The Kind Dragon

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there is a dragon who roses mom took and kept with her father who died in a plan crash when he was but thats not all years ago when rose was 3 she had a friend who she left when she was 5 and they met again is her dad actually dead stay tuned gxg little cursing bad grammer bad spelling ~* - that is time skips ^ - thought " -talking ofc XD

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the start

One stormy night I woke up to the sounds of the leaves blowing against wind and the sound of the rain pouring to me I thought is satisfying to other people they think it is just annoying. See I have no friends because my dad left for war and so I have been homeschooled my whole life. Me and my mom live an empty neighborhood with only one neighbor, and they are like a mile away our family we really don’t like neighbors. The next day was not so different woke up to the pouring rain, got dressed and for some reason we did not do school today. ForMost of the day my mom was in her room and when I heard my mom on the phone when she was done all I could here was my mom crying. A little time later my mom called “Ruby come here please Hun.”

“yeah mom.”I could see the redness from her crying I felt bad, but I knew that what she was about to tell me was not good.

“Hun...” As I heard her start to cry again se said “your dad...died during a plane crash at war.” this feeling I’ve never felt this I feel like my heart was broke in a million pieces the only person that understanded me has died in a crash. I started to fell water coming out of my eyes and then I was crying. I ran to my room and I just screamed I loved my dad with everything I had he was my one and only. He made a promise that he would come back one day... But he broke it now I can’t see him anymore.

When I was done, I came down I went to check on my mom. She looked like a hot mess! Her eyes were so red from crying but I sat down and gave her a hug she needed one. She was not in the mood and every time I brought up dad, she would bawl her eyes out I felt so bad for her so when I did bring out dad this time, I cried with her, so she was not alone.

“Hey Hun, I have to tell you something.’’

“Ya mom what is it.”

“since your dad died, I must get a job so you can’t be at home alone anymore.... so, you are going to middle school.”

“actual school like with people and stuff like that. But mom you said that we would never go to school till it was time for collage!”

“it was not my choice ok! I made a promise to your father that when he died, I would bring you to real school.’’

The next day was the start of middle school I got dressed and my mom made breakfast for me and drove me to school, and it was so packed there was kids every were it drove me crazy. I just took a deep breath and calmed down and put my backpack in my locker. In class the seats were full.

“Ok class settle down! I’m Mrs. Brown and I’m your math teacher and I hope you enjoy this class.”

After that the class went silent quick. Not to long later we started to make name tents so that the teacher could know our names. After school I rode the bus because my mom was at work and I had to walk the dogs. When I got home the dogs were barking something that I don’t at something I don’t know of. I start to get scared, and I look at it and it is a huge egg I look at it and it looked different than what I have ever seen before I try to pick it up and it is so heavy, but I was able to get it in the house without dropping it. Getting it up the stairs was hard because of how heavy it was. When my mom got home it was like 1:32 in the morning I woke up from her closing the door.

“Hey mom”

“Hey Hun,why are u up.”

“Oh, I heard u open the door and it startled me a bit that all. Also, do u know what egg this is.”

She followed me to my room and on my table, she saw a huge egg on my table under a heat light and all I could hear is a huge gasp like someone died in her hands.

“Mom are u ok.”

“Yeah, just a little shocked that’s all.”

“Why are u shocked?” I heard her take a deep breath like she was in a huge crowd about to make a big speech.

“I think it’s time to tell you about what this is......”

“what is it mom.”

“this is a dragon egg that your dad found a year ago he left it outside because he read how dangerous it was, but he still took care of it like it was his own... These did not become exist for very many years its mom had left the baby egg because she knew that she was dying, so that’s why we kept her.”

It was silent for like 4 minutes until my mom said time for bed. I climbed in bed and went to sleep. When I woke up the egg was moving. I put it under the heat light so was not cold when I was at school. I got dressed and I had a few minutes left so I watched tiktokon and just watched that I was surprised that I had so many followers. I had almost 3k followers I wanted to post about my egg but then I had to the bus stop. Also, I don’t think anyone would believe me.

When I got to the bus the bus stops my friend was standing there and when I got close, I ran, and I hugged her I haven’t seen her in 3 years because she lived in Orlando and we see each other once in a few months.

“omg hey rose.”

“hey ruby what are you doing here.”

“what do u mean I go here every school day this is my bus stop.”

“omg same.”

When the bus got here, we walked on we sat together and buckled in for safety and then we headed to the middle school and I’m excited because I love my classes their fun it’s the second day of school so we might not have much work.

During class we started are first math assignment and after we were done,I went to science, but it was easy after I was done, I got my phone out and started texting my mom to let her know that school is done then this kid bumped into me and I dropped my phone down the stairs and it CRACKED! I was so mad, and my mom was going to kill me I was going to hid it, but I knew that I couldn’t. So, I went home and guess who was here early. My mom. She did not look in a good mood and it is almost impossible to cheer her up, so I decided not to mess with her.

A little while later my mom came in barging in my room so mad and she had my phone in her hands. I forgot that I had my phone in the living room and I was so scared. Then all of the sudden she just she just starts to yell and what came out of my moth was.” IT WASNT MY FAULT”

She did not like when I yelled, I just turned around and my mom left. I felt so bad when I finally calmed down, I got up and walked to my moms’ room I sat right next to her.I had my phone in my hands. My hands were shaking, and my heart was pounding. I put my head on my mom’slap.

“mom I’m so sorry. I did not mean to yell I was in a bad mood will you forgive me.”

“rose Hunny I will always forgive you. What happened at school today can you explain it to me.”


I jump out of bed so fast my mom fell I walk to where the sound came from it was the egg. I got closer the dragon was so cute and bloody I had to clean them up. I walked to the bathroomI cleaned up the bloody mess with some dawn dish soap. when I was, I put little lotion on the dragon, so she was softer than before. I cleaned up my hands and dried the dragon. The dragon was it was surprisingly fuzzy? I walked to moms’ room and showed her the dragon.

“you already cleaned her up.”


My mom went in to go and grab her and I just gave her the baby dragon. She smiled and took her. When I gave her the dragon, she rocked her to sleep, and then baby dragon fell asleep it was so cute I grabbed the dragon and put her in the littleglass cage looking thig with a blanket and a small pillow.

~*a week later*~

I woke to the dragon whining I got out of bed and feed he the milk my mom kept me when I was little. When I was done, I gave her to my mom. I got ready and got my stuff and put it in my bag. Today I wore a wonderful white dress with black slides. I put my shoes on and got my breakfast. When I was done, I got my bag and went to my mom’s room and kissed her goodbye.

I walked out of her room and went to my bus stop to see my friend there and we talked until the bus came.

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