Bad Streets

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Children trying to survive in the streets and barely making it.

Adventure / Mystery
Chloe Brodkin
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Bad Streets

Bad Streets

Little children: brother and sister living in the back alley, very poor. Boy Edward has green eyes and black hair. Girl Nancy has brown hair and purple eyes.

The Nancy has learned to be very resourceful ducking the guards and grabbing little clumps of bread to survive on. But Edward misses sweet, caramel, candy and wants something different like his mom used to make. He steals from a store and gets arrested, Nancy has to rescue him by scaring the guards with her pet snake named Todd. While she is rescuing him she meets a cute guard and he helps them find the orphanage where they are put straight into the stressful workhouse. At the workhouse they meet an old lady who takes them home and makes them cookies unfortunately she can’t keep them so she takes them go back to the alley where they stay until Edward catches a fever than they go to the hospital and a nurse adopts them the end.

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