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Chapter 1

‘Mum, who is this?’ Hendrix asked his mother. He held up a picture of a boy with black and green eyes. The boy in question looked to be about 3 months old in the picture.

‘That is Hadrien, your twin brother.’ His mother replied.

‘Where is he? Why is he not here? Why’d he leave us?’ Hendrix’s face was crumpled, and he looked angry and somewhat sad.

‘Hush now, Henry. He didn’t leave. We do not know where he is now, however, he is alive.’

‘Oh. Okay. Will he come back? Mum, he has to come back. He’s family, right?

‘He’s family.’ Was all she said. She turned to leave, and began to walk.

‘He’ll come back, though?’ Hendrix whispered.


Far away, in the middle of a small village, a brother and sister help up two wine glasses filled with a bloodred drink.

‘We will find him.’ The boy said.

‘We must. You know that, Dray.’

‘Bellá, we will, no question about it.’ The boy said.

This is a Harry Potter (sorta kinda) fanfic.

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