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After her village was raided and her friends taken she met strangers that will change her life forever for better or worse.

Adventure / Action
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The Beginning

“It’s ok I going to help you” said a voice as I was going in and out of consciousness.
I must have fainted because I’m some sort of makeshift couch made of wood, branches, and fur blankets. In the corner there is a girl sharpening a sword. She has brown hair, hazel eyes, and freckles. She is looking at something in what looks like the kitchen.
“Who are you”,I ask trying to sit up.
“I’m Sam Almer and that is Charlie”,she says pointing towards someone in the kitchen.
“We are part of a secret group that helps the injured, beaten, and tormented to a safer place”, she said putting her sword back in her belt. “Then what do you want with me?” I ask. “I am not injured, tormented, or sick in any way”.
“Yes you are. When we found you, you were unconscious in the woods,” Charlie said confused.
“I am fine and if you will excuse me I will be leaving, and if you won’t I will excuse myself.”I said standing up ready to fight.
“We only want to talk to you. We do not wish any harm”, Sam said gripping the handle of her sword.
“Well, the way you grip your sword tells me otherwise”, I said as she pulled out her sword. “Hey”,Charlie yelled,”stop this both of you all we need to do is talk...” he got cut off by Sam lunging at me with her sword pointed at my chest. I jumped to the left as her sword hit the wall. Next I ran toward the door I noticed what appeared to be a small grappling rope under Charlie’s right pant leg. I a split second I turned toward Charlie and dove right beside his right leg.
“Ha you missed me”, he said making fun of me. “Did I now”, I said as I threw an end of the grappling hook toward the sword Sam had just pulled out of the wall. The grappling hook hooked around the sword as a pulled the sword into my own hands. A faint wow escaped Charlie’s mouth.
“No one has gotten that sword out of her hands as long as I have known her”, Charlie said puzzled. I ran out the door leaving the half camouflaged cave/hut behind me.
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