The last Royal; {Vol. 1}

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This storyline includes more realistic pacing of time. _ Diamond, a gorgeous white-haired woman, wakes up in the unknown with no memories left to cherish. Found by her first friend, she learns more about the world. Diamond now tempted by adventure leaves the forest she trained in and explores what the far and wide gives on its golden platter. Turns out this same world has many dark sides to it and questionable secrets to hide. ° ° ° The cover was drawn by me on the digital drawing program Krita. Text edited on Canva. ° ° ° Warning; there will be gore in the contents of the book! You will get a warning for sensitive themes.

Adventure / Fantasy
Age Rating:

Shard 1 - Introduction

The heavy pine gracefully fell down, the surrounding snow flew into the air creating a fog-like effect for a short while. I wiped the sweat off my forehead. “Whew...” I plopped down on the tree, letting my ax fall out of my hands. Another boring day passed by. I’m surprised I haven’t gone mad in the last 21 years...! I better get to work, I can’t let them run out of firewood.

As soon as I rose from the log, a loud rumbling noise shook up the whole area. It can’t be...

I shifted my gaze at the kingdom built on floating islands. The magic was supposed to hold out for at least a month longer! How...? My eyes wide, I watched as my home crumbled down from the sky, crashing into the giant lake beneath it. Wa- wait doesn’t that mean?!

The water overflowed the borders of the lake, flooding and destroying everything in sight. I have to start running! If I don’t, I will die! I dashed in the opposite direction, using my element to run faster. Fuck! Tears couldn’t even reach my jaw, pushed off my face from the wind pressure. Out of nowhere in front of me was a woman with long, straight, white hair. Her gorgeous blue eyes met with mine.

“Hey! Run away! You’re gonna get killed if you keep standing like that!” I screamed out in panick. I don’t know who she is or where she’s from, but...

I grabbed her wrist, dragging her with me. The woman began catching up. Looking back, she seemed calm. What- whatever! I turned back my head to at least know where I’m running to.

Hopefully...I survive this...

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