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043 is a male at a experimental place. He is experimented on and tested on. One day the people around him have had enough, they ask if he wants to escape with them. The answer is yes.

Adventure / Action
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Chapter 1

"Would you like a name 029?" "Yes." "Okay what about..." "Sterling!" Nicholas once known as 003 interrupted. "That's alright. Thanks Nicholas." "No problem Sterling!"

"You got a name?" "Well yeah. It's Sterling." "Uhm nice name." "Yeah." "074 testing time." "My turn see ya guys." "Bye 074."

You could hear the horrible screams coming from the testing room. Sterling was getting troubled, was 074 okay? "Really wish I could help 074..." Sterling said to his one friend Nicholas. "Yeah same. But we can't help it mate." "Have you had your share of food today Sterling?" "Yeah!" "Oh okay...I'm tired I'll go to sleep." "Mkay. G'night Nicholas." "G'night."

074 had come back everybody checked up on him except Nicholas and 043 a guy who hated everybody. Sterling thought he was just misunderstood and needed a shoulder to cry on. Sterling decided to speak to him. The only person who could talk to 043 without getting told off was his sister Nella though she was in a better place. Nella was 046 and a sweet 12 year old girl, she loved 043 and so did he. Sterling thought of a name for 042, it was Melton. "Hi 043." Melton ignored Sterling. "How are you doing 043? Have you had a nice day?" Still. "Well if you'd like to talk later I understand. See you 043 have a good day." Melton said something under his breath and Sterling smiled at him. "Bye good sir." He left.

Melton's POV
I miss Nella and Percy...She was only 12. It should've been me, it was my fault it was my fault it was my fault it was my fault...I wanna go home...I wanna leave. I miss father..I miss mum. No I should shut up I'm being disgraceful. I stand up and go to my room. I climb into bed and my eyes feel heavy but I can't sleep. Ugh I wanna die...

"043 testing time." "It's his turn." "Hope he's good." "Good luck 043." I rub my eyes and walk into the testing room. I breath and sit on the chair. "Open your mouth." I open it. The woman puts a pill in my mouth and it's extremely cold. "Calm down." I close my eyes and swallow it's bitter and makes my mouth dry. I feel a needle stab my arm and I muffle my cry. "Good." Pain. All I feel is pain. It's more refreshing than painful, it makes me rethink my actions. It's actually nice. "Go." "029 testing time." Oh it's his turn. Good luck annoying man. I smile slightly and wish him luck again. Just relax.
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