Edward boy short

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Edward is the seventh boy among his brothers and he is short in stature and the most very intelligent of them, so his father assigned him the task of searching for his aunt whom he had not met since time. When edward finishes the trip he and his six brothers which have made, he Knew that aunt is nothing but a she monster converted, he told his father what happened to them during of the trip and if did he were not intelligent, they would all be among the dead, but his father did not believe him, so he insisted on making the trip with their mother to make sure of the health say edward . In the end, edward lost his father, and his mother survived. - Thanks -

Adventure / Fantasy
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Edward boy shot

In the ancient era, there was a rich and handsome young man with a strong structure, who owns a large farm in Scotland with it horses and a pigs he inherited it from his deceased parents, and at the end of each week was he went to the nightclub for fun and entertainment while dancing Opinion of a beautiful young woman sitting on the table Have a drink and and she absent minded he went to her and said to her : Can I sit down

She said: Yes, please

He said: Thank you, I would like to know you

She said: No problem

He said: What is your name

She said: My name is Eva

And you

He said: Alex

Alex: Where do you live?

Eva: I live with my aunt in the countryside and work with her in making bread

Alex: Your aunt is married

Eva: My aunt is single

Alex: What happened to your parents?

Eva: Parents are dead

Alex: I’m sorry, even I am a deceased parent

Alex: Do you dance with me?

Eva: Yes and why not

When they enjoyed dancing, they went back to their table

Alex: I saw you absent-minded, I wanted to console you

Eva: I was not absent-minded, I was just meditating on the dancers

Alex: You are beautiful, are you married?

Eva: Not yet and you

Alex: I am pleased to know you. I have to return to the farm. It is time too late. We will meet one day, bye

Eva: I also pleased to know you . Go back home and take care of yourself

Alex returns to the farm with his cart and in the way, alex start thinking at eva how his meeted with her. When ales arrival to farm him found cousin sitting in his wait in front of farm door. His name paul

Paul: The time is late I worried about you so much

Alex: Thank you Paul, don’t worry, I’m late, because I got to know someone. Now go to sleep tomorrow. I’ll tell you

Paul: You, too, go to sleep

Both Alex and Paul went to his bedroom

The alex went to sleep, he saw a dream, he saw two thieves stealing eva. When he woke up in the morning, he seemed surprised when he saw in the dream. He washed his face and hands and then went to the kitchen. He found his cousin’s wife and his cousin drinking coffee. Complete the morning breakfast with them.

Alex-Paul, run the farm. I’m going to buy some things from town with cart. When the َalex passed through one of the roads, he sees two thieves stealing eva. The first thief was carrying a knife and putting it on eva’s neck and saying to her, give me all your money or kill you.

Eva: Please let me go, I don’t have nothing

The alex got off the cart and drove towards them when he arrived. He hit owner dagger and said, eva run.

Eva ran screaming and she said, help us, while eva ran, alex was fighting the two thieves, and the owner of the dagger stabbed him in the leg.

The Alex shouted, when she heard him, eva turned, the alex fell and he unconscious, the two thieves ran farway.

Eva: get up, alex, Please say something, and she cries after a while got up alex.

Eva: Thanks, Lord, you are fine

Alex: my legs bleed

Eva: I will remove a cloth from my clothing and put it on the wound so that it does not bleed a lot. Now, hold on to me. I’ll take you to my house. Where is your cart?

Alex: thank you Ava, but I want to go back to the farm

Eva: I have to take care of you until you recover. I’ll take you to the farm

Alex: So my cart front of you

They went up in the car and in the way, sleep alex on eva’s shoulder, and he was in pain.

Eva: Be patient. we will arrive and ask the doctor when arrive us at the house

eva puted alex in the room and on her bed, and then i went out to call the doctor who was next to her house when she came to a doctor, said

Eva: Good morning, doctor

Doctor: Good morning

Eva: Please, doctor. Come quickly to the house with me. I have an injured friend

Doctor: What hit him

Eva: thieves stabbed him in the leg

Doctor: Have you stopped the bleeding?

