Spiritually Gifted

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You remember the amazing child, JottaA (grown), I'm writing about him. Joseph is a son of a pastor. He prays always for God to use him the way that pleases him (God). His wish was revealed on one night, to be granted, not just because he longed for it, but, because he was choosen. "but how" Jose asked surprised, "I'm just a human. maybe we might look alike but I don't have wings and I'm not as mighty and fierce as you are" Jose continued "I'm Just a week teen wearing a treasure garment" Jose concluded, trying to be honest. "you are not really who you think you are" the creature doubted him. "who I'm I?" Jose asked with eyes widened-. (extracted from chapter1 of the story) Now, let's read the journey of Joseph. Let's learn many obstacles (both those of physical and spiritual) he faces along the path and how he overcame them. What will happen when you have a problem with demons by ruining their evil plans on humanity?. "you see the bush baby?, yeah, the bush baby". A demon stuffed itself inside the body of a Galago, was waiting in the forest for an unfortunate. It needs to possess a human body, not living in that tiny nagapie. Should I call Jose a prophet, a pastor?, I don't really know, all I can say is; he's 'spiritually gifted'. A story whose description is not enough to give a hint/clue about it's body.

Adventure / Thriller
Justus Angus
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Story Description

From the beginning of time, humans lost their gift of living till eternity unlike other mortal creatures.
One, who is and known as the Saviour paid the price, 21 centuries ago, in order to restore the grace.
The world is full of evil and it is destined to be doomed.

Spiritually Gifted is a story of Joseph, who was called to lead many to the right path that is full of the grace. Leading them not to eternal destruction but to the Saviour who brought the eternal salvation.

Beware!!!!! Of..... what......approaches......you.
The first death is currently existing, whosoever is it's victim rests in peace.
The second death is drawing nearer, whosoever will be it's victim thirsts for peace.
The first death is like a sleep or coma. The second is a hot fiery fire.
The first enters and possesses you, but you will enter and be tormented by the second.
The first makes you to feel asleep, but the second, being a hot burning fire, will cause you to be awake, wailing, gnashing and thrashing yourself .
This is REAL.

How can I escape from this doom?, is a question, whose answer is everywhere and mind. If you haven't gotten it, it is written in this book.

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