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Chapter 5

"Sterling. I apologize. It was stupid of me to think I could just insult Olivia's brother when he just lost his life as Olivia lost a part of her. I hope you forgive me Olivia, Sterling, Nicolas. I was wrong and I sincerely apologize. I made the wrong decision. Everyone has limits and Sterling reached his. That was my fault. I hope you can forgive me and my stupid actions. I am sorry Olivia, Sterling and Nicolas." Melton bowed and looked at Sterling. Sterling was taken aback. Melton? Apologizing? It just seemed wrong. "I forgive you! But you did nothing to me so my forgiveness doesn't matter huh?" "No, of course not. Nicolas I've always been so stupid and rude to you and Sterling. That day I had crossed the line. The line I should've known was there. I always break the line and I am so sorry. Your apology means the world to me. I'm glad a saint like you can forgive a scumbag like me."

Nicolas smiled and gave Melton a light hug. He nudged Olivia forward. "Yes, that was a very sincere apology, I was very upset and angry when you insulted my brother when he was gone. I am sorry for not clearing this up before. You were just a little heated. I forgive you Melton." Melton didn't smile. It wasn't Sterling who forgave him but he nodded and looked back at Sterling. "You were out of line. You made a big mistake but you seem to have recognised that. So there is no need for me to not forgive you. Maybe I was overreacting. If so, forgive me. I hope we can rebuild comradeship." Sterling had spoken his case and Melton felt like a boulder was lifted off his back. Melton smiled and hugged Sterling. Melton was about to say something but Nicolas cut in. "That's nice but we have to go. I kinda got us a little wagon so we can travel like that. Since we're old enough for that we can get jobs and a house." Everyone nodded and they followed Nick.

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