The Coin

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Collectors and their search for that coin of Supreme value.

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Chapter 1

For "coin collectors" the Lincoln memorial penny can be one of the most valued coins to many collectors, given the rarity and mint amongst other things that can raise the value of the coin. The penny that drew the most money in an auction was the 1943-D Lincoln penny that had been struck on a bronze plachet, it sold for 1.7 million dollars. Coin collectors can spend their entire life in search for this one special coin. My question is, once they find this "holy grail" of coins will it end their search or will they still feel as if something is missing.

In my opinion, I'd say about 85% of the population are distracted by the television, or just consumed by there everyday lives that keeps them unaware of the valued coins that slide in and out of their possession throughout their lifetime. Maybe they have the passion but lacking the knowledge of these coins that could spark their search.

Another 10% of the population have knowledge of these coins and go through leaps and bounds to keep this knowledge concealed, possibly even pointing in the direction of other distractions to keep people blinded of this knowledge. They distract people from this knowledge in hopes of being the first to find these rare coins.

The remaining 5% also have knowledge of these coins, and are willing to share this knowledge with others they see have a passion to seek out this truth. When sharing this knowledge with someone, they do so in hopes that their fellow collector won't clutter up their lives with boxes of coins along with every rock they've looked under along their search. I myself being a collector am very thankful to have been passed down this knowledge. I am even more thankful to have come to the conclusion that the "knowledge of the coin" has nothing to do with an actual coin as we use as currency of something that we can see with our physical eyes. Also, upon finishing this story, something tells me that this story has been told many times, maybe just in different words, according to each culture, and definitely makes the moral that much more beautiful. Knowledge of the coin is coming to the knowledge of one's "SELF", understanding that the eyes are truly all seeing, but only the righteous eyes can see through all.

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