Eva: Yes

Doctor: Please wait a moment and take what I need to go

Eva: Okay

The doctor and eva went to the house when they arrived i took eva the doctor to the alex room

Doctor: Wait outside

Eva: Okay sir

When treating alex to the doctor, he cleansed the wound and applied bandages

Doctor: Your wound is not deep. It will heal quickly

Alex: I felt in pain a lot until I thought it was deep

Doctor: Get well

Alex: Thank you, doctor, bye

Doctor: Bye my son

When the doctor got out of the room, he found eva waiting in front of the room door
Eva: How did you find it
Doctor: Don’t worry about him, but take good care of him
Eva: Do I take you to your clinic?
Doctor: No, madam, go alone
Eva: So, bye
Doctor: Goodbye, madam, for healing him

Eva connected the doctor to the exit door and went back to the alex room

Eva: Do you feel better

Alex: A little bit

Eva: now rest, as for me, I’m going to the kitchen to cook a cup of coffee for you

Eva went to the kitchen

Eva’s aunt returned from work, found the door of the house open, went up to the eva room, and found alex sleeping, then I went to the kitchen and found eva prohibiting the jug of coffee.

Aunt of eva is sarah

Said Sarah to eva : why did you leave the door of the house open and who is the person in your room

Eva : my auntie forgive me because i leaved room door open up i was thinking in the person in my room is a friend of mine and he was injured because he wanted to help me when the thieves wanted to steal me so I helped him until he recovered

Eva : allright my aunt now i will take for him a cup of coffee and i rest assured on him

Sarah: I’m tired, I’ll go to my room to sleep a little

Eva said to alex wake up I brought for you a cup of coffee

Alex: Thank you Eva, but can you go tell my family that I am in your home and return to the farm after i recover from my injury

eva: Okay, I’ll go, but tell me what is way to go to the farm

Alex: Exit the town and follow the main road, 3 km away. You will find my farm

Eva: Tomorrow morning i will go to the farm and now I go to sleep and if you need something call me

On that day Ava did not go out to anywhere, she stayed at home cleaning and cooking and taking care of the alex She said to herself I would not go anywhere

Eva said : i’ll fulfillment of a promise

Early in the morning i woke up, eva went to the kitchen, banned the morning breakfast for Alex and took him and put it on the table in front of his bed

Then she returned to the kitchen and found Sarah sitting drinking coffee

Eva: my aunt, I am going to visit the relatives of the Alex to tell them what happened to him so that they do not worry about him. Please, my aunt, take care of him in my absence.

Sarah: eva, go, and don’t worry

Eva took the alex cart and go her to the farm when she got to the farm and found a door at the entrance I entered and found a house and a large barn with it horses and a pigs

Paul heard her out

Paul: Who are you? What are you doing here?

Eva: Good morning, sir

Paul: Good morning

Eva: I came looking for a relative of alex to tell him that he had received a leg injury from a thief and he is now in my house and he will not return to the farm until he heals

Paul: I am his cousin. We worried about him a lot. We were looking for him in the whole town, but we did not find him. We said, We will wait a few days and repeat the search if it does not appear.

Was he seriously injured?

Eva: Not much He will recover in a few days and return to the farm

Paul: How much time it takes

Paul: Thank you for telling us, tell him we are waiting for him and if necessary we will visit him

Eva: Now to the goodbye, if there is new, come back and tell you

Paul: Goodbye, sister

Eva returned to her home and, with three days of care, alex became with good healt

On the morning of the fourth day i took eva a morning breakfast for alex. I sat in front of him and progressed him a cup of coffee

Alex: Eva i can’t there is so much work waiting me maybe they are worried on me

I hope we meet again. I will never forget your benevolent. You are a good young woman. If you want to come with me now, let’s go
Eva: I can’t one day come to visit you
Alex: Goodbye

Alex rode his cart and went back to the farm

When he approached the farm, his cousin’s wife Lina she running to him, speeding

Lina: Welcome back, alex. We were worried about you

Alex : why worry, I was fine, where is poul, i didn’t see him

Lina: He’s busy at work when he comes back to tell him

Lina: He’s busy at work when he comes back to tell him
Alex: I am tired, I have to go to sleep
Lina: Well, I’m going to the kitchen to prepare breakfast
The alex went to his room and lay on his bed and started thinking about eva how she took care of him , Lina knocked on the door
Lina: I want to give you a cup of coffee

Alex : : Thank Lina, put him there on the table and when it’s dinner time, wake me up

Lina: yes, alex
She closed the door, went back to the kitchen and started working on the house
Paul returned from work and headed to the kitchen. He sat at a table in the kitchen and Lina offered for him a cupe of coffee .

Lina: Alex came back to the farm
Paul: Where is he now
Lina: He’s sleeping
Paul: I can’t wake him up now, but when we meet at the dinner table, we’ll talk. But now I’m tired. I’m going to sleep to wake me up at dinner.

