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Chapter 2

"Sterling here have some watermelon." "N-no thanks Nicholas.." "Gosh you never eat ha ha..." "Fine fine I'll have some." "Nice! I win!" "Ha ha." "Guys." Olivia said in a serious tone. "Huh?" "Have you ever thought of escaping?" "..." The room went silent. There was whispering and mumbling. It was a scary thought. "Oh come on you have!" "Yeah obviously! But we'll never make it Olivia!" Kale said. "He's right Livia." Oliver said in a monotone voice. "Oh shut up idiot." "Just speakin facts Livia." "No guys Liv's right. We've gotta escape. If we stay here for any longer we'll die. I don't know about you guys but I don't wanna die." "I don't wanna but..." "No...lets do this! I wanna go home." "You'll die." a small voice said. It was Melton. "Oh uhm hi 043." "Oh hi. So are you in 043?" "No way. Who says I wanna die?" "Hm okay. If you wanna come later say so." Oliver said his monotone personality showing. "Yeah. I won't smart boy." "Nice." What a rival ship. "I'm coming." Sterling spoke up. "Nice dude!" Nicholas cheered. "I'm coming too." He added quickly stepping with Olivia and pulling Sterling along. 'Idiots.' Melton thought as he went back to his corner.

The plan was that Oliver and Olivia would be decoys and Nicholas and Sterling would make sure the coast was clear. Melton was supposed to be on the front line fighting with Kale who agreed and Walter. But since Melton wouldn't do it there was just Walter and Kale.

Melton was humming a song Tobias showed him. "A Broken World" by Matt Hugh. "What'ya doin?" Melton gasped and looked up. Sterling was looking at him. "What do you want?" Melton responded a melancholy aura filling the air around him. "Have you changed your mind yet Melton?" "Melton? That is not my name." "Sorry but I can't just not call you that." "W-...okay. Leave now." "Sorry..." Sterling smiled at Melton and walked away. Annoying.

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