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Welcome to my first DR book for my shifting experience!! this is from the my hero academia DR I have so there will be updates when ever I shift for just my nights leading up to me shifting :) There is no end :)

Adventure / Romance
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Chapter 1

Welcome I was gonna start with my hogwarts DR but i’ve had more and more symtoms with the my hero dr.

my script just has the basic’s

My name is Miuhara Riuzaki and im in the same year as izuku Midoriya and Katsuki Bakugo. my quirk is elements (Fire, water/ice, wind, and earth) the more I use the more tired I get and I can pass out. along with my rules like, I cant die and such things.

my parent is All Might and my mom died when I was younger and all might got so sad and upset that Aizawa had to take care of me.

I also scripted certain things to happen like school dances (two a year) and were already in dorms. I also scripted fun things in the dorms like karaoke nights and sleepovers (girl and boys and then just girls only or boys only)

I’ve scripted things like when I get kidnapped by the L.O.V (league of villans) with Bakugou and we get rescued.

I did script a relationship but im not going to say who just yet hehehehe. (make predictions in the comments)

thats the basic's if I miss something it will pop up in my DR

!!=mature content

~=fluff or soft content

TW= warnings if theres any sad or just a trigger warning.

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