Lina: Okay, go to sleep

At nightfall, Lina put the food on the dinner table and went to wake Paul and Alex

Paul first woke up, went to wash his hands and face, and then the alex followed him

He went to the kitchen, both sat at a table and found Lina waiting for them and at the table a dialogue took place

Paul: It has been days since you returned to the farm, alex. What happened to you? We were worried about you until a beautiful young woman came to us and told us what happened for you

what happened to you

Alex: Yes, it is true that the young woman had saved her from thieves who wanted to steal her and they stabbed me with a dagger so I took me to her house and took care of me

Paul: Thank God you are fine

Alex: Did you take care of the farm well in my absence?

Paul: Yes

Alex: I have finished, i’ll be back to sleeping, good night

Paul: And you too

When Paul finished dinner

Paul: Lina will wait for you until you finish from work in the kitchen and go to sleep

Lina : Well, wait a little bit and if you like, go before me

Paul: I cannot wait, when Lina has finished her work. She went to sleep with her husband and in the early morning, Lina woke up early and banned the morning breakfast.

Paul woke up went to wash his face and then entered the kitchen

Paul: Good morning, dear

Lina: Good morning, alex didn’t wake up?

Paul: Here it is

Alex: Good morning, both of you

Lina: Good morning, did you sleep well?

Alex: Yes, both of you

Lina: We are also

When everyone finished eating the morning breakfast and everyone went to work it, Paul and Alex walked to the stable and looked at work. Remember Paul’s birthday.

Paul: Is it not two days after your 40th birthday?

Alex : Or I forgot, we will have a birthday party and I intend to eva, maybe she fell in love with her

Paul: If you really love her, ask her if she loves you, so ask her hand for a marriage

Alex: It was a good idea, paul,did not notify on me, but do you intend anyone

Paul : I don’t want intend anyone

After completing the work in the evening, they returned home and found Lina a prepared breakfast meal. Then he started playing chess. won alex on paul, then they went to sleep

Alex: I’m going to intend eva for my birthday party

After passed two days from invitation, Lina prepared a large table with it some food, like birthday cake

Eva attended birthday of alex

Snuff out alex candles and divided the cake with eva’s hand and gave her a bit of cake

Alex: Please, Paul, you and Lina will go out with eva to promenade at the farm

ALex: I want to tell you something

Eva: What is

Alex: I like you so much. I fell in love with you. I want a request from you

Eva: What is

Alex: Do you accept me your husband?

Eva: Yes, and why not, I have liked you since you helped me, and I saw a good man in you

Alex: Do we define the wedding day

Eva: Is it not tomorrow, Saturday

Alex: Yes

Eva: The wedding will be in the Catholic Church

The marriage took place and lived a whole year happily and bliss, but in bed

Alex: Eva, it has been a year since we got married and we have no children

Eva: Don’t worry, my love, we still have a lifetime all him. We are still young

Alex: Or I just remembered something that might help us

Eva: What is

Alex: One day I went through one of the roads that lead to the farm, s I met an old woman who lives in a hut and asked her why you live here alone. She answered, son, I am divination and wanted to stay away from the noise

Do we go to it in the morning, maybe you find a solution to our problem

Eva: Yes

Alex: So we’ll go tomorrow

And in the early morning they went to her and found her sitting in front of her hut

I am young man which passed on you one day and i asked you why you live alone

Divination: Yes, I remembered you, how are you, son?

Alex: I am fine and you

Divination: I am so, but who is this with you?

Alex: She is my wife

Divination: Yes, I remembered you, how are you, son?

Alex: I am fine and you

Divination: I am so, but who is this with you?

Alex: She is my wife

Divination: she is beautiful why you came to me what which happen for you

Alex: We came to ask you to help us with a problem

Divination: What is your problem?

Alex: We have been married for a full year and have not had any children. Do you have a solution?

Divination: Yes, there is a solution. you Stay here and she come with me to the inside of the hut. Sit here on this bench. Now I want your question. Do you see my stick? I will hit you with it seven times so that you can will have children. Will you accept?

