The Bringer of Death

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( I’m terrible at writing summary’s ) This book is about a girl named kali Dark-Water who is the feared pirate who’s name and reputation has drifted throughout all the oceans. She must find the pirate responsible for her fathers death. But getting captured by the young pirate king Stalin Black-Heart makes her need to hide her identity and put her search on hold until she can get away. Will the young pirate king help her on her journey? Or will he kill her if he finds out who she truly is?

Adventure / Action
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“What’s so important that you couldn’t wait till after I finished training to talk to me about?” I said to my father aka DarkSkull, as I walked into his study. Crossing my arms as I stood before him, a little mad that I had to stop practicing with the new swords I just got.

“ I wanted to talk to you about the traitor that we caught last night.” DarkSkull answered.

“What did he say?”

“He told us everything. It didn’t take long till he broke.” My father smiled at the last part. Probably remembering the traitors screams.
“He sold the information about where we get our supplies and keep our extra ships.”

“Who did he sell it too?” I asked

“He doesn't know.”

“How the hell can he not know who he sold the information too?” I’m starting to get irritated.

“He said that he just sold it to some random guy at a tavern. He didn’t even see his face.”

“Well that’s not good.”

“No. No it’s not.” DarkSkull answers. Clenching his jaw and looking like he’d like to go on a murder spree. Can’t blame him. I do too. “He did say though, that the stranger said something about being from the south in the city Osa.

“What do you suggest we do?” I ask.

“I say we set sail and find the bastard. Then kill him. Slowly.”

“ I like that idea.”

“Good. Tell Kurin to ready the ship and to head for Osa.”

“Aye aye captain.” I answer with a mocking tone. Earning an eye roll in return. I leave my fathers office grinning. I’m lucky, really. To have a kind father. And one that’s known for being a monster. He’s really a big softie once you get to know him. I’ve never had to worry about him being mad at me for “speaking out of line”.

He has always given me the respect I deserve by being his daughter and part of his crew. Im his second mate. I would’ve been if not for his childhood friend Kurin. But I don’t mind being second mate. Kurin has always treated me like I was his own daughter.

“Hey Kurin!” I say as I walk in the navigation room.

“Hello little warrior.” He chuckles. He’s always called me little warrior. Ever since he saw me able to use a dagger properly when I was just 3 years old.

“Dad said he wants to head south to Osa and look for that stranger.”

“I figured he’d want to. I already started charting out the course.”

“You know him too well.” I smile.

“I guess that’s my what happens when you spend 40 years side by side fighting with someone. You learn a lot about them.”

“Do you-“ I cut off. The ship is under attack. I can feel the impact of the cannonballs hitting the side of the ship.

“Shit.” Kurin says as we run outside to see who’s attacking us.

My mouth falls open as I see dozens of battle ships heading toward us. We’re outnumbered. We were supposed to meet up with the rest of our crew tomorrow.

How did they find us? Then it hits me. That stranger works fast.

Kurin and I run to the main deck. Trying to get to the cannons. I’m just a few seconds the calming rock of the ocean turned to harsh waves.

Cannons are going off left and right as I run. Splinters of wood flying everywhere. My crew falling as bullets fly through the air hitting them where they stand.

I make it to a cannon and start loading it. Kurin takes a lighter and lights the fuse. It goes off and hits its target. Right through the middle of the ship closest to us.

Our victory is short lived as I notice three ships worth of cannons have been aimed at us. Kurin did face pales as he notices it too.

“Kali!” I hear my father scream to my right.
I turn and see him running towards me. But I already know he’s not gonna make it to me and Kurin.


In a blink of an eye I went from loading cannons to being blown off the side of the ship. It all happened in slow motion. I saw my father, watching, as I was flown into the water from the cannonballs. Pain surged through every part of my body.

When I hit the water, the impact felt like I shattered all of my bones. I saw my boat being set to flame before the darkness took hold of me. Sending me to death.

A/n I’m sorry if my writing kinda sucks :( this is my first attempt at writing an actual book. But even if its bad I hope it sparks some cool ideas for daydreaming or something :) I hope you enjoy <3
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