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What happens when you become a vampire out of the blue. How will your life parn out Will there be sacrifices? Will there be consequences? Story by CARL GARFIELD

Adventure / Mystery
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Chapter 1

Alright class, that's it for today. And as we leave for our various destinations, let us continue to take our studies seriously were the words of Miss Dante.
Yes ma..... we all responded.

Miss Dante has been my managerial Economics lecturer ever since I got to level 300 of my Bachelor's degree and yet again, she is even in my final year. The first day I met her, I just couldn't stop admiring her beauty. Many had tried to convince me she was just about 36 years of age.

"She had a slender waist whistling down from her bust as smoothly as the water from a fall. The bends on her hips were so voluptuous that you feel as if it has bee carved out by the creator who sculpted out of care and feel just like a potter sculpts a vessel from clay. Her beauty was enough to give heartaches to anybody who spotted her and I was certainly not left put of that category as my heart skipped a few beats as well".

Ever since that day, I have never seem to stop crushing on her. What made it more appealing was the fact that she was a virgin who had never been in a relationship per multiple reports. So as it happened, Miss Dante had closed us for the semester and we were all ready to part ways. On my way to the hostel, I bumped into Sylvia.

"Hey Jeff! It's been like ages since I saw you"......she said with a winky smile

"But we had been together just this Friday and today is Monday. You can be so ironic sometimes. Gosh! I hate it when you do that". I said leaving a ripple of smothered laughter to circle the atmosphere.

Levi I'm finally loosing it. I keep having strange and similar nightmares. Something is going to happen but I don't know when. She said with a sad finality like someone admitting to having a terminal disease. I could feel the pain in her voice.

"Shhhhh!" As I placed my hands on her lips.

"It seems James is joining us soon and per my analysis, someone might go on a deaf and dumb strike". I said trying to lift her mood even though I knew James was not coming.

Sylvia has had a long crush on James so I probably thought saying that will make her ease of.

We got to the junction that led to my hostel when I felt something pass by quickly.

An impish fear clutched my hands that my voice had seemingly lost. During all these, Sylvia seemed fine as she was just smiling along the road.

This time, she felt the aura in the atmosphere. She quickly held my hand sensing the fear in my voice as I tried to seek for help by shouting. Upon shouting, the road we were on became dark surrounded with trees only. I could only see a green open space just beyond; but the more I looked, the woods seemed to appear thicker and darker.

I turned only to recognise Sylvia was gone. She was nowhere to be found. The place looked more darker that it impaired my vision.

Sylvia! Sylvia!

I tried screaming on top of my voice but the more I tried, the more my effort seemed to appear in vain.
The next thing, I was on the cliff of a mountain with a man soaked up in blood.

“H-Help me". I could hear rustling and scrapping. Though I was completely overwhelmed by fear, I mastered some courage and asked him how he got to the cliff and where the hell he took my bestfriend.

“Come closer” he said.

I was still trembling with fear when I got closer to him.

Gosh! He is going to lose a lot of blood. I thought to myself.

"Hey mister who are you? And where is my bestfriend?" I said with my eyes soaked in tears.

He managed to crawl his way up, crawling around me silently before lunging and sinking his teeth into my neck. I tried my best to struggle but the harder I tried, the lower his teeth sunk. I finally gave up when I collapsed which allowed him to drain the amount of blood he needed.

In my sleep, all I heard was
“I never killed her. I tried to save her and got injured which lead to my death.

It's been a week and I'm sure she is probably dead by now. It is up to you to save the rest of your loved ones.

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