The Lost Island

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Roland is a young man fascinated with an island that is said to have inhabiting dinosaurs. When he finally gets to go, he is ready to surprise humanity.

Adventure / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

There was once a young man named Roland. This prologue is about his childhood.
Roland loved many things; his home in suburban New Jersey, trips to foreign cities, spaghetti with chicken for dinner...
But the one thing he loved out of all those things were his dinosaur toys. He was just spoiled with them!
Every day in his bedroom he would go to check on his toys. He named each one after a historical person.
There was Lincoln the apatosaurus, Gandhi the troodon, Pocahontas the saurolophus, Cleopatra the triceratops and Kennedy the allosaurus.
Then there was Genghis the giganotosaurus, Julius Caesar the ankylosaurus and Van Gogh the pachycephalosaurus. But those were just a few!
Roland made sure to pay attention in science class. He'd learn things about taxonomy, biology and how Earth formed. He was popular in science class, since everyone was impressed by how much he knew!
Roland also made sure to pay attention in history class, because he'd get all the names for his toys from!
Roland dreamed of discovering a new species and naming it. One day he'd daydream in history class, and his class was studying Ancient Greece. Athenasaurus came to mind. "Athena lizard". But then it would need a scientific name. How about... athenasaurus herculensis? "Athena lizard from Hercules".
But wait... Hercules was actually his Roman name! But then again, names don't make sense. For example;
Why do dinosaur names have to be suffixed with -saurus? Roland would think to himself. A few species suffixed with -saurus are not even dinosaurs, like edaphosaurus. Roland knew the difference between dinosaurs and synapsids; one lived before the other after all.
So how did Roland know all this stuff, you ask? Well, he had approximately a dozen research guides about Mesozoic life, and another one for Paleozoic, and another for early Cenozoic.
Roland heard of the legend of an island off the coast of Brazil inhabited by dinosaurs. He was fascinated by this, and wanted to visit. Judging from the movies he'd been seeing, it would be rather hazardous. But Roland was in for the challenge!
With his friends, he was hoping that the discovery of actual Cenozoic dinosaurs would make headlines everywhere. Now he just had to find a way to get there...
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