SIX (Book One)

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Txunamy Griffen has been cooped up her whole life. She lives in a small town where skateboarding is very popular, but after a tragic accident her parents don’t let Txunamy do anything even remotely dangerous. But skateboarding happens to be all she wants to do. And having attitude problems, and a hard time following rules, well that inly makes it harder. So when she cant take it anymore and decides to learn skateboarding, she has to find a way of learning, and the only way she can find is a group of boys who she happens to hate mutually, she has to find a way to get over the grudge and asks them to teach her. Will they not be able to stand each other? Or will it end up being a friendship? “Sometimes the level of sass is too much for the amount of reign one’s got.”

Adventure / Humor
Age Rating:

Chapter 1: Sour Milk Cartons and Games

WARNING: so I accidentally put the first chapter in before the prologue, so please read that first before this chapter. It wont make sense if you dont. The prologue is right after this so ya. I would read that first.

A/N: Hey yall. Sooooo yeah I didnt end up letting you guys pick, I wanted to start writing and I didnt have any votes for either stories😂 I don’t think Ive gotten any reads yet so you just might be the first. If your even reading. Anyhoo I have four chapters written I think? But I wrote them on a different app so I had to copy and paste them on here, and then edit, and that takes all around 30 mins and im tired and its late, im gonna sleep and post tomorrow. So yeah. Sorry for the annoying rant, I will stop being an ass and delaying you read unless you’re like me, who never bothers to read the authors notes and here I go again. I am shutting up now sorry. Hope ya like it!

(Txunamy’s POV)

Date: May 9th, 2014

“Namy!” My mother shouted, shaking me. It was late one morning, mom struggling to wake me up.

“Hmm,” I groaned groggily. I wasn't even functioning yet, and I was being ripped out of my bed and forced by the law to sit for five hours in a building full of idiot teachers and sour milk cartons. Sounds like a real great time, right? My view on the whole thing is; if the government is so big and excited about sending us to school each day, why not, I don't know, make the schools a little nicer? I mean come on. The lunches could taste better, the teachers could be a little less sleepy and boring, and the toilets could have lids that aren't hanging off one hinge.

But you know, it's a small town and school is my one get out. So I’ll stop picking on poor old Adkins High.

“Txunamy Nevera Griffin!” My mom yelled, gently spanking my butt. I groaned and rolled out of bed, still resisting using my own to feet.

“Alright alright,” I mumbled, drearily walking over to my closet. I mean, my legs were stuck to the bottom of my body for a reason.

“Thank you,” She said in a singsong voice, and left the room. Its funny, I always thought, how she could go from annoyed and yelling at you to do something, but then once you did it she was happy and cheerful.

I pulled on a pair of checkered vans just before realizing oh duh, pants were a little hard to get on over shoes.

I glared in tired crankiness around at my room that I usually loved, searching for a solution.


Over in a corner was a pair of shorts. Perfect. I can get shorts on over shoes. So being the lazy-ass that I am I pulled them on, put on a white tank top under a black camo Santa Cruz sweatshirt.

Then I put my hair in a messy bun, grabbed my backpack, and slowly made my way down stairs.

Yes. I am very energetic.

No, I am not very energetic at 8:30 in the morning.

I walked downstairs, hugged my mom goodbye, and went outside. Across the road was a little kid who looked maybe five years old, opening up a brand new skateboard.

Lucky. That was all I wanted to do.

I walked by, starting on the short walk to the bus stop.

~Two hours later~

Lunchtime had finally rolled around, I was sitting alone on a empty table, annoyedly munching on a stale sandwich with no mayo. Come on. They could try a little harder.

“Whatcha eatin Namy?” Kash said, snickering. Kash Macintosh, my mortal enemy since kindergarten. I accidentally spilt OJ on his stuffed porcupine when I was 5. He ended up pranking me back, then I pranked him, and the rivalry has continued all these years.

“What's it to you? And only people I like call me Namy. So shut up,” I spat.

“Oo little Namys got a temper,” Kash said, taunting me. I rolled my eyes and groaned.

“Aw leave her alone Kash it's not worth it,” TJ said.

“I happen to find that a very smart idea,” I said sarcastically. Baby faced TJ Jones was one of Kashes “troops” as I called it. He had an identical twin named EJ jones. They were the class clowns, the mischievous duo, the ultimate pranksters. Then there was Kash Macintosh, the mysterious guy who talked to nobody but me and his friends, african Scott Owens, the flirt, and Levi Courtney, the nicest one of the group, who was also a mexican.

They were a skateboarding group, and don’t ever tell them I said this but they’re pretty good. But I hated all of them and they hated me. Or at least they liked teasing me.

“Well gosh dang mah darlin gang, I think this looks like a nice table. Wide open spaces, its clean.. mostly,” Kash approved, leaning down looking to the table to give the chewed gum (that he and many others had stuck there) a good hard glare.

No. No. Not again. No no no no no.

“All the pretty girls.” Scott pointed out. Ugh. These children are awful. Kash will not sit his troops down at my table

Kash sat his troops down at my table.

I let out a long, loud very much annoyed “Ugggghhhhhhhhh.”

