It was all just a dream

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A normal girl named y/n finds her mother in a different place a different reality?

Adventure / Mystery
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Chapter 1- mind games

My name is y/n Maximoff yes I know well it’s not exactly what you think this is not a love story or a story were I fall in love with someone and then I get pregnant nope I’m at school right now and people only know me as the Mutants daughter some are scared of me and truly I don’t know why I literally can’t kill anyone as far as I know.


Y/n goes to class you talk and present your project then you see a Peter Parker you Decide to follow him and ask him something

Y/n-Hey Parker
*he turns around* yes?
Y/n-Do you know we’re Wanda is?
Peter-She with Clint I think🤷🏻‍♂️
Y/n-Oh okay bye *you guys leave*
you head to the bathroom and wash your hands and face God I’m so dam tired of school.

Leaving school..

You leave school and head to your house when you see your mom and uncle fighting with the avengers you decide to watch and see why there fighting tony sees you and you noticed
Oh shit *you start running* dam it
Tony- were you going kid *he tried grabbing you*
Y/n- sorry *you blast him with your powers* then start running to Wanda and Pietro shit I should work out more *you run up to them*
Wanda- y/n what are you doing here
Y/n- I was at school then saw you and Pietro fighting them iron man tried to grab me I blast him and- *you got cut of by Pietro*
Pietro- okay okay we get it.
Y/n- so what’s going on?
Y/n-right so what do I do then I can’t go home now
Wanda-mess with there mind so we can get Steve and Bucky out of here and on that plane
Y/n- hmm fine but if I end up dead it your fault *you laugh*
Wanda and Pietro- GO
You go and do what they tell you, you use your powers to mess with there minds you keep doing this until someone shoots you making you unconscious *you scream* *then pass out*
You wake up in a cell well what the actual fuc-
Wanda-watch it y/n
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