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More than Life

By badguthrie All Rights Reserved ©

Other / Adventure


Alice Carter is an average girl in the average Skid Row in London, England - until she goes on a "vacation" (hardly a vacation, they actually had to clean,) and discovers she's heir to the throne - and so are her newfound cousins. Now she must win the competition and beat the Hidden Rule before the World is thrown into darkness. Of course,​ she's still being hunted down herself.... get ready, Alice is going to take back her Kingdom.



My name is Alice. Alice Carter. I have about 14 cousins, (yes, 14) 4 cats, six dogs, two lizards, three birds, five horses, 15 cows, 16 sheep, seven chickens, three ducks, five pigs, and a stray cat that hangs around. We live in London. Well, we live together in London now, but not before. We didn’t even know each other existed until recently. This is our story. Before I start anything else, I should probably name them... Youngest to Oldest.

Rachel- 9 years old

Chris- 10 years old

Me, Alice. I’m twelve.

Peyton- 12 years old

JoJo- 12 years old (Twin with Peyton, girl, and boy. Hate each other.)

Maddie- 12 years old

Lizzy- 13 years old

Ethan-14 years old

Jake- 15 years old

Rick- 15 years old (Twin with Jake. Identical. Creepy.)

Dawn- 15 years old

Nicky-16 years old

Theo- 16 years old

Emma-17 years old

Then, of course, we have the pets. Because we live on a huge farm, most stay outside and help with the cattle. (The dogs help, the cats claw.)

Rocky, the youngest of the cats.

Sunflower, a golden, happy, cute kitten.

Cloud, a pale, creepy, silent cat.

Then we have Duncan, the meanest of them all. He’s the oldest, rudest, grumpiest, weirdest cat who ever lived.

We have a love/hate relationship.

Finally, we have the stray cat who sleeps in the rafters. I call him Marley.

The dogs are my favorite pets. I own most of them myself because I run a Dog Sitting business, and I earn a lot of money.

Guthrie, my own goofiest, dumbest, craziest, cutest, fur ball Goldendoodle. He was my first dog.

Hero, a young, kind, caring, loyal border collie and Bernese Mountain dog mix. My third puppy.

There’s Bear, the biggest and clumsiest dog who ever lived. He’s a Saint Bernard and has these big droopy eyes that just make you just want to cuddle up with him. He’s also my big, overgrown puppy.

A family gave him to me because I looked after him (and kept him alive), when they decided that they couldn’t keep him anymore.

My last dog that I own is Whitby, a cuddly golden retriever puppy who thinks he’s still, er- a puppy.

One of the family dog’s name is Sooki. She’s the oldest pet in the house, going on 11 years. I love her so much, and it hurts to be reminded that she doesn’t have much time left.

Boulder is our last dog, a gruff boxer who, even though he can’t, helps Hero herd cattle and sheep because they’re in love. (Obviously.)

Then there are the lizards. I despise them because all they do is escape and climb into beds. Peyton and Chris own them. Their names are Barf and Belch.

I’m pretty sure that’s from, “How to Train You Dragon,” but whatever, boys will be boys. Then we have the birds. I own one myself, but I don’t know the kind. It’s light blue with turquoise feathers for its wings, and a pale greenish white for its chest and part of its head. Darker blue dots dapple it’s chest and under its wings, so I call it Rain. Emma’s bird’s name is Feather. Maddie’s bird is orange with red wings and a yellow head. The birds are kept inside for, uh... safety reasons.

Those are the regular pets, even though they stay mostly outside and help around the farm. We have horses too, though. I have two because I’m the only one who bothers looking after the animals.

One’s name is Stormrider. She’s a dark gray dapple Standard with a black mane and tail. My second horse is a Standard as well, a big black Stallion named King. My cousin Maddie has one as well. The other two horses are work horses, who roam the woods and fields herding cattle and sheep.

We have a lot of sheep. 16, in fact. 7 Cows, fifteen chickens, and five pigs. And three ducks. But this was only the intro.

Let’s get to how this huge family began.

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