The Cat and the princess

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The story follows a black alley cat who finds a girl whom he calls "princess"

Adventure / Romance
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“Good morning world”

I grumbled lazily, slightly irritated. Why did the sun have to be so scorching today? Usually I would love to curl up and lay down, basking in the full warmth of sunlight, but today was just too much. As much as I’d like to, it is literally impossible to fall back asleep.

Might as well get up and find something to eat, maybe take a stroll around the city, maybe find a better place to sleep. What else do I have to do anyway?

The food is the easy part. The bakery a few blocks away has always taken a liking to me and have grown fond to my presence since I first snuck in about a year ago. They always leave some croissants and cheese bread in the back for me in case they have too much customers to handle. On some occasions though, the baker’s daughter would sneak some pastries for me, freshly baked out of the oven. Those pastries ranging from pies to small tarts are all just purrre bliss. Every bite is heaven to a simple stray like me. Hmmm, maybe I’ll get lucky today and get to taste that unfurgetable chicken pot pie again, or maybe there is a meow recipe I might get my paws on.

Clawing my way towards the bakery, a lot of people were avoiding me as usual. Apparently I am some embodiment of bad luck, which brings pawful disasters to people may they encounter one of my kind. There have even been a few of them who would scream at me and run away. I mean, fur real? If nothing I am most definitely the pawsomest black cat anyone should have ever seen. These silly humans with their silly superstitions, you don’t see me running away whenever I see you humans wearing disgustingly colored fabric all over your bodies.

“Hey there Kitty-cat, here for a snack again?” The warm yet teasing voice of the girl was mewsic to my feline ears. Better yet, the baker’s daughter was holding a salmon croissant. The chicken pie may be one of my favourites here, but nothing can come close to the salmon croissant. I mean, it’s salmon! Who could resist? The extraclawdinary furtastic taste of this purrticular pastry is definitely the cats meow. The flaky croissant and the salmon are baked just so purrfectly that it literally melts in the mouth. Purring, I silently cursed the ones who called me a bad omen. No offense but this cat meows good luck everywhere he goes. ^.”.^

“Kitty?” The sweet yet somehow wistful voice made my ears perk up. Her voice was the only one that could distract my mealtime without me hissing back. “Will you stay?” Any normal cat would have presumed that she meant to stay and play for the day, but this pawsitively intelligent feline knows better. Judging from the tone of her voice and that look in her meowtiful green eyes that could only rival my own, there’s no doubt that she wants me to become her companion, to call her home mine. It was a really appealing idea, but the domestic life just wasn’t for me. This cat is a free spirit, an adventurer. Since the few years after I ran away from my previous owner, I have found that the alley cat life was extremely pawsome. The excitement it has brought was overwhelming. I’ve gone and seen places no ordinary cat could’ve, done things that even the cat gods would have been proud of. It felt like freedom, being able to do anything I wanted to, it was as if I was at the top of the world. It may not be very gentlecat of me to have ran away, but as the saying goes, curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back. I gently nuzzled the girl with my head and purred, hoping she wouldn’t be too sad and disappointed that I wouldn’t be staying. She then scratched my head and gave me a small but loving hug before my departure. “Goodbye kitty, come again another day will you?” she said, trying to hide the slight bitterness in her voice with a smile. It hurt to see her like this. I brushed these feelings aside, reminding myself that I was a cat and should not give a damn about anything, and went on my way.


The day went on as any normal day. I chased a few birds at the park, those were always fun, I also witnessed a brawl between two other strays. I had been in a few fights before and I’m purretty sure that those two would have nothing on me. After all, I am magnificent.

Before I knew it, night had fell upon the city. I hadn’t realised that it was this late, I even forgot to look for a new sleeping spot! As I trudged my way through the empty streets back to where I had slept for a week or so, I heard a cry for help. Normally I would not have cared, being a cat and all, but the voice was familiar and something compelled me to go see what was going on.

As I turned into the dark alley where the scream originated, my heart nearly stopped. I saw a large man, who had none other than the baker’s daughter, wrapped tightly in his arms. He had a hand clasped around her mouth, preventing her to scream any more. The poor girl was trying to resist the man but his grip was just too tight. At that brief moment I had no idea what was going on. As I moved to get closer, to get a better grasp of what was happening, my favourite human managed to squirm out of the burly man’s clutches. She then proceeded to kick him between the legs. The man howled in pain, falling down onto his knees. My girl tried to run away but something grabbed her by the hand, the burly man glared at her and pulled out a knife, with it’s silver blade gleaming at the reflection of the pale moonlight. “Oh no you don’t, you ain’t going anywhere after kicking me in me balls.” The man growled menacingly. He raised his knife above the cowering girl, with the latter trying to push him away. When I saw the fear in the girl’s normally sparkling green eyes and the tears rolling off of her face, I burned with rage, and my normally green eyes saw red.

