CLEAN" on the front, not mixing it up with the plactic basket labeled "DIRTY". I looked at my tablet, "It's my first day of school ain't it? Oh naw here we go." I mumbled. I ran over to my maw's room and got one of her braws and put it on, I hope maw doesn't find out. I raced back over to my bin and pulled out a dress my granny made for me. It was made with red and pink rags, and it went only down to my kneecaps. I put some red wax shoes on my maw made for me, don't judge money is tight. After that I grabbed my backpack and ran out the door, I snatched my Dad's ciggs before I left though.
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