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Time comes and goes really quickly and no one notices it. Lila is a young girl going through a lot but all becomes well when she meets Teddy. She heals until everyone on earth dies and time is the only solution. Lila Dugnes, the girl that only needed love and time.

Adventure / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

Chapter 1

“Life is a conundrum that is eventually ended by time. Time is on flowing ocean, from any point of view we will never see the end of it.” Dr Kirke repeatedly muttered to himself, scribbling over his black board.

All around the room was a bath of heat and a noxious scent. The only visible light was the one from the lamp that shone onto a small desk with scattered paper all over in. The floor couldn’t be seen because of all the papers scattered on it.

Dr Kirke stopped is scribbling on the board and looked at it as though he had won a lottery. A small psychotic smile slowly appeared on his face as he continued to look at his board through his thick spectacles.

Dr Kirke was a an old wrinkly man, white hair was plastered to his face. He wore baggy brown pants and his plump nipples were bare.

He knelt on the floor and roughly went through all the papers on it.

“Life is a conundrum that is eventually ended by time. Time an on going ocean, from any point of view we will never see the end of it.”Dr Kirke continued to mutter. He got up in defeat, unsuccessful with what he was looking for.

“Were the bloody hell is it.” Dr Kirke stressed. He lingered around the room, his hands on his face. He was frustrated because he was so close to his discovery, to his invention.

The door knob slightly creaked open and light over threw the darkness. A young man in an all black suit was behind it. His hair was gelled back and his face were perfectly symmetrical. His angelic heavenly lips were ravishing and his eye were of a god’s.

“ Dr Kirke, sorry to disturb you but this is urgent.” the young man informs.

“ I do not have time for any disturbances, Rupert.” Dr Kirke hissed harshly, wiping the sweat on his face.

“ It is really urgent.” Rupert tried to reason.

“ What is more important than my work?” demanded Dr Kirke.

Rupert took an step forward and looked Dr kirke up and down, “ There is a case in Canada and it is spreading like wid fire.”

Dr Kirke’s could not move, his skin ton was replaced by the colour of milk. His throat was dry as he continued to stare intently into Ruperts eyes hoping for it to be some silly joking. It isn’t a joke, Dr Kirke thought to himself.

Rupert stood there, awaiting for a reaction and it did come once Dr Kirke announced, “ Life is a conundrum that is eventually ended by time. Time is a flowing ocean, from any point of view we will never see an end to it.”

She watched the bowl of water intently as she eagerly awaited for the explosion. As soon as Mr Edward added the purple crystallized potassium into the water a huge flame ignited with a large pop! Everyone, gathered tightly around Mr Edward as they tried catching at least a small glimpse of the excitement. Lila watched the flame slowly die and as soon the last light of flame disappeared the student made Ohs and Ahs.

“ That, boys and girls, is what happens when potassium comes into contact with water,” Mr Edward explains, his voice sounding like thunder. The bell rangs, making a terrible loud screech.

“ Okay,” Mr Edward clapped his hands together, “ see you next lesson.” The class immediately evacuated, proceeding to their next lesson. Lila slowly packed her books into her bags as she wanted to be left alone with Mr Edward. Mr Edward’s plump cheeks were covered by the newspaper he was reading. He slowly took a glimpse of the class and noticed that Lila was the only one left behind.

“ Don’t you have another class to attend to, Ms Dugnes?” questioned Mr Edward, laying his paper down.

Lila strapped her bag on both shoulders and walked quickly to the teachers desk, “ Sir, as much as your lessons are interesting I think I need something more challenging.” Lila asked kindly, as she fidgeted with her buttons.

Mr Edward raised one eyebrow and took a closer look at Lila, “ A challenge?” he parroted.

Lila nodded her head in agreement.

Mr Edward stood up and marched toward a door with his office behind. Minutes later he came back with a large textbook . It was humongous, Lila estimated the pages to be at least 900 pages. He slammed onto the table and made the sound of potassium coming into contact with water.

“ There is your challenge, its about string theory.” he sat on his chair and proceeded to read the news article. Lila’s eyes shimmered and the mention of string theory, something she has been dying to absorb its knowledge.

“ Thanks, Mr E.” Lila thanked, still looking at the glorious book. She grabbed the book and it immediately weighed her down but she continued to keep balance. She waved bye and spirited off to her next lesson which was, unfortunately, on the other side of campus. She rushed but the weight of the book was slowing her down.

Finally,she was in front of the history classroom. She was panting and sweat meander down her face. She opened the door and quickly got in. Eye darted toward her and her cheek were red from embarrassment, frozen by the entrance. Miss Sweetwater, the history teacher announced, “ Miss Dugnes, I was not expecting this from you. Take as seat and let me continue with my lesson.”

Lila muttered sorry and quickly took her seat on the second row.

