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Y/n is a 14 year old girl (Yes she skipped a grade) with two incredible quirks inherited from her parents. On your first day of high school you managed to pick a fight with a stuck up ash blonde and won. After that you and the boy grew closer and became more than friends.

Adventure / Fantasy
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1- Excitement


I woke up to an alarm coming from your phone. I immediately turned it off. Then I reached out for my phone and looked at the time.It was 6:00 in the morning. For a second I wondered why I woke up so early until i saw the date. It was the first day of high school. I then bolted out of bed and to my closet. Sitting on a high shelf was my U.A. uniform. It somehow looked even better than it did the day i got it. I walked out of my closet to my bathroom to get changed, brushed my teeth, and did my h/c hair. I parted your curly hair to the side and let my demon horns stick out. When I was done i ran downstairs to where my mom sat in the kitchen. She was sitting down at the dining room table drinking a cup of coffee with my twin sister Sakari when she turn around to me and a huge smiled plastered on her face. She saw me in my U.A. uniform.“You remind me of me when I started U.A.” She said with an even bigger smile. After eating breakfast with her I looked at the time. It was 7:28. “We have to go to school. Bye mom I love you” I say to her then leave.
As I left through my front door I put in my AirPods and Listened to one of my favorite songs Help me by Or30 and singing along while my duo haired sister was walking alongside me.

“Save me someone please come and save me need someone here to tell me please please just how to move on ”

“Crazy I might be going crazy need someone here to tell me Please please how do I get along ”

“Help me oh help me”

When I finished singing I heard clapping coming from behind me and it wasn’t coming from my sister. I turned around and saw two boys around my age. One with spiky red hair and red eyes. He wore a huge friendly smile on his face. I noticed he had very sharp teeth. He was the one clapping and another with ash blonde hair. He looked unimpressed. He had small crimson eyes which didn’t make him look any nicer.

“U-um thank you.” I’m not really use to singing in front of anyone so I didn’t know how to react. Then he reached his hand out to me. “Hello I’m Eijiro Kirishima, and this right here is Katsuki Bakugou.” He pointed to the angry blonde. I took his hand and shook it. He had a firm grip. “And I’m Y/n L/n and this is Sakari L/n” Then I looked over to the blonde and tried to shake his hand. He just looked at me like I was stupid. “I’m not shaking hands with a damn extra like you.” Then he let out a scowl which made me want to slap the living-,No I can’t do that. I don’t want to pick a fight with someone on the first day of school. As much as I wanted to I held back the urge to slap him. I’m kinda glad I didn’t because it looks like he’s capable of demolishing me. Knowing that they went to the same school as me I asked if I could walk with them to school and Kirishima said yes while Bakugou said “HELL NO.” Luckily Kirishima talked Bakugou into letting us tag along.

The rest of the walk was mostly me and Kirishima taking about how glad we were to get into U.A.


OMG I finally get to make one of these. I was so excited when I decided to publish my first chapter of my Bakugou x Black reader fanfic. Hopefully you guys enjoyed this chapter. Thank you for reading and be safe.


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