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What role would you play in a fairytail? The villain? The damsel in distress? Or the knight in shining armor? Nine teenagers, ages 16 to 19, were chosen to participate in a social experience by a very popular VR-Company. How will their stories unfold?

Adventure / Fantasy
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Meet Nina, Kai, Raven, Alicia, Jin-Dae, Liv, Fierro, Avon and Latisha. Those nine teenagers were chosen to participate in a social experiment held by the popular VR-Company "Clash", to demonstrate their new fantasy adventure game "Damsel, Dragon, Knight". This VR-game makes an analysis of your character and brain settings and gives you the role of either the "dragon", which refers to the villain, the "damsel" or the "knight". Depending on what role you get, you will play different types of games during the whole experience. The characters are customizable at the start of the game, for example can the villain choose from various "forms of evil beings", the knight can choose what armor to wear and the damsel can choose a trait that may or may not be helpful.
Before the start of the beta test, each one of the participants is interviewed about what they think their role will be.
How will the story unfold, with no concrete rules or boundaries?
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