A Bolt Of Lightning (Book one in The Electric)

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Enter typical 17 year old Femi's life, a Nigerian secondary school student who has always felt out of place suddenly being hit the realization that he is in fact extraordinary in ways he can't imagine.

Adventure / Scifi
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The Beginning

Femi Williams sat by the window of an empty classroom during long break, sad and depressed, thinking about his life. He was tired both physically and psychologically as living with his adoptive parents was no easy feat. Left in front of an orphanage when he was just months old and adopted by the Williams made him feel unwanted. Although the Williams were financially buoyant, he always thought about his birth parents and hated them for leaving him alone.
Mr Williams was always at work while Mrs Williams at parties and social functions and the maid cared less about his emotional welfare. School was the only place he took solace in as he was always indoors whenever he was home. Now school was getting frustrating, being in the final year of secondary school, all the teachers were mounting pressure on them concerning their Certificate Examinations which were close at hand. As if that was not enough, the class bullies had taunted him again calling him worthless and useless being that the story of how he was found at the orphanage had circulated. That had annoyed him to the point of fighting, but again he was beaten by the bullies.

"I knew you would be here" Femi needn't to turn back to look abck at the speaker to know it was Chioma, fair and beautiful with brown eyes and hair cropped short, his childhood friend who was by the world to be his girlfriend.

"I am tired of my situation" Femi said

"Don't give in to the bullies, they are just a bunch of lowlifes who are trying to mess with your head and pass their insecurities to you"
Chioma said, trying to boost his morale.

"But they speak the truth, I mean, if I am not worthless, why then would my parents just abandon me" Femi said amidst sobs.

"Don't blame them,you don't know what they going through"

"No matter what they were going through,that didn't give them any right to just leave me like that, I am supposed to be their son, right?
" Femi was getting angry now

"Fine, but I still think you should calm down, who knows, they might probably come looking for you soon"

"Calm down, calm down, since all this while that I have been calm, what difference did it make, tell me, what difference?"

"You're getting angry, you need to---"

"Don't tell me what I need to do, you are not my mother, you hear me, you are not my mother!!"

"Fine I might not be your mom but I am just trying to help you here"

"I am sorry, am just frustrated and tired, Chioma, TIRED!!!"
He said banging his fists on a table and and the same time, blue light came streaming forth from his hands and spread round the whole school burning electrical bulbs and making all electrical systems in the school go haywire accustomed with a long bang.

Chioma, wide-eyed looked at Femi and in turn Femi stared at his hands.

"Was that me?"Femi asked in utter disbelief.

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