“ You will have partners and have a presentation on the Russian Revolution.” walking around the class as she explained, “, Now look for our parnether and for the rest of the lesson you will discuss on that topic,”

The whole class argued as they all tried to look for partner. It was chaotic, no one could make a decision. Lila didn’t know who would want to be with her, she was not keen when it came to public socialising. She sunk into her seating, her safe spot, awaiting for anyone to come to her but she knew that no one wanted to work wit her. I would probably work alone, thats way better, she thought until her thought where interrupted by a calm honeyed voice, “ Hey, do you want to be partners?”

Lila turned around and saw a boy. Not just any boy, something was different about this boy but Lila didn’t know what it was. He had luminescent hazel brown eyes. He had shiny black hair with lustrous tight curls. His skin was an ochre color, much like the mellow-brown light that bathed the forest.

Lila didn’t even notice that she was staring at the young man for an awkward time. “I am sorry, sure, we could be partners.”

Hazel eyes gave a warm smile and extended his arm, “ I am Teddy Patel. There was a light Indian accent that Lila noticed. Lila gave a small smirk and shook teddy’s arm.

He took the seat next to her as Lila continued smirking.

“ Why do you have such a big grin on your face.” asked teddy.

“ Do you always introduce yourself with your last name?” Lila giggled and laid her hand over her mouth.

Teddy raised an eyebrow and answered, “, apparently Americans find it respectful.”

As much as Lila tried to withhold her laughter it came out her mouth and she couldn’t stop. Through all her laughter she asked, “ Where did you get such false information.”

Teddy crossed his arms in front of his chest and answered, “ The Ellen degeneres show.” The laughs became worse when Teddy answered.

“ What may your name be?” asked Teddy, as he also got affected by the laughter.

Through her dying laughs, Lila answered, “ Lila,”

Teddy looked at her as though he wanted her to continue her sentence.

“ Lila Dugnes,” Lila finished.

“ Better.” Teddy gave an approving smile. The school bell was suddenly competing with the muffled sounds of students.

“ Time to go home. Don’t forget that the project is due in two weeks.” Miss Sweetwater announced as she gathered the books on her desk.

“ That's a shame, we didn’t get anything done.” Lila pouted, getting up from her seat. Teddy ripped out a piece of paper from a page and started scribbling on it.

He handed the paper to Lila and and said, “ This my address, pass by tomorrow and we will start with the project.” and he left with rest of the class, looking like a herd of cows.

She stuffed the noted into he back pocket and a followed the remaining cows out the classroom. The hallways were stuffed, some people were snogging, some were doing weed and most were being stuffed into a lockers. As she walked, she hoped for no interruptions as she tried looking for he twin brother, Lewis.

Lewis and Lila were identical in some parts but different in others. She had enchanted, bright green eyes that always sparkled. Her skin was a constant tinge of pink under her tawny skin. She had tiny freckles along her nose, looking like ant marching on her skin. Her brother had all those traits except for Lila’s hair. Her hair was matt black and only reached a little over her shoulders. He had wavy hair and bangs that obscured her forehead like a sheepdog. A thick strand of her bangs was pure white as though she had aged in one part of her hair. o It was a trait that her brother never had.

She continued looking until she found her brother by the school exit with another group of guys. They were all tall and large muscles. She walked up to the group and tapped on her brother’s shoulder. The conversation among Lewis’ group stopped and he turned around to look at her sister and he was not pleased to see her.

“ What.” Lewis spat out.

Before Lila could answer the question she looked at Lucas’ intimidating friends. “ Do you want to walk home with me?” she finally asked, looking up at her tall brother.

A husky laugh came from his mouth and the rest of his friends joined in, “ Why would I want to be seen with a freak like you?” He asked through his muffled laughs.

“ If you didn’t want to come with me you didn’t have to be such a jerk.” she defended her self and turn around.

“ Freak! Go home you enjoy reading that book.” He yelled so that everyone close enough could hear him.

Lila turned around, her eyes blurry. She wanted to say something but nothing came out of her throat, just a small squeak. A lump appeared in her throat, she wanted to leave but her legs wouldn’t budge. Her long nails dug into her palm in hopes of not crying.

A hand laid on Lewis’ shoulder, it was Skye. Skye was lewis’ best friend since Skye moved into town. His dirty blond hair was always a mess and girls seemed to be swept by that feature. His eyes when blue like the Atlantic, pierce and bold. His skin was tanned from the sports he played in the heat.

“Let your sister go, she may need to go read.” Sky mocked with a mischievous grin glued to his face. Everyone within an earshot laughed at Skye’s joke.

The lump in Lila’s throat became much bigger that tears trickled down her cheek. She gave one last look at her brother and stormed off.

The noise of the town was overpowered by her thoughts as she walked home. Why did my brother hate me so much? Why is he so angry on the time? We used to be best fiends, what happened to us. Her thoughts were soon interrupted by the loud honking of a car. She turned around and she saw a car speeding towards her.

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