I launched myself at the attacker. The large man was easily ten times larger than me but I didn’t care. I sank my teeth into the man’s arm and he dropped the knife with a yelp. I then landed in front of the baker’s daughter in a protective stance, baring my teeth (or fangs, as I like to call them) and showing my claws. I heard the girl’s faint voice saying “kitty?” and I meowed at her, reminding her that everthing will be alright. I then turned back towards the man who had tried to hurt the human whom I never realised just how much I cared about. “Don’t you dare try to hurt her” I snarled. Instead of being scared, the man looked rather amused, “So the kitten decides to play hero, eh. what the @#%& does a mere housecat think it could do to me?” he laughed. I definitely did not like the sound of his laughter.

I pounced on him again. This time though, he was expecting the attack and punched my squarely in the gut. This time I was the one who yowled in pain. The girl screamed inaudibly at the sight of me falling to the ground. The punch hurt, but at that moment nothing was worse than seeing the fear and hurt in that girl’s face. I was prepared to utterly destroy that despicable man who had dared to try and hurt this wonderful lady. It doesn’t matter how badly hurt I may get, as cats have nine lives, right? When I got back up on my paws with a growl, I saw that the man was attempting to get to the girl again, and my rage intensified. I attacked again, biting into his ankle this time. The man then kicked me in the ribs and soon we were trading blows one after another. Being smaller than him, I could dodge a whole lot of his hits while I slashed away with my claws. Having been a stray cat for a few years, my claws are pretty sharp and could deal quite some damage onto the man. The man was clearly frustrated that I wasn’t giving up and he picked up his knife. The blade seemed to be glowing even brighter .

That’s not good, I thought to myself.

The man then tried to slash at me, attempting to throw me out of the picture so he could continue whatever evil he was doing. I wasn’t going to give in either, as I have to protect the poor petrified girl who was so scared she could not move a muscle. This sense of protectiveness was all new to me too so I couldn’t help but feel a tad bit surprised by myself. Purrhaps I loved this human much more than I realized.

And then it happened. The man stabbed me.

It hurt like hell. But I can’t just let everything end here can I? As I was in mid-pounce when he stabbed me, I managed to ignore the pain as it registered and dug my claws into the man’s face before falling.

As I hit the ground, I heard the man scream. I saw the claw marks on his face with blood splattering everywhere. “That’s what you get for messing with her!”, I screeched at the man. I tried to do a small victory dance, furgetting that I was badly injured and I fell to the ground motionless. I saw the sweet girl hovering above me, saying something I couldn’t quite make out. The purretty face of the baker’s daughter was blurring, and the only thing I could focus on was her striking green eyes. “Oh what meowtiful eyes you have” I meowed. And then the world turned black.


I woke up in a pink room with a familiar smell of fresh-baked pastries. it would have felt like paradise if I wasn’t in such pain. I tried to remember what had happened before I blacked out. There was a large man, I think? With a growl, I tried to get up.

“Oh thank goodness kitty you’re awake!” I glanced at the endearing voice and saw her. That’s when it all came back to me. The man with a knife, the one who threatened this girl whom I loved so dearly in that dark alleyway. I had fought him, despite being ten times smaller. I had taken quite a few hits, to protect my damsel in distress. I remember being slashed and the constant throbbing and the tightly-wrapped bandages on my left hind leg served as proof. Everything else was a blur, I think I heard the sound of sirens faintly before I blacked out, which means that probably someone heard the commotion and called the police. That means nothing bad happened to her, I meowed to myself happily. Hearing my happy meows, the girl’s face brightened. She looked hesitant as if she should hug me or not, probably worrying if it would worsen the pain. Instead, she scratched the back of my head, and then pulled out my favourite treat from her bag. “Feeling better kitty?”, she asked me. “I’m feline great! And it will be even better after that furtastically clawsome croissant.”, I purred with delight. Seeing me getting so hyped about the croissant, she giggled, and for some reason her laughter brought me back to life more than the croissant.

“Thanks kitty, you’ve saved me. I’m sorry you got hurt so badly because of me. Once you’re all healed up I’ll let you go on your way.” She sounded happy that she would get to spend time with me for awhile but her voice hid a small tinge of sadness, probably anticipating the time when I healed and would leave her side.

This time I couldn’t stand it.

I could no longer bear to see the sadness in this girl’s eyes, nor could I forgive myself if she got hurt if she should ever encounter a situation similar to what happened last night. I would live to make this precious girl happy and would protect her at all costs. She is my purrincess, and I am her knight in shining armour. I will stay besides her all day if it means keeping her happy. This will be my life now, she has become the reason for living, and it will only be with her that I become a domestic animal. From now on her home will be mine, and I will continue to follow this human furever, and do my absolute best to make her life purrfect.

I’m pawsitive that everything will be just fine, fur me and my purrincess.

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