“No creo que esto sea una buena idea. I dont think this is a very good idea.” Levi mumbled, rolling his eyes.

“You know we can’t understand anything you say when you speak Spanish right?” TJ said blankly.

Levi frowned, “Exactly. Thats the point,” He said and I rolled my eyes. Well can’t get past me. I got top grade in spanish class and few years ago and learned it fluently, so hah.

“No te preocupes tampoco estos bastardos. Don’t worry neither do I, these bastards.” I mumbled and Levi stared at me like I had a kit kat bar growing out of my head.

“¿Tu habla español? You speak Spanish?” He queried.

“El major de mi clase, ahora haz que se vayan. Top of my class, now make them go.” I said back, the rest of the boys turning their heads whenever the other spoke.

“Acuerdo. Deal,” Levi said, standing up. “Come on guys lets get out of here.”

“Muchos gracias. Thank you very much,” I thanked, not even looking up from my food tray.

“Nah I don’t think we wanna leave just yet.” Kash said. That-

“Get your butt out of here. Please,” I said, clenching my jaw.

“You know darlin, we can sit our butts at any table. Its a free country,” Scott came in.

“Oh really? I think y’all just wanna sit here cause you got nothing better to do then drive innocent people, me, out of their wits. Get a life, Macintosh,” I fired back. Apparently that made him mad, not super but just mad enough to spit back.

“Me? Your the one who’s got no friends. And hmm I wonder why I haven’t seen you do anything at all?” He spat, putting a hand to his chin pretending to wonder. “Played any football lately? Maybe you’ve ridden a a skateboard? Oh, I know. How about.. a dirtbike?” With that the rest of the boys raised their eyebrows. They knew that was too far.

That was it. That was the last straw.

Tears threatened to fall as I stood up furiously, grabbing my carton of disgusting sour milk, walking around the table and clenching my fist into a ball along the way. I poured the milk over his head right before dropping the carton and smashing my fist in his face, knocking him down. If there was one thing I had, It was a pretty mean set of knuckles.

“Nobody insults my brother,” And with that I grabbed my backpack and tray, and walked outside.

(Kash’s POV)

I knew that was a bit too much, bringing her late brother into the mix. But I couldn’t help it. There was something about that girl that drove me up a 100 foot wall.

But besides that, my nose was gushing and I was dizzy.

“You know dude, she punches you so many times a year you might as well just stay like that permanently. It’d save a wholllleeeee lotta energy.” TJ said matter of factly.

“Seriously bro. You should learn to recognize the warning signs of pissed female.” EJ followed, and I rolled my eyes.

“Yes but my dear duplicate, if he starts to recognize the signs we will never have anything interesting around here.” TJ stated bluntly, with a blank face.

“Alright alright, too much entertainment for you two,” Scott said, herding those goofy twins away. “Better give him some time to calm down or you guys and you talkative selves will push him over the edge.”


(Txunamy’s POV)

Cool off. He’s just trying to annoy you.

Cool off.

Cool. Off.


Thats not cooling off, Namy.

I looked around at my surroundings. What do you see? I asked myself. I saw green grass, the side of my school building, and my tan legs.

What do you hear? I could hear birds tweeting, and the sound of cars driving down the street.

What do you smell? I smelt fresh air and burgers, with a hint of fries. Right across the street was the town hang out. It had the best burgers and pizza around, with amazingly crispy fries and just about the bubbliest soda you would ever drink.

This was a little game my mom taught me to play with myself whenever my problems were acting up. It happened a lot, and when it did, I would go somewhere quiet to play it.

But the biggest cause for this was something that would probably never go away, not for my whole life. And that something was-

“Miss Griffin” A voice called from the front of the school, pulling me from my thoughts. “Get in here now!” It was the principal, Mr. Evans. He was generally a nice guy, but apparently I was a “lost cause” and a “manner-less disrespectful child.”

I grudgingly got up, lifting myself from my grassy seat. “Yes sir?” I asked as if I didn’t know why I was in trouble.

“Dont yes sir me young lady. I know you have trouble with rules and controlling your temper, but you must get better with it. I understand your condition but please try harder! This was your last warning, detention after class. Now, come and get back to your class.” He said sharply and turned on his heel.

“So thats it? Kash doesn’t get in trouble? He was the one who started it.” I shouted, walking next to him.

“Yes, but you were the one who let it get to you. Mr Macintosh has to take out the garbage from the classrooms, so don’t feel your being treated unfairly.” Mr. Evans said, and we walked into the building.


Me: Heya dudes and dudettes!
Namy: Whats up.
Kash: Stop talking. Your annoying.
Namy: No dude, your annoying. Me and Mads are sane.
TJ: I am the sanest person here dorks.
EJ: *snorts* No your not. Your an idiot.
TJ: Well your my doppelgänger, so your an idiot too.
EJ: Im two minuets older, that means you’re MY doppelgänger .
Scott: Author! Make them shut up!
Me: Nah, this is good content.
*Kash, Namy, Levi, and Scott groan*
*curtains close as annoyed characters walk of the stage, leaving confused author and twins*

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