From Grand Duke's to Kings

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BOOK 3 OF THE NOBLE SERIES. (Can Be Read as a Stand-Alone Book). She was a girl who grew up with nothing so she left to find something and in doing so she became the captain of the fastest pirate ship ever known to exist. Amira, a mystery to the world, with a fiery personality yet a childlike innocence, is a girl whose seen much with an obsession to the ocean. But then she meets Damien Navarro, the Grand Duke of Lysandra and Domenico, the King of Azurith and her calm life is suddenly a rollercoaster-ride. From worrying crew members, a noisy parrot and crazy monkey, Amira is on the verge of losing her mind as she fights to find a place where she truly belongs.

Adventure / Romance
Bushra Zahin
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Chapter 1- Nightmare's & Daydreams


She sat on the window sill, looking out at the garden where three people could be seen laughing and having fun while she was stuck, confined in this room like a prisoner.

“I want to have fun too,” She whispered, trailing her hands down the glass window. “I want to be happy too,” She sighed.

The three people having fun outside were none other than her parents and her younger brother. While they may all have been related by blood, Amira was treated as an outcast and not just an outcast, it was as if to them, she never even existed.

“I want to be loved too,” She mumbled, turning away from the window to look into the room she was sat in. It was a simple room, too plain to be that of a noble yet too grand to be a servant’s.

She jumped off the window sill and went to sit on the vanity table, dressed in a simple white nightdress, her young 10-year-old self stared into her reflection.

Amira wondered what was wrong with her. She wasn’t ugly, everyone always praised her for her beauty, with dark black hair and sapphire blue eyes, even she knew she was pretty. She looked just like her mother, was that the problem?

But Alistair, her brother, looked just like his mother too. Then, was it because he was a boy and she a girl? She was part of the family too but why couldn’t she be happy with them?

Every day went by like this, Amira would look out the window to her happy family, wondering why she couldn’t join in and then she would stare at her reflection and wonder what was wrong with her.

As soon as night fell and the crescent moon was up in the black sky, Amira lay in her bed, simply staring at the ceiling and trying to will herself to sleep.

The creaking of her bedroom door being pushed open alerted her of a person’s presence and she didn’t have to look to know who it was.

“Father,” She whispered, turning around in the bed to face the man as he walked towards her, sitting down on the bed and running his fingers through her hair.

“Are you still not asleep?” He asked.

“I can’t sleep,” She replied.

“How are you feeling? Amira,” He asked.

“Okay,” She replied with the same answer as every time he would ask that question every night but in truth, Amira felt anything but okay. Being abandoned as a child with no idea why, messed with her head and now she couldn’t feel anything but an empty void.

And yet, she still craved the warmth of a family.

“Father...” She called and the man hummed.

“Can I have a mother?” She hesitantly asked and the man paused with his strokes.

“You don’t have a mother, Amira. How can you have a mother if the very woman that gave birth to you doesn’t remember giving birth to you?”

“Then, how am I alive?” She asked.

“Because you are,” He replied and she didn’t say anything else and simply turned her body to face away from her father, closing her eyes as she tried to fall asleep. Without another word, the man whom she called father left the room.

The next day, Amira went out for a walk and bumped into her mother.

The woman smiled, kneeling down in front of her.

“Are you lost?” She asked and Amira shook her head.

“Does your mother work here?” How was she supposed to reply to that? Her mother lived here but she didn’t work. Amira simply nodded her head and the woman smiled before getting back up and leaving, waving to her as if she were someone else’s child.

The week after that, Amira went out for another walk and bumped into her mother again. However, this time, the woman recognised her.

“Hello again, you must be bored,” She said. When Amira didn’t reply, the woman grabbed her arm and led her to a nearby library where a young boy, a bit younger than Amira, was sat, reading a book.

“This is my son, Alistair. Isn’t he adorable?” The woman chuckled, introducing the two. Unlike their mother, the two children recognised each other and Alistair’s eyes lit up as he ran to his older sister, hugging her but she didn’t hug back.

“Big sister! I missed you!” The boy laughed.

At his words, the mother froze as she stared at Amira who was too busy staring at the boy.

“A-Amira,” The mother stuttered, covering her mouth in shock as she began to shake.

“My child. My dead child, you’ve come to haunt me again... No! Not again!” The woman began to hysterically scream as she covered her ears and squeezed her eyes shut.

“No! Go away! Go away!” The two children stepped back, holding hands as they stared at the woman who was screaming and whacking herself as if trying to get the thoughts out of her head. As if she were trying to get rid of Amira.

“Madelyn!” A male voice shouted and their father ran into the room, hugging his wife’s body to his as he turned and his eyes widened in shock upon catching sight of Amira. The shock quickly faded into anger as he growled at her.

“You! I told you to stay away from her!” Amira flinched at the harsh tone of his voice and stepped back, releasing her brother’s hand as the older man continued to glare at her as if she were a pest.

“Look at what you’ve done!” He screamed, covering his wife’s face so she wouldn’t be able to see her and called for the guards who came racing into the room not a second later.

“Take her back to her room and don’t let her bump into Madelyn again!” One of the guards picked Amira up and quickly left the room without another word. Amira peeked over the man’s shoulder to where her mother had started to calm down and where Alistair was staring after her, a sad look on his face.

But the sadness on his face was nothing in comparison to the burden on Amira’s chest.

“I’m sorry,” She whispered, turning her head away and closing her eyes.


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