Larkfeather's glory.

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Prologue: Page 2

My name is Larkkit? Wow! I'm a Larkkit! I've got so much things waiting for me in life! I'm so excited! Larkkit sat, obeying her mother. She waited for her siblings to be done drinking her milk, having her ears perked up as she couldn't see. Finally after a long time of waiting Larkkit sensed the kits backed away from underneath their mother. She heard the first kit sniffthe air. "Huh? How are you up already?" He said, acknowledging Larkkit's smell and presence. "I don't know. But our mom said I was strong so that must be why." She replied. "Strong? What's a strong?" A she-kit voice asked. Larkkit noticed it was her sisters voice and then she answered. "I don't know but she said I was strong so I'm going to be it!" Larkkit meowed, semi-answering her sister. "Guys look! I can open my eyes!" The tom-kit interrupted. "We can't see!" Larkkit and her sister said. "Whatever!" He replied. They waited. Larkkit flicked her ears. "They're open!" The tom-kit announced. "Really? Prove it! What do I look like?" Larkkit's sister tested. "Wow... you look beautiful!" The tom-kit mewed. "You look blue as the day dark sky and you have a black tail and a white chest and muzzle." He continued. Wow.. That does sound beautiful! "Wait I can open my eyes too!" Larkkits sister said. Larkkit waited. "They're open! Wow.. you look like me!" She said. Larkkit felt a pressure in her eyes. "Wait! I can open mines too!" She exclaimed. Her eyes opened quickly and she saw the beautiful home they were in around her.
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