Eva: Yes

Divination: turn around, I’ll hit you on the back

Divination hit Ava seven times with the stick and in hit seven stick has broke

Divination: My daughter, you will have seven boys, six ordinary, and seventh comes short

Eva: allright, hey divination, and now i will go to my husband and he in waiting for me

Divination: Goodbye, my daughter

Alex: Goodbye madam

Divination: Good bye, sons take care with yourself

Alex and eva returned to the farm they were happy and after years passed, eva gave birth to seven children

The first was called james

The second is called max

The third was called Andrei

The fourth was called Mark

The fifth was named Richard

The sixth was named Philip

The seventh was named Edward

Years passed. The seven children grew up young, but the seventh boy, Edward, did not increase in height, like his brothers were short.
One day, the family was gathering at the lunch table, said alex to eva

Eva, I remembered I had a sister who had married a poor man while she lived in the neighboring forest. She did not come to visit me in a long time. I don’t know what her name is Katrina.

Eva: Why didn’t you go visit her

Alex: I could not go because i had a lot of work on the farm even though paul helped me a lot and i was not sure if she lived in the neighboring forest because she got married here on the farm and after marriage she lived with us for a bit and then her husband decided to take refuge in the neighboring forest to create their own farm and live alone so i would like to Our children go to find her and check on her

My dear sons, I want you to go to your aunt Katrina

To check on her, do you accept?

Children: Yes, our father

Alex: So tomorrow we will ban all what the necessary for trips from horses and foods

Edward: Dad, do you remember the horse who i found when I was grazing horses that white horse as short as i like me

Alex: Or yes, I remembered him, son

Edward: Dad, put him with the horses to pull the cart

Alex: Well, son. Now go sleep, sons. Good night

Edward: my father good night too

Alex: Paul, are we also going to sleep?

Paul: Yes

Alex: Let’s go

Paul :Eva,lina, hurry up in work then follow us

lina: Yes, definitely

In the early morning, everyone woke up and went to breakfast

While everyone on the table drank coffee with pancakes, alex rise and asked from Paul to help him prepare the cart for the trip them

Alex: Paul, would you help me prepare the cart?

Paul: Yes, go before me. I’ll complete the rest of the food for me and join you

Alex: Okay

When Paul finished eating, he went to the stable and found the alex connecting horses to the cart

Paul: Can I help you

Alex: Go to the kitchen and bring some milk bottles, some bread and cheese pies

Paul: Okay, will brought them

When Paul brought everything he requested

Alex: Put them in the cart and go to summon sons. Paul went to the kitchen

Paul: Oh sons, have you finished eating your father waiting?

Edward: We finished and we were waiting

Paul: Come on, the cart is waiting for you

Edward: Come on, brothers

The seven brothers rode the cart and bid them farewell both paul, alex, eva,the cart was towed by seven horses, including the short horse.

Eva: Take care my sons , I hope you will come home safely

Everyone embarked on the journey and passed through the city until they reached the neighboring forest

Max : My brothers, do we rest a little while eating some food?

Richard: Of course we’ll stay the night here and tomorrow we will continue the journey

In the morning they entered middle the forest, she monster saw them from afar, and she readed what is in minds with imaginations it, she knew that they were coming to visit their aunt, they are seven kids, and she conversioned to their aunt after she had eaten their aunt and her husband, and took over their house she went to meet them very quickly

She monster : Are you looking for someone?

Max: Yes mam, we are coming to visit our aunt, our father told us that she lives here in the woods

She monster : What is her name, I may know and guide you

Max: Her name is Katrina

She monster : So you are the sons of my brother alex. I am your aunt Katrina. Come with me to the farm. I live here in this forest. I have a house in the middle of the farm. He is near here. I wanted to visit my brother, but the circumstances did not allow me because my husband was sick and he died long ago.

Edward: Aunt, get in the cart as I walk

She monster : Thank you, my nephew

When they got to the farm, they entered the house

She monster : See that table with seats. Sit down. You are tired. I will bring you some coffee. Then go to entry the horses and cart in the stable.

She monster went to the kitchen, took a bowl, then extracted milk from her left breast, then put it in the bowl

Then she prepared a cup of coffee and put a little milk her, She had some pancakes. When she finished the preparations, she took food to the room where her nephews were.

She monster : Please, my nephews, with happiness and health. I want to ask you what your horses eat

Andrei: What is this question, my horse’s aunt, eating grass?

She monster : or i forgot ,you see because i’m old in age, you not give Importance for matter my son.

Edward: My aunt, my horse is eating stone and he Short of them.

She monster : Why, Edward, do not drink your coffee

Edward: My Aunt, I don’t like coffee. I just want to eat cocoa and go to sleep. I’m so tired of traveling.

She monster : Do you see that room opposite this room? This is the bedroom. Go and i’ll get you cocoa from the kitchen

Edward: Thank you, aunty

She monster : As for you, my nephews, complete your eating and go with Edward to sleep because you are also tired.

