Larkfeather's glory.

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Adventure / Action
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Prologue: Page 1

Beautiful moonlight filled a den. 2 cats sat down on the ground. The first cat, a orange striped she-cat grunted as pain endured her while a dark-ginger black-eyed large tom tried to comfort her. She was giving birth! The she-cat struggled as 3 kits popped out one at a time until all of them was exposed to the world. Her pain was over and was soon overtaken with delight. "Ah! Raggedtail.. our kits are so beautiful'" the she-cat exclaimed. She licked 2 of her newborn kits, who were blue and had black tails and a white chest. "I know, Lilyfrost. There almost as beautiful as you!" The strong, complimenting tom-cat replied. "Oh Raggedtail. You're so sweet!" Lilyfrost purred. "Thank you. Anyways, our kits will grow up to be the best cats in our clan!" Raggedtail said, proudly as several hungry mews filled the once silent den. "Of course! They will follow in your footsteps after all. We should tell everyone about the new arrivals." Lilyfrost suggested. She guided her kits underneath her and allowed them to suckle, filling their hunger. "I will tell them and you can rest here. You must be tired after birthing 3 kits at once." Raggedtail offered. "Yes. Indeed I am. I can't get enough of my adorable little ones!" Lilyfrost accepted. "Alright. I will be going." Raggedtail responded before padding out of the den entrance. A brown white-chested and muzzled she-kit wiggled from her 2 siblings and rolled on the den-ground, done fulfilling her hunger. "Oh! Hello little one. Welcome to the world!" Her mother whispered. The she-kit mewed several times, not understanding her words. "You're a talkative one, aren't you? I bet you're just wanting to be named. Okay, I will name you Larkkit. You're going to grow to be a strong fully-grown cat along with your siblings. Now, you can play with your siblings when they're done eating. I'm going to bed." Lilyfrost said. The curious she-kit tilted her head. Strong? I don't know what strong means but if my mother wants me to be it, I will be it.
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