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Chapter 4

They had done it, they escaped all alive-..well Oliver didn't make it. "I'm so sorry Olivia!" "I-..miss him so much..!" Melton was mad because he went 7 years without his sister not crying but Olivia couldn't take 12 minutes of him being gone? Seems unfair. "Oh shut it. Suck it up, we've gotta run." "Melton please! She's just lost her twin be nice. Your always so mean! All I've ever tried to do is help you stop being selfish!" Sterling said in a sudden outburst. "S-shut up..." Melton's melancholy voice was cracking away. "Tell us if somethings wrong! We're friends aren't we...?" "No! Who said that? Leave me alone." Sterling huffed and turned to Nicholas. It seemed he was about to cry. Not a good way to start freedom. Not at all.

It was unexpected but Sterling never apologized to Melton, nor did he look, talk or help Melton. Not for 3 years, most of the group stuck together though Walter, Meghan and Kale left 2 months after freedom. It was just Sterling, Nicholas, Melton, Olivia, and Elias left. Melton had warmed up to Elias only and Olivia stuck with Nicholas and Sterling. "Sterling bud, please just talk to him!" "Huh who?" Sterling acted clueless, he had changed a lot. "You know who I'm talking about. I'm planning on leaving with everyone and I wanna take along Melton but not if you two won't make up." "No. I was always so nice but he always treated me as if I disgusted him and was a nuisance." "Fine, apologize by tomorrow and I'll take you along with us. I didn't wanna break our friendship but I don't like this. You've changed!" "Y'know, nothing is the same as 3 years ago. I wanna apologize but I won't he was always rude I should've stayed away." "Don't become him! I want the nice sweet loving Sterling back! I miss the old you. It was better back there. You were you, now your...someone else." "I-...I'm not the old me. I've changed! A lot! Deal with it! It's been 3 years, 3 years!" "Fine. By tomorrow evening we'll have left, all of us." "Fine! Be that way." Melton felt 10 more times dead inside and he felt it might've been his fault. He didn't mean to make Sterling be him, he missed the real Sterling a bit. "Hey Eli.." "Yeah?" "Do you think I've done the wrong thing?" "Well, I think what you did at that time was wrong, she needed time to calm down, Oliver was an important part of her life, a twin can't be replaced." "You should first apologize to Olivia then Sterling and Nick, you'll feel better and the burden on your shoulders will be gone. I always love helping you! Your my friend." "Yeah thank you Eli."

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