She monster went to the kitchen, took a small bowl flooded him in cocoa which she was storing it in a small bag, then took it to Edward

She monster : Please, my nephew, Edward Cacao, who you requested, do you need anything else

Edward: No, my auntie. only this enough

She monster : Since you do not need anything , become fine, i ’ll go to feed the horses, them hungry when I entered the stable, took the grass and watered him from milk her after I removed it from her breasts and presented it to the horses except for the short horse. I presented him with the stone

Then she went to the mountain and started to drop it with her two magic eyes, while she was falling the mountain, everyone had slept except Edward he was sitting in his bed eating cocoa and looking at the window he saw the stars and the moon when he saw the aunt fall the mountain with her magic eyes to make him ground for agriculture, he knew that it is not an aunt but rather a beast He was astonished when he saw that he did not sleep and began to think how he and his six brothers could escape. She monster came close to finishing dropping the mountain, she left him and went home. She entered the kitchen. She banned a stick and then started to heat it on a traditional oven.

I left the stick warming up and went to the bedroom of the seven brothers to see if they slept or not and I found Edward eating cocoa.

She monster : All of my nephews slept, but edward had not yet slept. Why didn’t you sleep What’s on your mind ?

Edward: My aunt, I am afraid of that mountain. I am afraid that it will fall to me

She monster : Do not be afraid, my son, I will take over matter

Edward: Thank you, aunty

When the she monster went to bring down the mountain again, Edward woke his brothers and told them this wasn’t their aunt that she was a monster.

Edward: My brothers, come, look from the window to the fake aunt. it she monster drops mountain with her eyes. We have to leave quickly before she returning. But first we have to put the pillows on the mattresses then we cover it when everyone has finished putting pillows everyone turned to a stable they outed horses from the stable and then installed her except Edward rode the cart pulled by his short horse, then they left

When she monster finished dropping the mountain, she went back to the kitchen and found the stick hoted. She took it hot and went up to the bedroom of the seven brothers. She hit the mattress with the stick but didn’t hear any scream repeat the ball a second time, you did not hear any screams them

She monster : They did it before the miscreants did it with them, she looked from the window and saw them from afar run

She monster : Oh milk, Lala and Mayi! Drop them and bring down their horses. All six horses fell down and felt tired and exhausted, except for the horse of Edward. He did not fall down because he ate the stone and Edward did not feel tired.

Edward: What is going on with you, my brothers?

Max: We can’t move. Stop Edward, cart

Edward: I think she did something to you. I’ll conceived you one by one in the car before you got to us and ate us.

Max: How your horse holds us all

Edward: It is a strange horse. Edward carried his brothers in the car and then they fled very quickly. When she monster reached their place, you did not find them they had escaped. She carried the six horses with her hands and then took them to the stable and started eating every day

The seven brothers crossed the forest and the city until they reached their farm in the evening where they found their father sitting in front of the farm gate he was astonished to see them all in one cart, Pulled it horse Edward Short.

Alex: What happened to you, my children, you look exhausted and terrified, where is the rest of the horse?

Edward: Let my dad we enter rest then tell you what happened to us on the trip

Alex: Well well, eva, Paul,lina, come to us. The children have returned and they have something to eat.

Eva: How are you little kids? Was the trip fun?

Edward: My mother brings us something to eat and rest a little, then we tell you everything that happened to us on the trip

Eva: Okay baby, sit at the table, dinner. We’ll bring with lina some dishes. When eva and us put the dishes on the table, we sat down to eat with everyone.

James: What do we say to you, Dad, situation in farm didn’t safe which you send us to it we didn’t find my aunt but she was she monster wanted ate us.

Alex: How stupid you are. That is your aunt. You imagined that she is a monster. I will visit her. Tomorrow, we will go.

Edward: Please, my father, listen to us then decide . It is not really our aunt. Our aunt lived in that farm, but the brutality seized her. She ate our aunt and her husband, but when I learned that we were coming to visit our aunt, she conversion to the aunt us, I saw her falling down the mountain with her magical eyes, when at night all my brothers were sleeping but i didn’t sleep , I was suspicious in her, i did not come me to sleep. Please, Dad, do not go will eat you

Alex : i miss my sister so much i decided tomorrow i will go i mean i will go, not anyone opposes me i know what i will ,

Eva: I will accompany you on this trip

Max: What are you saying, mom, would you also like death?

