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Hwaa is island that was founded in the 1700s. No one really knows what happened there but many people have their own theories. Some say the government was experimenting on supernatural creatures and something went wrong. Others say that aliens landed their and observed earth from Hwaa. Again no one knows what really went on but all they do know is that the ground is scorched and burned to a crisp. Surprisingly plants still do grow here. 10 people decided that they are going to challenge themselves and go on this strange island to survive. The story will be in Vixians POV. You (the reader) are a theorist that found Vixians journal in the walls of your new dream home. You are the only person in your country that knows about this journal and what happened during the challenge. Every chapter is a new day. In each chapter you will go through what vixian has wrote in her journal and what she thinks about everyone else on the island.

Adventure / Mystery
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Hey this is my first time writing on this app and I'm hoping to write more often. Writing as always been a secret passion of mine. I was originally going to write on wattpad but as of whats happening to wattpad i doubt my story will get any reads on it. I know not many people have heard of this app but i promise you

This app will be the next best thing 😂😂

Anyways enough of me, lets get on with the story. :)

So i decided to write a story about a fictional island named Hwaa. If you don't know anything about kpop, or if you do, the word is a korean word that the group (G)-IDLE used has a song title. I became really sort of attracted or interested with the word hwaa. I dont know i just really liked the way that it sounded. For this graphic design project i decided to make my island sort of this survival type of world where ( if you read the description which i highly suggest) you can survive if you dare.

I made it into a survival type of world because i wanted to include something related to lmanburg and since i dont want to copy something i decided to make this island into a survival world.

I know the description is very long but i really suggest reading it in order to understand this story

How this story is going to run is that i will make a sort journal type of story and it will be in Vixians POV

Age: 19
Pronouns: she/they
Sexuality: pansexual
- Vixian is a very independent and curious character. She likes to explore the island and see what she can find whether or not it sends her into danger. She observes everyone and their movements. Shes not much of a talker too but she does make some alliances with others

You are a scientist from the future that found Vixians journal in a box inside the forest
By this time the island has been taken over and many new residents now reside here. You are one of them. Many people have forgotten what happened on the island years ago and you will remind everyone...

Now lets see what happened on long and hard days that our lovely Vixian had to go through....
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