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Chapter 3

“Yes!?” “I said fine.” “YAY! YAY! MELTON AGREED!” “Uh yeah?” “Sorry but this is huge news!” “I don’t see how-” “MELTON AGREED GUYS!” “Shut up.” “Sorry...” Nicholas apologized. “The plan?” “Oliver and Olivia will be decoys and me and Sterling will make sure the coast is clear. Your on the front line fighting with Kale and Walter." "That's it?" "Uh yeah?" "You're stupid. You need a escape vehicle." "Oh yeah!" "Wait that doesn't matter we'll run." "Uh okay just don't let me die." "Mkay. Mkay." "When though?" "Next week." "Why not tomorrow?" "Too many questions champ." "Shut up." "Sorry champ." "My gosh."

"It's nice that you've agreed Melton!" "Yeah." "Y-" "003 testing time." "See ya guys." "Bye Nicholas..." Bye Sterling, bye Melton." The shrieks were terrible but they were all used to it. That didn't mean they didn't worry. Especially Sterling, but Melton didn't care. He thought they should all be used to it, after all Sterling had been here 6 years and Nicholas 8. Melton had been stuck here for 8 as well. But not anymore.

Nicholas came back tired and dizzy. He fell onto Sterling and passed out. "I'll get him to bed." Sterling said carrying Nicholas on his back. "Yeah okay." Melton bit into a cookie he had been saving and walked back to his corner.

It had been a week and everyone was stoked or scared. Melton felt nothing and was almost 100% sure they'd be caught so he did not care about the escape mission. Sterling was with the scared and worried group while Nicholas and Olivia were stoked. Oliver was with Melton on not caring and thinking they'd be caught. "Let's start." "Yeah...remember Nicholas and Sterling you make sure the coast is clear first." "Yeah!" Nicholas and Sterling crawled through the vents and looked around, there were 3 guards on 1 end and 3 on the other. Nicholas reported to the others and Sterling kept looking around, "Okay so now this wasn't part of the plan but somebody's gotta turn security off." Olivia said. "I'll do it." Elias said. "Be careful Eli!" "Yeah." Elias went into the vents and was on his way to the security room it was good that nobody was watching their room's cameras. It was successful and Elias came back unharmed. "Good job Eli!" It was now Oliver and Olivia's turn to be decoys and if that went wrong Melton, Kale, and Walter would fight. "We'll be back if we don't come back keep going!" "Yeah and don't be surprised." Oliver added walking away with Olivia. Olivia made noise on one end distracting the guards while Oliver appeared in plain sight and started rushing to the end of the hallway luring the guards away. The guards on Olivia's end ran after the noise and she kept making noise. Mission accomplished, lure the guards away check. Olivia came back but Oliver didn't and they could only hope for the best. Olivia was really upset that there was a possibility her twin was dead but she pushed through it and kept instructing. "Now the front line fighters, also there's enough people to have backup fighters." Melton Walter and Kale went out the door and looked for guards.

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