Eva: I will not let your father go alone, I will accompany him, and I will support him on this journey. Everyone went to sleep. In the early morning, the alex prepared everything he needed for a trip of food and drink in the carriage pulled by four horses, and then they installed the carriage which is adequate.Edward said we are sorry that we could not accompany you. We wish you and my mother good luck and may god protect you on this visit. Rided eva and alex the cart

Alex :bye , Take care of yourselves , then go out, take the road, enter the city, and then arrive at the forest. she monster saw them her readed what they have in their minds. she was knew that the alex was coming to visit her with his wife eva, is the father of the seven brothers who had escaped from her, I waited for them to arrive at the farm when they arrived, alex and eva got down from cart and headed to the door of the house on the farm. The alex knocked on the door. Then the monster turned like his sister and came and opened the door.

Alex: I am fine, I missed you so much, and are you okay?

She monster : Yes, brother. I am fine. Please come in. Sit here in the room. I will go to put the horses in the stable. I will return to prepare dinner for you, rest, it seems that you are tired of the trip.

Eva: My sister, please where can I find the bathroom

She monster : He is in front of the shower room

When the she monster finished inserting the horses into the stable, she returned home, entered the kitchen, attended the dinner, and presented it to alex and eva when they started eating. A dialogue took place.

She monster : How are the seven sons who visited me?

Alex: They are fine but they came to the farm and they are terrified

Eva: They said that you are not their aunt, but you are a monster

She monster : What a trivial statement does not give them importance

Eva: Yes, you are right, but alax wanted to check the matter himself

Alex: You are my sister and you will remain my sister forever

She monster : I wish you a long life brother. I love you so much

Eva: Thanks for the dinner, but where is the bedroom

She monster : It is in front of you

Eva: Go to the alex for a sleep before me, I will help your sister in the kitchen

Alex: Okay, good night

When Ava finished helping loneliness, she went up to sleep, but she could not sleep. She started to flip right and left

Alex: What happen for you eva, why don’t you sleep?

Eva: I think the kids are right, I’m going to check

Alex: Go and tell me, but beware eva came out of the bedroom and started looking for evidence in the house and if she saw from the house window a light shining from the stable and crept into him saw the alleged sister ate a horse eva returned quickly to the alex

Eva: Alax, Alax is not your sister. She is a monster eating humans

ALex: You are imagining

Eva: If you don’t believe me, come with me and see with your own eyes

head alex and eva to sneak into the stable, and he saw monster eating the second horse after I ate the first, they turned hurried to their bedroom and the alex was terrified and amazed what he saw In the early morning, the alex fell ill, eva woke him up, and found face him pale

Eva: wake up the alex what happens to you that you have a high fever that the alex has not answered

Eva: So I’m going to see your alleged sister, alex has held her hand

Alex: Don’t go, dear, you will eat us, i wished if believed my sons

Eva: Don’t worry, dear, we’ll get out from here safely

Eva hurriedly went out to the alleged sister and found her in the kitchen banning morning breakfast so she took her hand

Eva: Hurry up with me to the bedroom alex fell sick

She monster : Well, well, don’t worry about him yesterday. He was in good health How did this happen to him?

Eva: I don’t know when I woke up and found him sick, when they reached the bedroom and found Alex absorbed in his sleep she monster put her hand on his forehead and found him with him a high fever

She monster : Eva, it’s only a simple fever. Don’t worry. I’ll go back to the kitchen and i bring of the vessel in him little water and a towel and then put it on his forehead to discount the heat.

You stay here with him. Don’t go with me. She monster returned to the kitchen. She started thinking: She said to herself, this is my opportunity to eat them. He ate it first. Then after that, his wife, when she monster took the water and the towel, went to the bedroom the door was open so I entered

She monster : Has it improved a little or has a fever increased?

Eva: It’s as you left him

She moster : eva, please wait outside. I will reduce fever when I am reduce little i call you

Eva: I can’t leave my husband. I want to stay with him

She monster : If you stay I can’t cure him, please take my opinion and wait a little longer for his benefit.

Eva: Sorry I would wait outside when eva came out of the room and said to herself, Forgive me, my dear husband, I love you so much and may the Lord protect you, but I will watch her

She monster : Close the door when you go out. She monster rising put the towel in the water and put it on the forehead of alex three times. then after that she ate him She ate the neck him and then began in body him, and saw her, eva, from the key to the door, she eat her husband, and ran away quickly

She did not turn behind her until another farm arrived at the farm and found the owner of the farm sitting near his house

Eva: Sir, sir, please help me

The owner of the farm: Calm my lady, calm down, I will help you, what happened to you

Eva: Sir, do you see that farm

Farm owner: Yes, I see it

Eva: I ran away from that farm because there is a she monster eating people. I saw her eating my husband and i was afraid that you would eat me.

The farm owner: Sit inside i’ll get you some water Don’t be afraid You will stay here in my protect

Eva: Thank you, sir, I will never forget your favors for life

When the monster finished eating the alex, she looked for eva on her farm and did not find it. She realized that she had fled.she monster knew with her imaginations eva in another farm, While Ava drank water,she monster knocking the door of the farm owner’s house, the farm owner heard it, opening the door

The farm owner: What do you want, what are you looking for?

She monster : Didn’t you come a white woman wearing a red shirt?

The owner of the farm: No one came, look elsewhere

She monster : Sorry for the inconvenience, bye-bye

The farm owner: Bye, I hope you will find the woman you are looking for

She monster : Thank you, when the owner of the farm entered the room which he put eva in it

The owner of the farm: Don’t you know who came to search about you, she’s the monster, has I fired her

Eva: I will not forget this for you, sir. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, but my lord preceded you for some time until I recover my strength and return to my family. I will do the chores for you. Do you accept?

Eva: I will not forget this for you, sir. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, but my lord i’ll stay have you for some time until I recover my strength and return to my family. I will do the chores for you. Do you accept?

The owner of the farm: I accept, but I do not live alone. I have someone who has lived with me for years and he works for me on the farm

Eva: Isn’t this worker a family?

The owner of the farm: I don’t know. He didn’t tell me anything

Eva: And now where is this person I have not seen since coming here

The owner of the farm: He was asleep. When the worker woke up from his sleep, he went to the kitchen, so he passed the room eva sits with the owner of the farm, so he stayed with them and did not go to the kitchen.

Worker: Good morning

The farm owner: Good morning, Michael. Come sit in front of me

Michael: Thank you, sir

Farm owner: Michael, see this lady. She ran away from she monster and will stay to help us for some time

Eva: Sir, where can I find the kitchen? I want to cook some coffee for you

The farm owner: He is in front of you

Eva: Thank you, sir

Michael: I will follow her, sir, to the kitchen

The farm owner: go

Michael enters the kitchen with eva, and eva starts looking for utensils to cook coffee. Michael asked

Eva: Where do you put coffee powder

Eva: Thank you

Michael: Please excuse me, I would like to ask you do you mind

Eva: No, what do you want to ask?

Michael: My name is Michael and I work and live with this master for a long time and you are my lady what is your name

Eva: My name is eva and I ran away from the farm that is only a little distance from you and left my husband

Michael: Why did you leave your husband

Eva: It is a long story. My husband and I came looking for his sister, who has been separated from him for many years, but we fell in she monster she not sister him she has been conversion to she monster, so I escaped from her.

Michael: How did you know she was a monster?

Eva: I crept into the stable at night, and i saw eating horses her, i told to my husband he saw her with me, and he fell ill, when he fell ill, i didn’t can assist him she ran away and left him

Michael: Praise be to the Lord who saved you

Eva: Well, take morning breakfast to your master

Michael: Don’t come with us for breakfast

Eva: I am very tired, tell your master that there is no room for sleep. I want to rest

Michael took the morning breakfast for his master

Michael: Sir, the lady wants a sleeping room, she is tired

The farm owner: Take her to the room facing your room, Michael returns to the kitchen

Michael: eva, come with me. I’ll take you to your room. Follow me, when they arrival the room got, they entered

Eva: Thank you Michael what will you do now

Michael: I will complete my meal with my master and then go to work

Eva: What do you do with your master

Michael: Feed cattle, pigs, and horses, and clean the stable when I’m done, come home

Eva: May God help you with your work. I will prohibit eating at 12 o’clock if you can

Michael: Thank you, Madam

Michael went to work, eva went to the bedroom, took a nap, and then woke up

When I woke up, I went to the kitchen, banned the evening breakfast and took it to Michael and the owner of the farm who were working on the farm. They were happy with the food. eva returned to the house, cleaned it well and then prepared dinner.

Michael and the farm owner returned from work, washing both their hands and face, and then they went straight to the kitchen and found eva had prepared coffee and pies. They sat on the table and drank their coffee. Each of them went to take a nap and then returned to dinner.

A year later, one day while they were sitting at the dinner table

Michael: eva, I like you a lot because you take great care of us. Do you accept me as your husband? I want to be a family

Eva: Yes, I accept, the owner of the farm their marriage. I have a simple wedding in the farm. There are few simple foods. There are no guests. They are the only three.

A year later, eva gave birth to a boy named Simon, but one day the owner of the farm did not go to work and stayed at home

Eva took food to Michael and leave Simon in their bedroom When she returned home she went straight to Simon and found the door to the bedroom Slightly open So I looked at the farm owner, he turning into a monster who seemed to put Simon in his mouth and then he out him, she said nothing

She returned to the kitchen and was intimidated. She did all the work of the house as usual, but the monster did not eat Simon. He returned to a room and then fell asleep. When Michael came back from work to the house, he washed his face and hands and went to the kitchen, drank his coffee, then went to take a nap. At dinner time, everyone sat for dinner seemed face her Pale

Michael: What’s wrong, baby. I see your face pale, are you sick?

Eva: Don’t worry, I’m fine, I just feel dizzy

When everyone finished eating, each of them went to his bedroom, but Eva stayed to clean the dinner table and wash the utensils. When eva finished, she went up to their bedroom and found Michael waiting for her.

Michael: I guess you’re not okay. Trust me,what happen for you

Eva : i seat to my bed and i’ll tell you, well, you seen thing feary

Michael: What is this thing?

Eva: The master you live with is not a human being like us. He is a monster. When I banned you from eating, I went home to see Simon. I found your master entering Simon in his mouth, and then he out him . I am very afraid for our son.

Michael: You are only delusional, sir, a very good man. I have been working with him for many years. I have not seen any evil in him. please sleep

Eva: On this night I will not stay one minute i will take Simon and leave. If you want to come, come with us, and if you do not want this, shank

Michael: I will not leave my master alone i’ll stay with him

When it was two o’clock at night, eva rose from her bed, slowly went to the kitchen, took a frying pan, and then went back to their bedroom, carrying Simon, put a frying pan in his bed, and threw the cover over her, then slowly left the room so that the farm owner and Michael wouldn’t even hear her until she got to the exit door of the farm and in the early morning he woke up Michael did not find eva and Simon, he was knew that she left the farm as she said to him, so he went to wash his face and hands, then went to the kitchen and prepared coffee with pancakes, and after that he fried some meat sandwiches to take with him when he went to work when he ended, he sitted in front of the table and seemed to drink coffee him, and the owner of the farm came to him after Wake up from his sleep and wash his face and hands

The farm owner: Good morning Michael

Michael: Good morning, sir

When the farm owner sat with him, Michael poured coffee into a cup for his master and offered him some pancakes

The owner of the farm: I don’t see Eva, is she sick

Michael: No, she is fine. She is asleep. She did not wake up early today. I did not want to wake her up. Do not worry. You will come now, sir. I will go to work bye.

The farm owner: God bless you

When the farm owner started drinking his coffee, he said to himself, maybe Michael is lying. I will go and take a look at their bedroom. He finished drinking coffee. Then he went to their bedroom. He did not find eva, so he went to the cradle of Simon and found him covered. He removed the cover, he found frying pan, he got very angry and started throwing things on the floor. He went out of the room and went to the place which in him chicken he grabbed the largest chicken and stabbed it, then took it to the kitchen to clean her, cleaned her, and then took 10 kg of rice in the cupboard where he put the cereal and started preparing the chicken platter

When he finished preparing the dish, he placed it in a large plate and began to wait for Michael

When Michael returns from work he enters the kitchen and finds his master sitting in front of the plate

Michael: What is this, sir, have you been waiting for me

Farm owner: Yes

Michael: What’s wrong, sir. Did something bother you?

The owner of the farm: None, I am very angry

Michael: What is the thing that upset you

The farm owner: your wife did not see her where she went

Michael: I don’t know, you didn’t tell me

The owner of the farm: Since your wife is not present I have prepared for you this food myself, you must eat it all

Michael: Do I eat all this, sir

The owner of the farm: If you do not eat all him,i’ll eat you

Michael: So my wife’s words were true that you are not human, wish a trip with her

The farm owner: So you knew i convere into a monster

Michael: Since you said this, i satiated

Monster: Where do I start with you,

Monster: Where do I start with you

Michael: From the legs that did not follow my wife and then from the hands and then from the ears that did not hear the words of my wife and so on until he ate all him

In the end, eva arrived to family which wait her and told them what had happened to her

Edward: Praise be to god, that you came back safe, but we told you, and you did not believe

May the soul of our father sleep in peace


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